Noooooooooooo! Do You See it?

Nice Capri at Lake Dora! Only 19ish days away BTW

The new Brass Bell is on its way and we got a sneak view of the cover and oh NOOOOOOOO! It happened. The unthinkable!  Can you see it? No? Wondering … Read more

Lake Dora Stuff And More To Come!

15oz varnish Coffee Varnish Cup

It’s that time of year, just 20-ish days away we will be schlepping down with a truck load of goodies to share with all our fellow WoodyBoaters. This year w… Read more

Is This The Real First Chris-Craft Logo?

Pre Trademark Logo on Hull? Or boat name?

As part of our time digging into old photos and ads from the 1922 Chris Craft world, one thing popped out to me as a designer and font lover. The Very early C… Read more