Do I Do It? Need Help Sport’n Up Stinky!

New Look?

When we first got Stinky out her barn, it’s been a never ending fun art project. While keeping her history alive, flaws and all, we have been aware that she does in fact have a raci… Read more

The Truth Of Age And Flaws.

Old boats rule

We have touched on this subject many times here, and with all this back and forth about this years awards, it dawned on me that what was it about that original interior that hit such … Read more

The First Last Gasping On Lake Hopatcong

Wonder out of the drink!

This year, the last gasping is starting early for the citizens of WoodyBoaterville. Even though its going to be in the 80’s today here in VA, and a nice day in New Je… Read more

Have You Looked In Your Drawers Lately?

There is a 12 footer in your drawers

It’s been a while since we messed around in someones drawers. And thanks to Bob Kays for fishing around in his. Look what he found? A Kit Boat! Not the big… Read more