Sweet 18 Sportsman Sells For $6,590

soldTODAY in a feeding frenzy of snipers on ebay, the sweet 18 featured last Thursday, jumped from $3,900 to $6300 until the last couple seconds and then $6590 for the kill. Well played! Well played … Read more

Mororboating In 1914 On Lake Hopatcong!


We never knew this was built by C.C. Smith (image by William Harris

Thanks to Bob”Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays for sending in this wonderful story on finding evidence of moto… Read more

Hey Moe! Want To Own A Classic Boat Company?


You get the old ads!

If you are deep into the passion of classic boating and feel the need to take it to the ultimate level. You can now buy an entire company. That’s right, Curly-Craft can b… Read more

Under $15,000 Woody Boats!


Brand New for under 15K! Aristocraft

Yesterdays story on a give away poster was a huge hit, thanks for spreading the gospel. One issue stood out to readers, regarding a statement that there are … Read more