Tom’s Rocket!

Tom and His trusty Rocket!

This is not in the under $5k range, but still is a very affordable fun boat. We love these simple painted Rockets, and so did Tom. One of two owners. The other good news is … Read more

Woody Boater To The Rescue?

Jimmy pulling up to the flipped sailboat

Each and every time I go out on the water I fear the worst. Break downs or worse some sort of dumb accident. Our beloved boats have not the latest in safety f… Read more

A 25 Sportsman Race Boat? HELL YA!

No Windshield and a massive Scripps Engine! On Lake Hopatcong!

Thanks to Fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays for sharing some very cool history of  Irene” a very special hot rod 25 Sportsman o… Read more