Dealer Photo Of Cobra

We got this cool image from Seth Katzs regarding Cobra colors and the tone of the gold on the iconic gold fin.  The issue is Dark gold with Varnish or a lighter gold. Its clea… Read more


Mr B has a pool

First, sorry two Railway stories in one week. But I know how much we all like a good disaster. Especially one that really isn’t a disaster. Well, yesterday, after a series of … Read more


Sausage and Fry’s anyone?

Here we go again, Fall. The beginning of the dirge of content for us. We do have some col stories coming in. Stay tuned. But today I need to clear the fridge of some … Read more


New gate, new sign.

While everyone was at boat shows, and fighting over the word COVID in a story. Not sure what that’s about, but while that’s been happening, I have been working o… Read more