Hello Ladies!

Yesterday we had a request for an ebay feature. Okay, your wish is my command, but sorry it may not be what you really want. But the ebay description sure made me click. “100+ Read more


Under priced Cruisers!

I was on a car web page the other day and the comment gang was squawking about a car that had sold at auction for $30K and how it was an extreme price for the car. Normally a $10… Read more


One of my favorite places on the planet earth

Yesterday in the comment section several readers mentioned a certain lust for Jimmys Barn. Well, as it turns out, I was there working on replacing a … Read more


See it? You will.

I saw this photo in a 1950 Chris Craft catalog and thought. Mmm that’s a cute woman. Okay, wait, honestly and sadly,  I liked the hat first and then noticed her. Yes, mayb… Read more