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OK, I Am An Idiot! Today Is Thursday.

Ya ever had one of those months? You know the kind, all the days blend into each other. I swear to god, on my soul, I thought yesterday was today, until I read one of the comments late in the…

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It’s The Antique Boat Center Mayan Buy Like There Is No Tomorrow Sale-ish! Hurry, Offer Ends Tomorrow!

Have you been holding off on that special Woody Boat purchase? Waiting for the market to run aground? Well today is your lucky day. Because tomorrow the world comes to an end. That’s right. Right after the 2nd Annual Woody…

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The Garage Find Whirlwind With Some Serious Patina – A Story With A Refreshing Conclusion?

There’s nothing quite like a good old “garage find” story during the winter months to “warm the cockles of your heart” – and we have a great one today… But today’s story has a twist, because it ends with another

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This Friday. 2nd Annual Woody Boater Virtual Holiday Party. Be There. It’s BYOV!

It’s that time of year again. Thats right, the 2nd annual Woody Boater Virtual Holiday party. Last years was insane. Anyone who is anyone was there. Even dead celebs. What could be better? Dean Martin showed up and got the…

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Just 93 Days Til Summer!

93 days… Just 93 days and it’s summer. A Lake Dora Summer! Which is like their winter, their summer is very very hot. I like their winter/early spring, not to be confused with our Winter which is like fall in…

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To My Boys!

I have now written 5 stories today that all are crap. Nothing I write is right, it all seems to frivolous, or just not appropriate. My two boys will be coming home soon from school. One tonight and the other…

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Newtown, Connecticut

Today our thoughts are with the innocent young children, parents and teachers after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday.
A sad day.

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The Pacific Northwest Chapter Celebrates The Holiday Season In Grand Style

Our fellow Woody Boaters up in the Pacific Northwest region of Washington State are an amazing group of people, with an equally amazing amount of knowledge and talent when it comes to every aspect of the antique & classic boating

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Now That It’s Cold Outside, Woody Diva Wants A Sip Of A Wa Chee Wa!

We got this fun story from Woody Diva on Tuesday, she even fixed the spelling.. Why? Regardless, as I read on, a genus idea came to light. Take it away Diva!
I was a little bit freaked by the downward…

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea For The Kids!

Just think how excited your kids will be when you tell them that you got them a play house for Christmas/Hanukkah. The key word here is “Tell”, cause when they figure out that you have bought them a dead transom…

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift. A CRUISER! And It’s FREE!

Yesterday we received several emails from folks complaining that offering nice holiday gift ideas that are $200K boats made the hobby look like is was full of “Got Rocks”. I guess the 5 gallon bucket idea for $5 was to…

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Woody Boater Alert: The Holiday Shopping Season Has Been Extended To Jan 18th, 2013

For those of you out there in Woody Boater Land who just can’t seem to find that perfect gift for your better half, we may just have what you are looking for… But it means that the Holiday Shopping Season

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Woody Boater
Stylish thing to do

Speedboat Outlaws in stock, in your size and in style!

Woody Boater Store Is Open, New Stuff In Stock.

This years 2014 summer look, is now available to the throngs of fashionistas. Thats right, now you can wear, were, where the latest in...

of the Month

Photo 1

What Are Our Boats? By Alex Watson.

Have you ever stopped and added it all up:  the pleasures of owning and operating a classic wooden boat, minus the costs...

Woody Boaters
of the Month

Jim, please don't take this wrong.. But your grandmother is HOT!

My Grandparents Steelcraft – by Jim Hilton

Fellow Woody Boater Jim Hilton sent us in this nice story of his grandparents Steelcraft the other day, in the email he said he...

Woody Boat
of the Month

Christopher Wise and the boat his great grandfather built.

Cherup – Wise Boat Co. Woody Boater Boat Of The Month And Our Pick For Top Boat Of The Sunnyland 2014 Show.

Many of you may gasp a bit at our unusual pick of this months Woody Boat of the Month and Winner of our Sunnyland...

Woody Boater
Very Good Thing to
do of the Month

Tommy talking to a class at the great Lakes Boat Building School

Tommy Mertaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund At The Great Lakes Boat Building School.

Late yesterday we received this note from The Great Lakes Boat Building School and E. James Mertaugh family regarding a new scholarship in the...

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