YNOT Do Some Cool Last Gasping!


Lets go gasping!

Thanks to our fellow Woody Boaters and Princes of Plastic the YNOT yacht gang for sending in some very cool last gasp shots.  And BTW, Hagerty Insures your plastic! Here is the … Read more

What Iz It? Mr Hass Wants To Know!


Itz made of wood!

Fellow Woody Boater Don Hass picked this little varnish sucker up a month ago and is wondering WhatIz It? Now….. this is Dons first woody… insert awkward giggle h… Read more

It’s That Time Of Year. AGAIN!


The Boatress and Oreo on a colder day

Well, if you have looked outside, you know what we all know, it’s that time of year again. That time of year, when the days are shorter and you know whats … Read more

Mighty Mouse Update


Scarlet wants to help!

This weekend Jimmy and I got the new rebuilt carb from VanNess on Mighty Mouse along with a rebuilt water pump..again, and went Woody Boating in the little sucker. She did … Read more