Nothing excites me!

I am brain dead this morning. I tried to start it with some coffee varnish. NOPE. Breakfast. Nope. Just the sound of a blank cranking brain. I sprayed some starting fluid in m… Read more


It’s a look! It screams 2020!

Lately I have been had to wear a mask while out alone on WECATCHEM. The blow by smell is so bad you can taste it. Forget that the Boatress complains that her clot… Read more


I can be in meetings … Oar painting.

Over the past few days, I have been out in the barn creating artwork, and as things progressed I found a deeper meaning in painting oars. Yes Painting oa… Read more


That light. No filters, photoshop. Just Mutha nature doing her thang

Yesterday afternoon, after countless zoom meetings and work, the Boatress and I took a break from it all and decided a boat … Read more


The “Lounge” is ready

As we all last gasp, we are also prepping for the inevitable coldness about to consume us all. So I have been working away at cleaning out junk and getting the b… Read more