Reedville Show Breaks Record!

Even a new sign

Well, well, we cannot claim the smallest show in the universe anymore. After doing some Gozintas, were came to the bold number of around 50 boats at the show. Dang! When and how did … Read more

Racine Or Reedville?

Last years Reedville show.

Many of the citizens are headed to Racine Wisconsin for the big ACBS International Show this weekend.  One of the largest shows of the year, where all the big fancy b… Read more

It’s Saturday, Guess What I’m Doing?

coke cooler 2

The cooler in PA

It’s 90 and humid as H E double hokey sticks.  I guess it’s summer now. And part of summer is an Ice Cold Coke….. Cooler. We have been snazzying up the back dec… Read more