And Now For Something Completly Different. Motoscafo Aeromere Alfa Romeo Giulietta Plein Air 1959 Tipo Riva on eBay

Just imagine yourself behind the wheel on this one.. It's OK to wave with one finger when you are driving this one. Drive like an Italian!

I have no idea how to read Italian.. It’s on Italian eBay.. Good luck…But cool is cool.. And nothing is cooler than Italians. And Riva’s and Alfa Romao’s, and this one boat has it all. Click here.

So not only do you get to take care of all the varnished brite work, you also get the reliable quality of italian engeneering. Next.. a Fiat 850 air cooled version..

All you need now is Gina Lollobrigida in the passenger seat.

Grrrr, Buona Sera , Mrs Campbell... OK obscure reference. But, watch the movie tonight.. Fun stuff, and she is SMOK'N hot...

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4 Responses to “And Now For Something Completly Different. Motoscafo Aeromere Alfa Romeo Giulietta Plein Air 1959 Tipo Riva on eBay”

  1. Texx says:

    I love Italy…

    My Italian is questionable, but I think the translation reads… “Turn key boat, some minor TLC required. Only driven to the Vatican on Sundays by a little old lady…. Comes complete with original life jackets and buoy”

    Fuzzy top not included…

    • Chris Finks says:

      I am a huge Alfa Romeo fan (I had three at once and now down to one) and think that Gina Lolobrigida is smokin’ hot. My Alfa Spider has a pair of Sophie Loren’s (tach and speedo) too…Like the whole story

  2. Jim Staib says:

    The boat is different but how about that tow vehicle!! What is that? Boats always worry me when they come with a spare engine.

    • Paul H. says:

      From BAT (Bring a Trailer)
      “The adorable cut down Fiat Topolino tractor and the trailer are excluded from the auction”

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