You Need A Gold Johnson…. Jacket

You beast you!

Was this your Fasha’s jacket? Anyone? Anyone? too obscure. Really, we need to remind you of Austin Powers Fasha? no? Well if you are that out of it, then this jacket may just … Read more

Paper Weight That is Worth Its Weight In Gold.

Momma mia!

With all the drama of last week, we thought a good ebay diversion would be welcomed. And man oh man did one come along. A Gar Wood Miss America V paper weight. Now one small issue is that M… Read more

Jim Staib Is Bringing A Big Winner To Racine.

1930 Gar Wood 28′ runabout. Has the Consolidated gauge panel, some hardware and a Scripps 202 engine.

Looking for a winter project? Okay, it may run into the Spring, Summer, fall, and wi… Read more

My Grandmothers Door.

Grandmothers House built 1910, torn down 2008. Arlington VA

For the record, if you think this is some sort of Metaphor story, it’s not. it’s litterally about my Grandmothers doo… Read more