I Like To Smell My Boat!

Drive with your nose

As dumb as you may think I am right now, I bet you by the end of the story you will realize you feel the same way. now, maybe I am just an odd duck, but since I was 16 racing around in o… Read more

What You Read On Woody Boater. Hey, You Asked.

A top favorite photo – Katzs Marina

Well, it seems like we are doing a full report on Woody Boater this weekend. I will try and pepper gratuitous pictures of your favorite boats to keep the … Read more

How Large Is The Woody Boater Universe?

Thanks Bill for the photo from yesterday!

Yesterday we spoke about the Woody Boater Effect and it got me thinking,  how many of us are out there?  We think the culture is shrinking, but is it?… Read more

Meet Fiesty, A Cobra With A Heart

In da drink!- Photo Bob Kays

It’s cold out so we thought it might be nice to go to the way back machine. Yup, about a month ago, when it was still 80 outside. Bob HaveIGotACalendarForYou and … Read more

Now Is The Best Time To Buy A Classic Boat!

Stuff is selling!

Winter? Really? No Really. Okay, it may not be the best time to sell a boat, but if you are in the market, buy when sellers are motivated. And right now is the magic moment. A water … Read more

What’s Your Sweet Spot?

Perfect run

What? Well, this past weekend while out on the boat, Jimmy was driving and man she was running smooth. Butta smooth, and we both said in unison, man she likes this RPM. And it dawned on … Read more