Ebay Cobra – 121 Bids And Counting

Ebay Cobra

Like many of you ebay viewers, I have been watching the bids rack up on this 18ft Prerestoric Cobra on ebay. Now I kinda kept this off WoodyBoater because the boat is all over the place, … Read more

I Like To Smell My Boat!

Drive with your nose

As dumb as you may think I am right now, I bet you by the end of the story you will realize you feel the same way. now, maybe I am just an odd duck, but since I was 16 racing around in o… Read more

What You Read On Woody Boater. Hey, You Asked.

A top favorite photo – Katzs Marina

Well, it seems like we are doing a full report on Woody Boater this weekend. I will try and pepper gratuitous pictures of your favorite boats to keep the … Read more