Pictures of thin Harkless Marina/Wawasee boat company as old line Century dealer on the lake for many years.Thought that you might enjoy some of the old pictures for your web page. Lake Wawasee is the largest natural lake in Indiana and is still the home of a few woody's today

Harkless Marina/Wawasee boat company as old line Century dealer on the lake for many years.Thought that you might enjoy some of the old pictures for your web page. Lake Wawasee is the largest natural lake in Indiana and is still the home of a few woody’s today

Thanks to the tireless efforts of fellow Woody Boater Jeff Funk for putting together this special show, and Martin Belcher for providing some cool BW pics, we can all bask in some Lake Wawasse history today, and later this month if you want to explore it in person. take it away fellas..



Please plan to join us at the beautiful and newly remodeled Oakwood Resort on Lake Wawasee in northern Indiana. Lake Wawasee is home to the third Chris-Craft dealership in 1929, and is still home for many classic boats.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 7.26.19 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 7.25.51 PM

The Oakwood Resort has just undergone a complete remodeling , and is quite stunning with views of the lake from nearly every location on their twenty-seven acres. All new docks, restaurants, and grounds make this one of the truly outstanding waterfront resorts in Indiana…and the midwest.A welcome reception and cocktails are planned for those arriving Friday, with the public display and judging on Saturday. A fabulous awards banquet overlooking the lake will cap a wonderful day of antique and classic boating. Special rates have been provided for rooms and even meals. Help will also be provided for launching, mooring, and re-trailering.
Contact Jeff Funk for additional information and registration information. email: You can visit the Oakwood Resort here:

And if you are ready to go now, click here for the online registration and more info.

If you are to lazy to click on the link

If you are to lazy to click on the link, but this is just one of the three pages



Ken Harkles standing in one of the storage buildings, they were the Century dealer for years.


Macy’s was the 3rd Chris Craft dealer in the country and still exsiststs on the lake today as Macy’s Wawasee slip Marina.


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12 Responses to “Lake Wawasee Classic Boat Show Promotes The History Of… Lake Wawasee.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    I love the header. Young guys hitting on young girls in classic WoodyBoater style. Those were simpler times!

    • Alex

      They’re not oogling the girls, Greg. They’re checking out the boat. (At least, that’s the story I always use.)

  2. Cliff

    As soon as I change out my head gasket I am going to register. It is a great show, if anyone is on the fence don’t be it is a first class show with first class operations. The boats that will be there are so diverse you will be impressed. Got to go find my torque wrench and get this done.

  3. Dennis Mykols

    Looks like an interesting lake to cruise around. One heck of a lot of docks all around that lake. We just booked our rooms at the Oakwood, and sending in our resisrations form today. Only couple of hours away and we had an open weekend, can’t beat that, thanks WoodyBoater, for the headsup, and great report.

  4. Matt B

    I just realize my Gar Wood was originally delivered to Wawasee Boat Co. So I guess it’s my duty to take the old girl back to her home waters! I’ll also be registering soon.

    • Texx

      Matt B – Not knowing your Gar Wood was going to be shown in the photo today, early this morning we also posted a nice shot of your boat on the Woody Boater Facebook page… Karma?

  5. Brian Robinson

    Matt Byrne,

    That’s a late 19′ Gar like yours in the center background of the header pic.

    • Brian Robinson

      Two of them are actually in that photo, one is bound to be yours. My records show only two being delivered to Wawasee including yours.

      Go buy a lottery ticket!

      • Matt B

        No way, too cool…. Matt Smith where did the header picture come from?

  6. JFunk


    Thanks for the plug. We’re all excited about the show and all the attention it’s been receiving. Even Chris Smith himself is attending and will talk about the good ole days at Chris Craft during the awards banquet. I hope all who are able will come and enjoy the show…with or without boat. All are welcome. -Jeff Funk

  7. floyd r turbo

    I could stare at b & w photos of marinas with woody’s for hours.

  8. Tom Stock

    we were at the show the last summer the resort was open. the picture with the wood boats with the patio in backround shows our boat (with the OH numbers)
    We built this boat from the Glen L Rivera plans and received a special trophy that year. We can attest that this was a wonderful show and hope to attend again soon now that the lodge is reopening.
    Tom & Laurie Stock
    Amherst, Ohio


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