Update On Gar Wood On Lake Dora

Earlier this week our reporter on the scene in the Tavaras area shared a photo of a Gar Wood that had not faired to well from the Irma Hurricane. We heard from the owner, fellow Woody Boater Dave Do… Read more

Irma Update – Lake Dora Show Location.

This looks like the location where we normally are near where the Sea plane is parked.

If you are familiar with the Wootten Park location in Tavares Florida of the Sunnyland ACBS big show in Marc… Read more

Miami, Houston, Racine, Reedville!

Over the past couple weeks here at Woody Boater have been a stew of mixed feelings. We have very close family in Houston and watched them going through hell, now Florida and just cringing and hol… Read more

Mecum Auction UPDATE – Stall at $700K

Hope you all enjoyed that, you can click back on the youtube and look for lot 124 which is the Hacker. SPOILER ALERT, it stalls at $700K, and Brian said ” There were bidders but not high enou… Read more