You May Think You Know Whatizit. But Itz Not!

Looks very cool!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Cindy and John Hendren regarding a special boat they found, and despite what you may first guess it is, some smart folks are stumped. Here is the n… Read more

Plaid Rocket Update. She Needs A Name.

Plaid Rocket Seat Cushion

To start things out, we all know how this may go down….. the dark rabbit hole of obscure references, Troy will no doubt post a girl in a Tartan and we are all back to … Read more

A Humiliating Last Gasp!

Oh the humiliation!

Thanks to Alex Watson for sharing his last Gasp up in Hessel Michigan. this could be one of the more horrific photos of the season. Alex couldn’t just share a fun boat o… Read more