Two Nazi Solders In A Chris Craft. What The?

nazi Chris Craft

Bear Claw vents, Banjo wheel, bugatti windshield. Drunk Nazis. Oh boy!

Well, just when you think you have seen it all on ebay. Here is your chance to buy a photo of two Nazi officers in a what looks … Read more

Lets Talk Gauge Love! Kocian Instruments


Headed to Kocian Instruments

As part of the preservation of WECATCHEM, we have sent off the gauges to Kocian Instruments in Minn. As many of you know Dale Kocian retired from the business and a n… Read more

New Classic Boat Fabric Using Darrel Bush Art!

fabric1If you’re into sewing stuff, or your spouse is, there is now a new option out there for that pair of pants you just gotta have. OK, not a pair of Woody pants? maybe a vest? or tie, shirt? Bed pi… Read more

New 2017 T Shirts For Lake Dora!


Being printed this week!

Introducing the new 2017 design for our T-shirts, Hats and coffee cups. We call it the Varnish Lovers series in Navy Blue and Natural White T’s Hats are being mad… Read more