Hamster reminds us all!

Well, today’s story was supposed to be a wonderful one on how fantastic the “Boat The Blue” event was. Records shattered, close to 800 free boat rid… Read more


Mahogany Madness!

According to fellow Woody Boater David Nau in yesterdays comments The Boat The Blue Event stats are as follows. I am sure this will be updated. But regardless of the numbers, … Read more



Well, they made it. 280 miles in a 25 Sportsman. Marian E. one of Alex Watson’s dream boats and it’s crew of Woody Boater Boobs made it. And the crew was there in Port Huron to … Read more


Early AM

What a difference a couple hrs make

Today has been spent running back and forth to the boat ramp and tucking away the fleet. The only poor vessel left out there is Sweet Pea who has weather… Read more


Red sky in Morning…. YIKES!

While the gang is all up in Michigan having fun, we thought it might be a good time to update everyone on the news of the week. Yes, there are other events and thin… Read more


Says it all. Thursday and Friday

Really? Oh come on. The 10 inches of rain yesterday and broken lift wasn’t enough? Falling through the dock with a board missing putting on a boat cover. A… Read more