Am I Addicted To My Woody Boat?

Man O’ Man that smells good

You may think I am kidding around. I am not. And I think I might have a problem. See there is this thing called “Inhalant Addiction”. See, not kiddi… Read more

What Time Is It?

On Thursday I was living on East Coast time. Left for a 5 hr flight to the West coast. Which took 2 hours. Because of the time difference, then turned around and got on the plane yesterday and a 5 hr f… Read more

The ACBS Land Grab. A Good Thing?

If you read the minutes of the ACBS meetings, it’s clear that one way the ACBS is going to survive the change of how people interact with clubs, is to create a center/hub of communications… Read more

Tampa Thunderbolt For Sale On eBay!

There she is!

If you are in the market for a worthy project, THIS IS ONE OF THEM! Hands down one of the dream boats, a 1937 Thunderbolt. Looks like a project stopped in the middle, new chrome, engin… Read more