Three Bob’s, Three K’s, And Two Rockets!

Two Bobs, Bob Rice, Bob Larson in Rockets – Lake Hopatcong. Where is the third?

Every now and then a fun observation comes along. You may be trying to figure out the K thing. or not. It̵… Read more

Clayton Kent O Smith Jr Style – Part 1

Who doesn’t love a Packard?

Today we feature part one of a two part series from famed photographer Kent O. Smith Jr. Clayton is a stunning area, but through Kent’s eye, beyond magical. … Read more

Big Honk’n Numbers!

Is there a large stinker someplace?

If you look at enough old photos of old boats on Lakes and Rivers you will notice every now and then, HUGE numbers on the sides. Now, I am not sure if this was a loo… Read more

My Grandfathers Flags!

Today I am going to get rather artsy fartsy on things. Pictured are my Grandfathers two star Admiral Flag, and a wonderful linen 48 star flag. They usually sit on a shelf, but today here in Reedvi… Read more

It’s Sausage Saturday.

Buckle Up your Life jacket, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Well, it looks like Sausage is the official term for days like today where we take little bits of unrelated potential stories and ma… Read more