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Photo Woody Boater- Algonac

Looks like USA Today has picked up on the Woody Boat love. You can check it all out on this link to a bunch of cool photos from fellow Woody Boaters!

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Photo Wayne Davis, Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service at the helm of On Point a twin engine 25 Sportsman


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10 Responses to “USA Today, Shares The Woody Love Today!”
  1. Alex

    Hang on. USA writes about classic C-C’s and there’s only one comment by 4:00 today? That’s big mainstream visibility news. Nice timing too. Spring is around the corner.

      • Old Salt

        How cool. I just came across the ad and went to tell everyone at WB but Matt beat me to it!

        • Texx

          I sent Matt the link you sent me. The person in the SP25 shooting is actually Sandra from the Wayne Davis photography crew. – Texx

          • Texx

            Dane and I were shooting from his mighty Trojan outboard that day. (Wayne Davis photo)

  2. John Rothert

    yes, I too missed this great story and the pics. Seen most of them before but neat that mainstream media did a worthwhile story on CC.
    Always cracks me up to see the factory pics…guy finishing a bottom with sealer or varnish?….right next to a crew sanding and scraping a boat…and we get all worried about DUST in our shops!
    John in Va.


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