Plaidtastic Complete Interior Is All In.

Yellow trim, Yellow steering wheel. Very cool

The infamous plaid interior came in yesterday and we now get the very first image of how it will all look together, and I will be the first to say. AMA… Read more

The Plaid Rocket Has A New Name!

The Plaid Rocket in the varnish booth at Katz’s Marina

Looks like we have a winner winner chicken dinner for the naming of the Plaid Rocket. Oh, you want to know the name? Sure, just read on… Read more

The Last-ish Gar Wood Made?

Fellow Woody Boaters John and his son Kader Merritt sent us in this cool report regarding a special Gar Wood he is about to go to town on. We here at WoodyBoater are always so happy to see father and … Read more

Big Auction, Little Boats!

Perfect little race boat

This Saturday there is a very cool auction, online and in human form at Bertoia Auctions. Link at the bottom of the story. Anyway we are not talking about big actual size … Read more

You May Think You Know Whatizit. But Itz Not!

Looks very cool!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Cindy and John Hendren regarding a special boat they found, and despite what you may first guess it is, some smart folks are stumped. Here is the n… Read more

Plaid Rocket Update. She Needs A Name.

Plaid Rocket Seat Cushion

To start things out, we all know how this may go down….. the dark rabbit hole of obscure references, Troy will no doubt post a girl in a Tartan and we are all back to … Read more

Like Wall Paper, Your Woody Boat Is Pure Art.

Thayer IV is pure art!

I know this is a subject we keep beating the drum on over and over again. But a comment a while back in one of the stories last week sparked a different take on the subject. The c… Read more

A Woody Boat Wedding On Lake Hopatcong.

The Bride arrives

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Bob Kays and Bob Rice for sending us in these fun photos of a Karla (Bride) and Daniel Bentson (Groom), being delivered to the Yacht Club on Lake H… Read more

Woody Kiddie Boat Ride On Ebay!

The Kiddie Boat

Today we discus this 1950 Kiddie Boat Ride on ebay. I have seen these sorts of things around, but honestly am always surprised about the price. Not that I understand the price thi… Read more