AHHHHHH!That is one Bad Aft boat!

Today is Black Friday. So of course we need to feature black boats. We did this back in 2018, and maybe I can sneak it past you all as a new story. Some things have ch… Read more


That is one good lookn can

Are oil prices High, or is the seller? maybe its that its virgin oil? Vs Extra Virgin Olive oil? And dear god, how ugly must those olives be to be Extra Virgin? Okay enough … Read more


Packard Co Rave Boat on Ebay

Let’s all realize that with all the inflation and crazy numbers flying around. Cars 15K over Manufactures price and so on. That 32K is the new 15K. Hey.. It ain… Read more



Have you ever met someone for one second and said, hey I love this guy! We are brothers from another mother. Well, I just did. Meet Ed Stanley. I met him on ebay. Okay, okay, I really haven… Read more