Attack Of The Pollen! Everyone Run!


You may be a tad jealous of us here in the southern part of WoodyBoaterville, but don’t be. Cause in the south here we get Pollen. Yes, I know everyplace gets a bit of it. But here, itR… Read more

Old Poop Hats!

Old Poop Hat

Well, I was digging in my drawers and found this! An Old Poop Hat! No not those drawers, the ones on Sweet Pea. Not not Sweet PEE. And no since Sweet Pea, its not the Boatress’s dr… Read more

Make Sure You Catch This Bus!

Like a 1960’s Subaru on Steroids

A bus on Woody Boater? Havn’t we covered just about everything these days? Including the one boat show at Apalachicola Florida? Well, apparentl… Read more

The Chosen One. Ish

#4 And Maynard Bray White

This weekend despite the good weather I spent most of the day sanding, and painting Sweet Pea. Well. I thought picking a color would be easy. But one persons version of S… Read more