Go Dane, Go!

So, still trying to figure out a gift for your self, and then tell your family about it? I know, this is a messed up, but your family doesn’t read this, and in fact mocks you for it. But this is the time of year they may be stalking us here to get into your varnish fume damaged brain. So, here goes. Gonna freestyle here, and with my bad spelling, may loose some of your family, wondering if a 6th grader… no wait, 4th grader can spew gift giving advice. THOSE NEW TO THIS MAY WANT TO READ THE ABOUT SECTION… We have a dictionary…Anywhoooo again, Here is an idea!

Sponsor Gift Cards… WHAT? Yeah.. Here is how it works. Click on any of the banners here on Woody Boater, its all good, they are good business’s to do business with, we use them all the time, and all have great reputations. Okay, lets say your “father” loves his boat, but its looking a little dull lately.. but your “father” needs to make sure you finish collage. Take all your beer and pizza money, and call up lets say Sierra Boat Co, because you live out west, and ask about a gift certificate for a varnish job.

If you live on the east coast? Katzs Marina does amazing varnish work

Okay, they may not actually have a certificate, but you can make it. You pre pay for the Varnish job, and trust me here. Thats what he really wants. in fact I will go as far to say, when you buy him that lame ass tie, he is thinking, ugh, that could have been a new water pump.Which by the way VanNess has. Or how about new chrome.

He really wants his hinges chromed.

Gift the Gift Of Graves. Really. See you are thinking like a non Woody Boater. Its all about the boat. Not you, not the kids, house, anything, but the boat, and a rechromed scoop. Then its about you, the kids, the house.

Lots of styles to choose from. All these are at Katzs marina . One stop shopping.

Got money to burn, thinking about buying a new car for the holidays. STOP! Think cooler. BUY A BOAT! Yup, go to the Katzs Marina banner, Halls, Banner, Sierra, Mahogany Outfitters, Freedom.. All those folks have amazing boats and can help you.

Dave Bortner at Freedom Boat Service knows how to make buying a boat fun.

Okay, you already have a boat, and one more aint gonna cut it, maybe you need a new bottom, NOT YOU, the boat, remember, its not about you, and your bottom is just fine, maybe those jeans you just got are a little tight, but he wont dare tell you that. And for that kindness, click on one of the banners and pre buy a bottom. Most of the places on Woody Boater do a great job, and you can choose one in your area, so you can visit the shop with him, or her.

Fill in the blanks.

Hats? Try Benford Hats. They have some cool …..Hats.. Old school stuff that make a great gift.

Insurance Policy? Call Carla at Hagerty, she is extremely helpful,  and pay for an insurance policy he has forgotten to pay. BTW, DO NOT TRY AND NOT HAVE INSURANCE.

Membership to The Chris Craft Antique Boat Club.

Brass Bell from the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. Best publication in the community

And if you are real lazy and cheap. Click on our stuff store. We have shirts for %50 off. We will be announcing a blow out sale and new stuff very soon, so its while supplies last, this is your gift for reading all this writing today. Have fun and be creative.

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5 Responses to “There Are Classic Boat Gift Ideas All Over The Page!”
  1. Matt

    I am sure there is a varnish expert out there. But the Flagship has a ton more UV protection. Not sure of the color difference since I usually layer on the captains and then Flagship near the finish coats. I do know that both are far far easier to use, and provide a crisp look. All of Katzs Finishes are Pettit

    • Troy in ANE

      Yes Matt has hit it on the head again.

      Flagship has more UV and is a little thicker and darker. I use both but really, Really, REALLY LOVE Flagship. It is very forgiving for the armature.

      Matt it is interesting that you put Flagship over Captains. My local shop feels that Flagship is a better for build coats and Captains is best for finish.

  2. Floyd r turbo

    Katie Kurac said she got a bottom job from Matt Lauer every time they worked together. But I digress, where’s the gift card for a new shop building, let’s say 36’x60’? There’s never enough space for boats.


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