Pop’s WhatIzIt?

Thanks to fellow WoodyBoater Scott Patterson for sending us in this wonderful WhatIzIt request. Now, the most interesting part of all this is how Scott starts this. With A “Sir”… Read more

Observations On Four Decades Of Boats

The barn

I noticed the other day that somehow I own 4 decades of boats. As in a 1968, 1958, 1948, and 1937 but they made the same boat in 1938. Would have been cool if it was a 1938.. It’s intere… Read more

Twin Engine Pre War 24 Sportsman – CRAP!

Twin Engine perfection

DAMMMMMMM YOU DAVE BORTNER! This is the one. First I LOVE LOVE LOVE WECATCHEM, she has the history, the lines, and restoration that is PERFECT. She is me, and our family l… Read more

Bam, Clank, Rattle, Pop, Pop! Ugh.

New Old Head on Stinky

So, where do I start? The day we found Stinky? Over a year ago we dragged Stinky out of her sleeping spot after a 30-40 year slumber, and miraculously got her H engine started… Read more