Boat Babes

It’s Hunka-Hunka Day On Woody Boater!

The king! Girls, Girls Girls.

Today is for our women readers. Over the past month or so its been a bit of a frat house here lately, so we here in Woodyboaterville thought, why not make it a sorority house. So we asked the Boatress…

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First Ride – Welcome to Woody Boater Gracie!

Gracie goes for her first ride!

One of the great joys in life is getting a new pup! Here at Woody Boater we celebrate the first ride with great pride. Today’s first ride is from Fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays and little Gracie!
She is a…

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Ebay Fine Art. Or Excuse To Look At Boat Babes?

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 3.34.19 PM

Thanks to ebay, today is Boat babe Wednesday on Woody Boater. While cruising for “parts” on ebay the other day we came across what looks like a collection of cool Black and white boat babes. It’s been a while since

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Happy Esther


I am not sure why we celebrate Esther Williams today. But once I typed her name I understood. She was beautiful and brought a new look to film.Still today, when we see beautiful synchronized swimming we think of Esther

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Woody Boaters Become Stars For Nautique Optix Woody Sunglasses.

I think she is actually sleeping here. The light was perfect!

On Friday last week, Texx and I went out on a special photo shoot for Nautique Optix all wood sunglasses. Very cool sunglasses made from exotic woods. More on that later. Today is all about our models, Karen Harrison and…

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Warm Weather Is Not Far Away!

It’s that time of year to remind us all that soon spring will come, and then summer! ugh, then fall, and winter again. Dang! It all goes by so fast.. Send in your shots that will warm up a cold…

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The Woody Boater Swag Store Is Open And Full Of XXL’s

Just in time for XXmas, we have stocked the Woody Boater Swag Store full of new product. Including our latest effort, a Sons Of Varnish Hoodie. Be the only one at your Holiday party with one on. By popular demand…

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Exclusive Never Seen Before Classic Boat Images

Sorry for the delay this morning, but I was in negation regarding the following images that are so un heard of. You won’t believe your eyes.. It all started with a simple drive to the river house to tuck away…

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Boat Babes See The Light Of Day!


Dear god an entire file named . Chris craft girls!!!!

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Boat Buzz Un-Plugged Is Very Close, Have You Signed Up?

Right now it looks like we have around 20 folks coming to the first ever Boat Buzz Un Plugged Event – And possibly more that are from around here who have yet to speak up..In less that 11 days we’ll

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The Boys From Exit 1A Refuse To Give Up!

Seventeen inches of snow, and no power for days.. As fellow Woody Boater Bob Kays from Lake Hopatcong New Jersey puts it.. There was only one thing left to do.. Go boating! More power to them.. Te Woody Boater force…

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And Now For Something Completly Different. Motoscafo Aeromere Alfa Romeo Giulietta Plein Air 1959 Tipo Riva on eBay

I have no idea how to read Italian.. It’s on Italian eBay.. Good luck…But cool is cool.. And nothing is cooler than Italians. And Riva’s and Alfa Romao’s, and this one boat has it all. Click here.…
All you need

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Woody Boater
Stylish thing to do

The all new 2014 VARNISHERS shirt. In Red Wine for the show ONLY.

Arrive To Lake Dora Naked! We’ve Got You Covered!

Drum roll please… This years two new designs are in and ready for shipping to..FLORIDA. That’s right like every year, you can only buy...

of the Month

Alex Watson, M-Fine, Chris Wise at the helm, and the Ramsys all out on The ultimate Patina Queen!

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Can Keep Us From Having A Crap Load Of Fun!

Well, yesterday had it all. The day started out OK, a bit chilly, and then the storm hit. The Sunnyland gang made the call,...

Woody Boaters
of the Month

Jim, please don't take this wrong.. But your grandmother is HOT!

My Grandparents Steelcraft – by Jim Hilton

Fellow Woody Boater Jim Hilton sent us in this nice story of his grandparents Steelcraft the other day, in the email he said he...

Woody Boat
of the Month

Christopher Wise and the boat his great grandfather built.

Cherup – Wise Boat Co. Woody Boater Boat Of The Month And Our Pick For Top Boat Of The Sunnyland 2014 Show.

Many of you may gasp a bit at our unusual pick of this months Woody Boat of the Month and Winner of our Sunnyland...

Woody Boater
Very Good Thing to
do of the Month

Tommy talking to a class at the great Lakes Boat Building School

Tommy Mertaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund At The Great Lakes Boat Building School.

Late yesterday we received this note from The Great Lakes Boat Building School and E. James Mertaugh family regarding a new scholarship in the...

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