Jim’s Grand Mother. Wow!

Today around Woody Boater HQ is a huge day. I am sure it’s the same in your HQ. Over the years fellow Woody Boaters have shared their old photos, so today we t… Read more


New Old Stock

Do you have a crappy old plexi windshield and can never see out of it? Has a crack? Or some lame ass aftermarket crap installed in the 80’s by a hack Marina that couldn’t … Read more


Stuff is busy busy on Lake Hopatcong!

This could be the weekend that unites us all? It’s been warm enough here in the Mid Atlantic, and this past week I was up in NY, and NJ, and it was sunny an… Read more


WOW, that’s alotta props

Over the next months as boat show season gets in full swing, we thought we would bring up the topic of props. We have covered propellers, but what about the other k… Read more


Thayer IV Barnfind

Words that describe stuff over the years change. Like all natural, or actual size, organic, and in our culture and the car world, Patina, and now Holy Grail of barnfinds. The… Read more