It has a trailer!

Well, yesterday kinda blew up into a ship show, so we thought, hey, maybe we take this a step farther and escalate things. I mean, we like going to boat shows, but maybe it might be … Read more


Ni pictures showing up?

We have received a bunch of frustrated emails from the good citizens of Woodyboaterville complaining that there are no photos showing up on WoodyBoater when on an ipad… Read more


Drive with your nose

As dumb as you may think I am right now, I bet you by the end of the story you will realize you feel the same way. now, maybe I am just an odd duck, but since I was 16 racing around in o… Read more


A top favorite photo – Katzs Marina

Well, it seems like we are doing a full report on Woody Boater this weekend. I will try and pepper gratuitous pictures of your favorite boats to keep the … Read more


Thanks Bill for the photo from yesterday!

Yesterday we spoke about the Woody Boater Effect and it got me thinking,  how many of us are out there?  We think the culture is shrinking, but is it?… Read more