Inexpensive Woody Boating. It’s Very Possible!


Bought for $1,500 drove it a year, sold it for $1,500

A couple days ago in a story about the boat shows growing and interest in classic boating possibly growing, we got one of the usual angry comme… Read more

Save Your Marriage, Own A Classic Boat!

Labor Suzy Yelling

Happy wife! Happy Life!

You’re thinking, OK, Woody Boater, I thought the serial killer thing was a stretch, but really? Your marriage? Yup! So, let’s start here. You are for sure … Read more

Woody Boater Is Free For A Reason!

Costa Plenti

There is enough in this culture to spend money on. Fun should be free! BTW Best name ever – Lake Dora

Every now and then our email feed breaks. It’s a function of the back end of the sit… Read more

The Classified Page! Thumbs Up Or Down?

Classified art copyLast week I received several emails from sellers on our classified page with SCAM offers. BTW, NEVER HAND OUT YOUR BANKING INFO! Unless its for my buddy who’s father the General of the Ni… Read more