Arabian UPDATE 2Reporting Live – ish from Katzs Marina on Lake Hopatcong. The Rare V Bottom Blue Arabians progress is amazingly fast. Or not amazingly when its at Katzs. Most of all the frames are replac… Read more


Yannon Front

Regardless of in the water or in a workshop. This curved bow is stunning

Last week we posted a photo on Facebook that reached over 54,000 people, then the next day we repeated that shot and reache… Read more


Matt Eternal RideNow that the entire family gathered this past week, of course my crazy burial wish of becoming a boat after I die came up at dinner. I suppose the kids all see me getting a bit older. I did amend my or… Read more


Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.27.45 AMOn Thanksgiving night, I noticed that the story on our Facebook page wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving had basecly reached no one. About 500 folks. I think its a link thing. Yes Facebook is … Read more