Make Sure You Catch This Bus!

Like a 1960’s Subaru on Steroids

A bus on Woody Boater? Havn’t we covered just about everything these days? Including the one boat show at Apalachicola Florida? Well, apparentl… Read more

The Chosen One. Ish

#4 And Maynard Bray White

This weekend despite the good weather I spent most of the day sanding, and painting Sweet Pea. Well. I thought picking a color would be easy. But one persons version of S… Read more

Morning Sunshine!


Well, it happened! The sun came out and the wind stopped. Only problem, it’s early morning, and a little chilly. To be honest, I seriously considered boating in my pj’s wit… Read more

Post Cards From The Past.

Wow, who new u22’s were such a thing?

Today we have some fun with vintage postcards. This used to be a fun feature on Woody Boater. Vintage Postcards. The other day I came across this whopp… Read more