dsc09383Fellow Woody Boater Mark Setterholm is enjoying the process of restoring a wonderful U22 and we thought… mmmm ya know it might be cool to see some original canvas that’s sandwich… Read more



Bob Kays is killing it this fall! I might actually buy a candler this year.

The magic of colorful fall leaves mixed with the sparkle of varnished mahogany and the sound of a wonderful Chris Craft … Read more



Lets go gasping!

Thanks to our fellow Woody Boaters and Princes of Plastic the YNOT yacht gang for sending in some very cool last gasp shots.  And BTW, Hagerty Insures your plastic! Here is the … Read more


screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-2-12-59-pmLooks like no one last gasped this weekend that wants to share the joy of a nice fall run. You do know no one is watching you? It’s a metaphor, the last true run of the season, the time spent wi… Read more