Amazing Under Watta Iz It!


Itz a?

Well, we have now seen it all. This cool video sent in by the Cobourg Kid that was shot a year ago by Mokpot Videos on yourtube,  but we just found. The boat was found in a California mou… Read more

Sunday Was A Day Of Getting Ready For Winter!


I am getting to old for this!

That’s it, I am out! I tried to push it, and the 50 degree days are still OK, but not fun long rides, and the tides are getting a tad wonky. As in, the low tides make p… Read more

The Blue Arabian Starts It’s Long Voyage Home


Headed home.

The Amazing Blue Century Arabian prototype is headed home to her new home port. Wellington New Zealand. The good folks at Katzs Marina yesterday loaded her up in her special state … Read more

Cheating Winter, A Halloween Treat.


Lets go for a boat ride!

If you live in the Mid Atlantic area you had one heck of a weekend. 70 on Saturday and 80 Sunday with little wind. It was “one of those weekends” you dream of. Ju… Read more