Lake Hopatcong Show Deputs The Blue Arabian!

century Blue arabian 35

Rare Cadillac engine and transmission are in. Van Ness did an amazing job making sure it was all correct, and the Katz’s team is working around the clock.

Coming up on June 18th the long re… Read more

Need An Original Key For Your Classic Boat?

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.34.19 PM

Original keys on ebay

One of the fun parts about doing Woody Boater is that each day brings new small details that are new to me. Maybe not to you, but to a novice like me, this is the sort of thing tha… Read more

The “Trusty W” Starts!

W start 1

The art of the start!

It happened, you may have felt the movement in the force yesterday. The “Trusty W” did what she has been doing for over 67 years. Started right on Que. The fanta… Read more