Meet Miss Woody Boater Erika Simmons – Oh And Donate Today!

Erika outside of the main lake Market. Photos Bob Kays As promised yesterday we said we would introduce you to Miss Woody Boater Erika Simmons. Erika has been the General Manager of the famous Main Lake Market for a couple of years, and has... Read More »

Miss Woody Boater Says, Please Help Keep Us Subscription Free!

Erika Simmons the very first Miss Woody Boater says Hi! For the record, we are not a proud group. In fact if I need to pull out Jerry Lewis and have Sarah Mclachlan sing a song to old abandoned wood boats, we would. But... Read More »

Are You The Boat Spotter Of The Year?

Here is one of the two shots Late yesterday we got a fun email from fellow Woody Boater Samual Hiser, He sent these two obscure photos with a queation. Does anyone know what this is? I told him it looked like... Read More »

Cool Wing Thing On A 1976 Chris Craft XK 6.9 Meter?

Only in Europe? If you have been stalking ebay lately you have no doubt come across a huge collection of Chris Craft factory photos being sold one at a time. Yeah yeah, lots of 70′s stuff. But... Read More »

Its Header Day Today!

lake Dora - Riva fun It’s Friday, and stunning outside here in Virginia as this weekend promises to be a spectacular boating weekend. So today we thought it would be fun to have a Header Day to get us... Read More »

Is It Just Me, Or Is This Clorox Bottle Cool?

Screen-Shot-2014-08-11-at-6.11.41-PM And now after two weeks of Clayton and lake Tahoe, We bring you something completely different. Dang, look at the lines on this 1973 Mark Twain V Sonic. Nice lines on the hull... Read More »

Hey, It’s A Full Moon, Lets Go Fishing 30 Miles Out Into The Atlantic!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What could possibly go wrong? Biggest Balls Winner David Konick and his VERY trusty Sea Skiff took full advantage of the full Super Moon and headed out deep into..onto…on the Atlantic off Ocean... Read More »

Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance 2014 Perpetual Award Winners

"Pinks" OK, OK, better late than never. The list was just sent to us from fellow Woody Boater Brian Robinson. Here is the list of big winners. no photos just a list. OK, maybe one... Read More »

The Big Roar Off On Lake Tahoe From Fellow Woody Boater Steve Natale!

Steve captures the magic of Tahoe More amazing photos from this years big Lake Tahoe show. Steve Natale got out on the water and captured the big roar off. Or is a Zoom off, or lift off. The Roar Off... Read More »

The Gathering Of The Gar Woods On Lake Tahoe!

image-10-08-14-11-05 Thanks to our Tahoe reporter Steve Natale for sending us in some amazing photos of the annual Gathering of the Gar Woods. This is an annual even at Obexer’s Boat Company and the... Read More »

Woody Boater
Stylish thing to do

Speedboat Outlaws in stock, in your size and in style!

Woody Boater Store Is Open, New Stuff In Stock.

This years 2014 summer look, is now available to the throngs of fashionistas. Thats right, now you can wear, were, where the latest in...

of the Month

You can take a ride in Clayton out into the Thousand Island area. A MUST SEE!

From Clayton To Tahoe, It’s Big Boat Show Season In Merica!

From this weeks big Clayton show celebrating 50 years of boat showness to the big Tahoe show on August 8th and 9th. Antique and...

Woody Boaters
of the Month

Jim, please don't take this wrong.. But your grandmother is HOT!

My Grandparents Steelcraft – by Jim Hilton

Fellow Woody Boater Jim Hilton sent us in this nice story of his grandparents Steelcraft the other day, in the email he said he...

Woody Boat
of the Month

Troy doing the Titanic thing.. OK, I put in a Watson sunset.

She Floats! Troy Finaly Goes Woody Boating In American Beauty.

Well, it happened. Our very own fellow Woody Boater Troy got his labor of love, American Beauty in the water after some years of...

Woody Boater
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do of the Month

Tommy talking to a class at the great Lakes Boat Building School

Tommy Mertaugh Memorial Scholarship Fund At The Great Lakes Boat Building School.

Late yesterday we received this note from The Great Lakes Boat Building School and E. James Mertaugh family regarding a new scholarship in the...

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