Its an art shaft? Shaft art?

I gotta say, My hats off to the eBay seller on this one. Trying to sell a used Crank Shaft as art. This is marketing. Literally peace of scrap metal as art. And for 45 buck… Read more


It’s a love hate thing!

Wow, last weeks story sure brought out the daggers on AMF. All our memories about how this huge company kinda drained some iconic brands in the pleasure fun indust… Read more


On Thursday I was living on East Coast time. Left for a 5 hr flight to the West coast. Which took 2 hours. Because of the time difference, then turned around and got on the plane yesterday and a 5 hr f… Read more


Thats a whole lotta Johnsons

Right now as you read this I am on a flight back to Virginia from Los Angeles. It’s been one of those years. I seem to be back and forth so much I am getting to know s… Read more



Anything with the words Mid Century as a descriptor of art, makes is special. But its a fine line sometimes. Today on eBay  we found this cool Mid Century Art Boat. Now of course the photos a… Read more