The First Run In The First Racing Runabout On Lake Dora 2014! UPDATE, UNO WINS BEST OF SHOW!

Tommy at the helm of UNO - Lake Dora

Thanks to the good folks at Katz’s Marina for being the first in the water this season. We had the opportunity to try out our camera and go pro for the first time. The trip was a short one down…

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Did You Know There Is This Thing That Cools The Air? The Magic Of The Lakeveiw Inn In Florida.

Apparently you switch the switch over from heat to cool.

It turns out that in Florida is warm. Yup 75 degrees. I had forgotten what that felt like outside. In fact we had to turn on the AC.. Thats right. The heater cools your room since its warm outside.. Go…

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What’s It Feel Like To Tow One Of The Nations Top Classic Boats To Florida?

Thick Textured Paper with Imperfections

Yesterday we decided to leave early and head down to Lake Dora to meet up with fellow Woody Boaters also coming into town. Many are doing the same because of the bad weather predicted on the East coast. Funny thing

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Live-ish From Lake Dora Vintage Boat Races!

CRA 2014 200

This might be a tad confusing. There is still a countdown. The official Classic Boat Show is on Frday, but today we are Live-ish from Lake Dora. Karen Harrison reported in with some amazing photos of the The Classic Race

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Florida Update From Paul And Karen.

The Palm gardens, Ya go through the canal, then across the lake, then take a left into a small creek like thing, and there it is. watch out for the gators..

Today is the first day of spring for the rest of us, but for Florida Reporters Paul and Karen Harrison its SUMMER. So they ventured out into town to see what was going on.. For those of you new to…

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Florida Memories From 2013, Let’s Make Some New Ones In 3 Weeks!

FL state flag

Today you can warm yourself by the computer with images from past Florida Lake Dora Shows. mmmmm bask in the warmth. I can already feel my stress level dropping….. And if you have not signed up, here is the link …

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And On Sunday, Our Prayers Were Answered!

Kinda says it all - photo Bob Kays

We got home to Woody Boater HQ last night and today we are catching up with some of the shots from this weekend. Bob Kays and I were running around shooting all sorts of stuff and then reporting as it…

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Sunday – Live From Lake Hopatcong.

This picture says it all. New Jersey strong..

Today, is the day we find out if some of the boats under parts of the roof are safe. Last night as the sun set here, another miracle. The Rare Stuphen that we thought might have been damaged came out…

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The Little Model 99 That Could.


As they extract the roof parts and walls, all work had to stop on extracting boats for a while. The little model 99 is actually part of the support of the wall. I love that little sucker more and

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The Summer of 1929 On Lake Winnipesaukee In 30 Minutes-ish.

They love to wave on the lake!

Ever wanted to back in time? OK in Black and white, and with no sound? Well, thanks to fellow Woody Boater Denis Donohue who made us aware of some very cool footage form the year 1929 you can bask today…

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So Youz Think That All U22′s Are The Same? Ya Haven’t Been To Lake Hopatcong!

A cool  spontanious moment on Lake Hopatcong,

One of the joys of going to Lake Hopatcong is the never ending diversity of boats all in one  compact place. Oh sure up in Michigan, there is a different boat for every boat house, but on little Lake Hopatcong…

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The Irwin Files II This Time It’s Personal.

Gotta love a good wave in a hat!

Jaws II, Rambo II,III,IV, and now The Irwin Files. Here is Part II of the exclusive footage from Jim and Jack Irwin of Irwin Marine from the 1950′s. This footage tops it all with some fantastic driving footage, and the…

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Woody Boater
Stylish thing to do

The all new 2014 VARNISHERS shirt. In Red Wine for the show ONLY.

Arrive To Lake Dora Naked! We’ve Got You Covered!

Drum roll please… This years two new designs are in and ready for shipping to..FLORIDA. That’s right like every year, you can only buy...

of the Month

Alex Watson, M-Fine, Chris Wise at the helm, and the Ramsys all out on The ultimate Patina Queen!

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Can Keep Us From Having A Crap Load Of Fun!

Well, yesterday had it all. The day started out OK, a bit chilly, and then the storm hit. The Sunnyland gang made the call,...

Woody Boaters
of the Month

Jim, please don't take this wrong.. But your grandmother is HOT!

My Grandparents Steelcraft – by Jim Hilton

Fellow Woody Boater Jim Hilton sent us in this nice story of his grandparents Steelcraft the other day, in the email he said he...

Woody Boat
of the Month

Christopher Wise and the boat his great grandfather built.

Cherup – Wise Boat Co. Woody Boater Boat Of The Month And Our Pick For Top Boat Of The Sunnyland 2014 Show.

Many of you may gasp a bit at our unusual pick of this months Woody Boat of the Month and Winner of our Sunnyland...

Woody Boater
Very Good Thing to
do of the Month

Tommy talking to a class at the great Lakes Boat Building School

Tommy Mertaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund At The Great Lakes Boat Building School.

Late yesterday we received this note from The Great Lakes Boat Building School and E. James Mertaugh family regarding a new scholarship in the...

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