The Trophy Of All Trophies Goes To Gar Wood!

Gar Wood Trophy

Hands down, this is the best trophy ever made. A cocktail shaker trophy. Dang! Leave it to Gar Wood the designer of all designers, to design such a cool trophy. Maybe we could adop… Read more

Sausage Sunday!

From a brochure on all the crap that can happen. Ugh,

We haven’t had a a good Sausage Day in a while. Hopefully you are getting some great fall last gasp shots this weekend. So grab your coff… Read more

Inspector Morse – Endeavor Race Boat?

Red Race Boat In Endeavor

I know many of you might be shocked at this, but I love Masterpiece Theater, a PBS staple. The production quality and story lines are amazing. The set design an ability t… Read more

I Wish I Smoked!

We have done stories on my ashtray obsession before, but today’s ashtray on eBay might just make me wanna smoke. It seems the nautical theme and smoking were a thing. Which is odd since sm… Read more

Izod Uses A Woody Boat To Make A Point!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays for finding this fun uncut commercial for Izod. Now, of course as a Creative Director in advertising I have an … Read more