My Baby Was Born With An Aluminum Head!

barn birth

The first photo of her after the tarp was removed.

As we wrap up the Barn find stories, I reflected on why barn finds are so special to us all. One of the true joys of a barn find, is the euphoric feeli… Read more

Barrel Back Racer – It Just Gets Better!

woody boater barn

She is in her new barn now. Welcome to Woody Boater HQ in Reedville.

What a weekend of cleaning and discovery, and another 5 gallon bucket of rodent turds. And I bet not one of you would have change… Read more

Barrel Back Barn Find Big Reveal!

Drive up dirt road

Driving up a dirt road

Thanks for waiting and playing along with all the fun teasers. Today is the day we introduce the planet to this amazing Barrel Back Barn Find. Last Wednesday Jimmy called m… Read more

ROAD TRIP! Southern Style.


We hung up the phone and said. ROAD TRIP! and on the road by noon.

It was a year ago almost to the day that we made a 12 hr hail Mary drive to New Hampshire to pick up WECATCHEM, and oddly enough, we are o… Read more

A Bright New Holm For Mr Setterholm


Nice and clean..for now

Fellow Woody Boater Mark Setterholm shared with us all his new clean white space to store and work on his woody boats. Now this is the white Christmas I am dreaming about!… Read more

What’s Behind That Ratty Curtain?

Cutain 1

Several cats ran out the second I pulled up! Oh boy

In my wonderful little town of Reedville Virgina there is a small home for sale on the main drive. Now, I pass this home weekly…. daily and … Read more