In Search Of The Lost Sportsman! Calling All Woody Boaters!

1953 Special Sportsman. Note the wheel Fellow Woody Boater  Jeremy is…has been looking for his family boat for years to no avail. He contacted us for help and we started in on all the first places to go. We were... Read More »

It’s “My First Love Day”- Woody Boats That Is.

Sylvia running on her maiden voyage! I was in pure heaven! I was cruising through old pictures this morning looking for photos for a story, and kept coming across all the boats I have loved before. Que Julio Iglesias.. I will spare you the youtube... Read More »

The Forgotten Pumpkin Water Test Video.

Pumpkin out on Lake Dora on her maiden voyage. While at lake Dora, we went out for Pumpkins first run. I was trying out the new go pro, and just found this footage. The coolest part is getting the camera right down near... Read More »

Some Fun With A Rocket! 1954 Chris – Craft 17′ and 1′ Runabout.

OK, I was having some kinda fun! Yesterday we popped up to Lake Hopatcong to deliver Pumpkin back to Katzs for more break in fun. And man oh man Tommy did some breaking in. While there we decided to put a... Read More »

It’s Cool, It’s Strange, and Yet Very Familier.

Not a silver arrow, more like a silver dart ish thing While doing the usual ebay stalking we came across this strangeness. Now it is cool in a sorta Silver Arrow meets a blender kinda way. ya gotta hand it to the person that said..”Hey,... Read More »

Leonard Nimoy Boat For Sale. Live Long And Varnish!

Leanard Nemoys  1968 21'Century Coronado 440 Yesterday we found out that Leanard Nimoys 1968 Century Coranado is for sale at Sierra Boat Co… out on Lake Tahoe. Spocks boat is for sale!  The logical thing to do is... Read More »

Woodys For Boobies 2014 Is Here! Please Donate Today!

The Boatress is ready to October. This is the official launch for the 2014 Woodys For Boobies Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Over the years Woodys For Boobies has raised close to $20,000 for the cause. Something we are very proud... Read More »

Do Your Part To Make America Beautiful. OK, Maybe Just The Comment Section.

Lake Hopatcong, photo Bob Kays It dawned on me the other day that one the more fun parts of owning and restoring a classic boat is that you are restoring more than just a  boat, you are restoring a... Read More »

Fine Art For Your Fine Wall. Finally!

John Austin Taylor artist Every now and then ya come across a cool work of vintage boat art that you might actually be able to put up in your house not the garage like all the other... Read More »

Mike Needs Your Help Finding His Boat!

Missing Boat One of the coolest parts of this hobby is the vast amount of different boat makers out there. Of course one of the problems is if you had one of those small oddball... Read More »

Woody Boater
Stylish thing to do

The all new 2014 VARNISHERS shirt. In Red Wine for the show ONLY.

Arrive To Lake Dora Naked! We’ve Got You Covered!

Drum roll please… This years two new designs are in and ready for shipping to..FLORIDA. That’s right like every year, you can only buy...

of the Month

Alex Watson, M-Fine, Chris Wise at the helm, and the Ramsys all out on The ultimate Patina Queen!

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Can Keep Us From Having A Crap Load Of Fun!

Well, yesterday had it all. The day started out OK, a bit chilly, and then the storm hit. The Sunnyland gang made the call,...

Woody Boaters
of the Month

Jim, please don't take this wrong.. But your grandmother is HOT!

My Grandparents Steelcraft – by Jim Hilton

Fellow Woody Boater Jim Hilton sent us in this nice story of his grandparents Steelcraft the other day, in the email he said he...

Woody Boat
of the Month

Christopher Wise and the boat his great grandfather built.

Cherup – Wise Boat Co. Woody Boater Boat Of The Month And Our Pick For Top Boat Of The Sunnyland 2014 Show.

Many of you may gasp a bit at our unusual pick of this months Woody Boat of the Month and Winner of our Sunnyland...

Woody Boater
Very Good Thing to
do of the Month

Tommy talking to a class at the great Lakes Boat Building School

Tommy Mertaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund At The Great Lakes Boat Building School.

Late yesterday we received this note from The Great Lakes Boat Building School and E. James Mertaugh family regarding a new scholarship in the...

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