A Boat In Da House!

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Lots of plates to keep spinning. I am not complaining, I love all of it. Between work, Zoom Calls and getting boats rea… Read more


PEA WEE’s new name all painted on

If you all are waiting for a Keels And Wheels report. Sorry. I did see a bunch of images on Facebook from various folks that went. But no report, so no story. … Read more


It has great bulges

Well, you didn’t see this coming did ya? An actual Boat!  YA YA, Okay it isn’t wood, but we like to keep it spicy here. This little 15 ft Clorox bottle has it all as … Read more


“Jitterbug” owned by Jeff and Corrine Lucas , 1948 22′ Custom Sedan, recently rescued from under a tarp, in the water, in covered moorage for over ten years.

A HUGE thanks to long tim… Read more


Comments are our lifeblood.

Well, that sure was an interesting and engaging week. And of course like anything on the internet, just alot of back and forth but no real conclusions. But I did dete… Read more