Arnolds park Iowa

Ebay can be a fun spontaneous history lesson sometimes. It can inspire things that maybe we don’t look for normally. And that is what happened yesterday. Shhhhhhh, I w… Read more


Mr B. B is for Bruiser. 8 Weeks old

Today we all celebrate Mr B’s 1st Birthday! Yup. He is one year old, and brings a smile to my face every day, hour, minute. He has become a great little sidek… Read more


It’s my personal little Halloween.

Cutting the log at an angle. EEEEESH.. The new thought is to cut the shaft sleave for a better fit of the cap

This weekend, okay, and the past couple days … Read more


Come on Baby, Light my fire!

You know I have a thing for matchbook art. I really don’t want the book itself since I just lose them. But the art is the magic. The texture of bad printing, and si… Read more