More Snow In WoodyBoaterville!

All I can do at this point is close my eyes and Go Woody Boating. 18 inches of snow expected tonight… On top of the 25 from two days ago…..

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Real Boat Babes… Kinda!

After visiting countless shows this year, there was a theme with some classic boat lovers… There girlfriends were rather stiff…. I suppose that way they never age, nag, or compl… Read more

The New ACBS Rudder, One Word. WOW!

As many of you know I am out there hammering on the ACBS for lack of online substance. But I must say that when it comes to the Rudder it’s offline publication and putting on shows it does an a… Read more

All Is Well In Woodyboaterville This Monday!

Here’s to starting the week off right. We will be leaving next week after closing on our home we just sold. My wife is coming with me, I think its secretly to make sure I come back…..w… Read more

Chris Craft Girls!

There were about 100 of them. Chris Craft was very careful to find nice wholesome girls to make a boat be more than just a boat. Thank god! Enjoy.

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