You can see other Woody Boaters headed north on the App

It’s 4 AM ish and half way to Clayton. Decided to stop before I hit the Presidents speech area in PA, figured a room would be hard to fin… Read more

Would You Loan Your Boat To A Pal?

Alex Watson’s amazing special U22 with factory custom windshield and 25 Sportsman mid seat custom configuration – Yes thats Alex’s dock. Part of it

Recently Alex Watson … Read more

Is Yellow The New Burgundy?

1937 Special Racer

Starting a couple years ago, it seems like Yellow as a color was reintroduced to us all on a cool Rocket. Now as time has marched on,  we see a trend of yellow. now color is a fash… Read more

10 Hour Drives! It Must Be The Weekend!

This was half way through the day. – 13 min for 2 miles. It lied. 45 minutes later I was half way home.

Yesterday started out with great expectations, picking up a new boat for the fleet, and … Read more

Why The Boat Buzz Is Important To Us All!

Boat Buzz!

If you are new to all this, you will notice on the right side of WoodyBoater a set of links from the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club’s Boat Buzz. Now, to be painfully honest, it ain… Read more

Become King Johnson In One Click!

It can all be yours!

One Johnson not enough? How about 8? Thanks to eBay you can now avoid all the time it takes to find stuff. Just one click and you are that guy at the shows that is the king of Johnso… Read more