YA BABY! BOOM! I think thats what kids say these days

What the hell, I am 61 and 99.9% of the social media influencers out there will think that this is officially the sign of the Social media Influ… Read more


Like a dusty ghost from the past!

Well, we have have had Barn Finds, Basement finds, Blue Tarp Finds I think even one family room find classic boat. But in the attic? And a Cobra to boot, or boat! Ye… Read more


Says it all! Family Fun and Fishn

A huge thanks to Bob Kays and Allen Makin and family for sharing a wonderful heart warming story from Lake Hopatcong. Trust me, it will renew any little bit of bit… Read more


Today we celebrate one of the true Woody Boaters of all time. Here is a painting of Christopher Columbus being grateful the boat didn’t break down on the voyage. Little known fact. As he a… Read more


Oh Darla, you Vixin. Vixon” Vixan” ? Vixen?

It’s Sunday,I woke up late and so all I got is a little sausage to make my self imposed 8Am deadline. Wait, that sounds bad. For the … Read more


This morning.

Here on the Chesapeake Bay we are getting very stiff winds, which are blowing water up the bay, which means it blows it up my yard. And to top it all off we have had about a month of this… Read more