LEe Anderson Apachee

An artistic photo of art in the fog. If only Lee would change his name to Art! Art, of Art Driving Art.

The other day I was conversat’n with a chum and got to talk’n about our passion fo… Read more


fr smith 3_1024

From Kent O. Smith Jr on Lake George several years ago

As I walked away from my love last weekend, I realized that she was now not going to be my companion for a while. Going on afternoon cruises, es… Read more


hacker Craft For Sale

It’s for sale, and in stock at Hacker – Craft

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DCIM100GOPROOne of the fantastic things about owning and using a woody boat is that even the simplest of things can be a fulfilling event. Since the day the Main Lake Market opened on Lake Hopatcong, Fellow W… Read more