Woody Boater To The Rescue?

Jimmy pulling up to the flipped sailboat

Each and every time I go out on the water I fear the worst. Break downs or worse some sort of dumb accident. Our beloved boats have not the latest in safety f… Read more

A 25 Sportsman Race Boat? HELL YA!

No Windshield and a massive Scripps Engine! On Lake Hopatcong!

Thanks to Fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays for sharing some very cool history of  Irene” a very special hot rod 25 Sportsman o… Read more

Iz It A Wolverine?

wolve 9Fellow Woody Boater Matt Yancer reached out to the fellow citizens of Woodyboaterville to help him know what his mystery tobacco barn find iz!  Here is the note from Matt Yancer from Virginia… Read more