Woody Boating is good for us all

Social Media! Those two words now bring up so many hard feelings. Whats funny is that it was invented to help people connect, and yet, has become some sort of horri… Read more


We have done stories on my ashtray obsession before, but today’s ashtray on eBay might just make me wanna smoke. It seems the nautical theme and smoking were a thing. Which is odd since sm… Read more


You get bacon today. We had a visitor named Michael last night and he trashed the place. No power, and yes we have a generator but no internet. And no cell service so we have driven 20 miles away to g… Read more


Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays for finding this fun uncut commercial for Izod. Now, of course as a Creative Director in advertising I have an … Read more


Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Eric Zelman for sending us in his “Road Trip” Fun to Propville… A small town on the way to Woodyboaterville… Take it away Eric..

As I con… Read more