Good thing we have several lifts and docks

Oh come on. Really? The special weekend is supposed to END with a crap fest. Not start. Maybe the Karma gods are having some fun and getting the BS out of t… Read more


my old barn

Have you found yourself in a cocktail conversation and the topic of things we like to do comes up? And they say, oh yes, I like to go golfing, what are you into. Oh I like old wood boats… Read more


$130K – Unrestored.

To quote a fellow Woody Boater when Asked if I should publish these prices. “Matt…grow a pair and let the ship show begin!!!” So without further … Read more


It can all be yours!

One Johnson not enough? How about 8? Thanks to eBay you can now avoid all the time it takes to find stuff. Just one click and you are that guy at the shows that is the king of Johnso… Read more