Fiberglass Classic Boats Are Here Bigtime!

YNOT Dora 12

Donzi Power! Photo YNOT Yachts

If this years Lake Dora Show is any indication of where the classic boat culture is headed, this year is going to be a whopper year for Fiberglass Classic boats. Th… Read more

Morning On Lake Dora!

FLA Fir 20

Hello Sunshine!

There is nothing like walking down to the docks at 8 AM in the warmth of Florida after a winter up North. Everyone is out prepping their boats for a day on the water and in heaven. We … Read more

Soaking A Dry Boat? Towing A Dry Boat?

sunk 3

thats not good

This past weeks sad story on the 18 Sportsman that looks like something went wrong with her first soaking after a while is a cold reminder of how quick stuff can go wrong. Its not unc… Read more