Iz It A Wolverine?

wolve 9Fellow Woody Boater Matt Yancer reached out to the fellow citizens of Woodyboaterville to help him know what his mystery tobacco barn find iz!  Here is the note from Matt Yancer from Virginia… Read more

Time Capsule Low Hour Riviera – WOW!

time riv 30Our pals over at Freedom Boat Service have found a true gem. An all original Chris Craft Riviera. Original everything, including the over spray on the engine. Cloth tape, original key, rubber … Read more

Fiberglass Classic Boats Are Here Bigtime!

YNOT Dora 12

Donzi Power! Photo YNOT Yachts

If this years Lake Dora Show is any indication of where the classic boat culture is headed, this year is going to be a whopper year for Fiberglass Classic boats. Th… Read more