TK Max Ad With A Woody Boat! Oh Yeah!

Go with the Wind, on heat setting!

TK Max, the UK version of our TJ Max has done a very fun and insightful ad, using in a Woody Boat. Looks like a Riva, the go to Ad agency boat to use. We get that. Its gr… Read more

The Mystery Red Stool!

The other day when we featured Troys stunning Chris Craft cruiser, I noticed a small detail in one of the photos. A small Red wood Standing stool next to the boat. Now, normal people wouldn̵… Read more

The Art Of The Classic Boat Part.

Greavette Fender Cleat – Photo Sean

If you are into the restoration of your classic boat, you have no doubt noticed that each part is a work of art unto itself. While restoring Sylvia our 1… Read more