So are you the one that’s been squawking about wanting a WoodyBoater flag? Well, we have some good news and maybe some bad. The good news is we made some flags. Sons of varnish flags. The ba… Read more


Temporary Docks Ready to go in Taveres

We just got these images in from Lake Dora and its all good news. The temporary docks are ready to go in. The Sunnyland Chapter is going all out to keep the par… Read more


Go Pia go!

We have a Pre Dora Appdate, not to be confused with Pia Zadora, who by the way is doing well. In case you were concerned. She brought me such happiness back in the day. But can she make the A… Read more


We have an update from Terry Fiest regarding the Lake Dora show and how its all going.Are you coming, looks like regardless of the dock damage many are showing up to show support and have fun. Hon… Read more