The Sad Story That Won’t Go Away!

Warner Auction

For over a year now we have been getting peppered with reports of the train wreck of the Mecum Auction. Every dirty detail. We have heard both sides of the story, and yes there are t… Read more

I Have A Boat House Crush!

Cockrell's Creek, Reedville VA

Every morning when I am at our home in Reedville I wake up and walk out on the dock and just bask in the simple pleasures of nature and a place that understands t… Read more

A New Era For The ACBS!

Just a couple clicks and I am one of us again. Kinda.

Yesterday I joyfully signed up for the ACBS after several years of self imposed exile. No snail mail stuff, stuffing checks into an envelope. … Read more

Hello, My Name Is Woody, And I Am A Gasoholic.

help! I am powerless to the pump..

They say the first step of a 12 step program to heal thyself is that we admitted we were powerless over using to much gas—that our lives had become unmanageabl… Read more

Woody Boating vs Classic Boating.

Thayer IV U22 1460 out on Lake Dora giving rides and having fun again.

I was in this big fancy research planning meeting the other day with people way smarter than me.. OK, for the record, any meet… Read more

I Got Nuth’n To Say! It’s All Yours Today.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.. Well, I am speechless on this out take from the fantastic week in Florida. This unfortunate out take made Texx, Alex and I laugh so hard we could no… Read more