We have spoken about our hobby, our passion being far more than just that.. It’s a lifestyle.. Yes, I dare say, in a sense.. fashion.. I know this is hard to admit since the bulk of are manly men.. But honestly, when you look at our boats and all that they embody.. There is a rich element of fashion, style and look about it all.. Ok, you can make all the snide comments you want.. and I am sure you will.. But, you write a story on classic boats every day.. eventually you start dissecting it to the extreme.. Hell, we do stories on Kapok cushions.. Well today.. Its BB her self.. The bomb shell of a generation. AND SHE LOVES HER BOATS! A Riva Jr to be specific. So enjoy.. It’s Woodys For boobies Week.. Make sure all your flotation devices are in tact!

BB on her Riva Jr We used this image from the Riva Site.. There are more..

No boat in this shot.. Who cares.. Not me!

OK, so here she is again a boat.. There.. happy?

Just to be sure you get waht this week is all about... No boat again..

The following video is 7 minutes of pure Brigitte.. It’s a bit much on the fashion.. BUT…think for second about being out on the water and what sort of look goes with that aqua interior.. Or Salmon and black seats with silver trim..This by the way is a fashion trend of today.. Classic clean style.. Her red and white striped shirts could be bought at almost any store. Enjoy the cheesy french music.. I need to go watch a boxing match now.. For the fighting! Snork..humph.. How bout those Yankees?

If you need more.. Go rent “Dear Brigitte” fun movie with Jimmy Stewart… Then you have basked in all that’s Brigitte…

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9 Responses to “Brigitte Bardot – The Heavenly Embodiment of The Woody Boater Lifestyle”
  1. Alex

    Hmmmm. And here I always thought BB meant Brass Bell, Barrel Back, or Bill Basler. Learn something new every day on this blog.

    The classic boat thing is more of a hobby or passion for me, that comes complete with some of the best characters I’ve ever met.

    Should I ever wish to take it to the next level, “The Lifestyle,” then yes, Bridget would do just fine, thank you.

  2. Don Ayers

    Carlo Riva never had any sons, only three daughters. He has been quoted many times saying that he wanted his boats to be sexy and capture the eye of a woman. This way men had less friction when wanting one. Safety first then style next was his mindset. The Riva Junior was introduced in 1967 and was meant to attract the younger generation of active boaters and all the watersports they participated in. It is a very unique design and look. Also, Juniors are a very affordable Riva to purchase. A great boat with a lot of dead rise at the transom and American Crusader 327 iron to push you along.

    Viva Carlo

    Viva Riva

  3. Rick

    In the last picture….”Danger Will Robinson! Your hormone levels are about to enter the red zone!”

  4. Al Benton

    Actually I feel that “Lifestyle” could be considered as another description of a “Hobby” or Passion”. This hobby or passion fills a significant part of our lives and our style when we’re away from the office, business, family, shop or couch. We dedicate much of our free time to our hobby or passion in preparing for shows and going to shows, or just going boating in an old woody boat. I feel that the term “Lifestyle” fits comfortably to define our hobby or passion.

    As for BB, thanks, Woody Boater for searching and finding a way, although subtle, of presenting her as a Woody Boater Babe. I had close encounters with her in my younger days (in my dreams).

    Alex, you left out Boat Buzz! Oh, and honorable mention of Bill Baldwin, long time Managing Editor of the Brass Bell.

  5. TomT

    Wow great way to start off the day, thanks!!! Heading out to work on “Big Sky” today the famous 1947 StanCraft Torpedo. Looks to be the begining of a nice day here in the northwest!!! I say “Woodies for Everyone” !!!!

  6. WoodyGal

    OoLaLa! A Riva Olympic fits into my long range lifestyle plan perfectly, merci bien.

  7. DonD

    Ahhhh, the sixties…,

    Not only did wooden boats rise past their pinnacle, Women were still pretending ‘femininity’.

    Those were the golden years.


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