Scarlet wants to help!

This weekend Jimmy and I got the new rebuilt carb from VanNess on Mighty Mouse along with a rebuilt water pump..again, and went Woody Boating in the little sucker. She did … Read more




Long time fellow Woody Boater and pal Bill Anderson sent this in for a What Izit story. Now, if Bill doesnt know what it iz, we are all doomed, cause Bill is one for the extremes and he fin… Read more



Rocket Man…with a trailer

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Mark Bigda fro sending in an inspirational story about getting his Rocket back to life!

After several failed trips to New Hampsh… Read more



Ohhhhhhhhhhh my!

A couple weeks ago at the Big Smith Mountain Lake Show, we had the fortunate pleasure to undress Miss America. And yes, for an over 50 year old it was the same feeling as if I was 17… Read more


screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-8-00-17-pmFellow Woody Boaters Michelle and Joe Burke have launched a very cool business for all of us Lyman Lovers. This way you can show the world that you are a Lyman Lover and proud of it. Now, some my sto… Read more