Looks normal until.

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Syd Marsden for sending in this head scratcher. And trust us, Syd knows everything. EVERYTHING, and this sucker has even him stumped. So. Any … Read more


All kinds of pleasure at Captain Starn’s! Wait til you see the inside of the brochure… TEASER ALERT!

One thing is for sure, when its raining and cold out, ya gotta spend time doing s… Read more


You may want to sit down

Right here on ebay,  thanks to Jim Staib for sharing, you can become an instant outboard guru. A “OutHorder” and crazy collector. One purchase. Why spend … Read more



On ebay, which is a 24/7 boat show and flea market, I found this small post card. What attracted me to this is the boat! I MUST HAVE A BOAT LIKE THIS! No, not just a small boat. Those are aro… Read more



Now that the Virtual Holiday party is over, thought a nice ebay story would be all you all can take!  To be honest, I didn’t think Chris Craft made these. I mean, it makes sense, and I … Read more