On ebay, which is a 24/7 boat show and flea market, I found this small post card. What attracted me to this is the boat! I MUST HAVE A BOAT LIKE THIS! No, not just a small boat. Those are aro… Read more



Now that the Virtual Holiday party is over, thought a nice ebay story would be all you all can take!  To be honest, I didn’t think Chris Craft made these. I mean, it makes sense, and I … Read more


Hello Boys! I love Sausage day!

We seem to be consuming a whole lotta Sausage this winter. But according to our stats, seems like the citizens of Woodyboaterville sure love sausage. Not to dimi… Read more


HQ – You can see Stinky on the left side

One of the joys of doing this every day, is it can be a small break from a day focused on many other things for many clients and people. Doing this can be r… Read more