$500 on Ebay! Really, Still?

The other day a new WoodyBoater reached out to me asking for advice about starting a restoration on his Capri. Any resourses out there. I suggested the local ACBS gr… Read more


12X12, 12X11, And 13X12 Only we know how to read this!

I bet you are thinking, hahahaha Woody Boater miss spelled Try? Didn’t he mean Tri Props? This past weekend I learned about “T… Read more


There is a 12 footer in your drawers

It’s been a while since we messed around in someones drawers. And thanks to Bob Kays for fishing around in his. Look what he found? A Kit Boat! Not the big… Read more


Sniff’n Varnish on Bob Rices Seamaid.

One of the crazy things about my job, is when you are busy, you are real busy, and then there are these strange breaks, right in the middle of a busy mom… Read more


Hey lets go for a ride, Woohooo. File Photo

Are you on any Chris Craft facebook pages? The answer is undoubtedly, Yes. Have you ever asked a question, or taken advantage of anything regarding yo… Read more