Happy Ether!

Starting fluidToday lets about about starting fluid! Thought is was a typo didn’t ya? Come on you really did. And actually not even sure there is Ether in starting fluid anymore. It used to be and now som… Read more

April Foolish Stuff Day!

foolish 1

Drain Plug in?

In honor of April Fools Day, we thought we would share all our Foolish Stuff we have done with our boats. Like leaving the plug out when putting the boat in the water.  Sitting on th… Read more

The Haul Home! Where Are You?

Haul 1

Dead Stop, just like the canal on a warm weekend! Yikes

We milked yesterday for a half day boat ride that was amazing and then, around 2pm left for what ever lies ahead in the real world. Little did … Read more