Mr Heater, and the Purrrrkins!

YES, I talk to my boats. You don’t? You should, you might be surprised what they have to say.You think you want a boat ride? Did you ever consider your boats f… Read more


WHAT THE? Plus 2

Oh that was a good dinner. BUT. It cost me, not the money part, but the lb’s. Now, hey.. this week did not play out as well as last week. 10 lbs down. This week, 2lbs up.. See, I f… Read more



Over the years, we have found many new friends, and shockingly some not so friends. People for whatever reason they don’t like us. I get it, we certainly have flaws, and yes, from time … Read more


With original tag!

After the sad farewell to Scarlet yesterday, I needed to write a story about a boat part! I don’t see myself crying when my carburetor dies.  And I guess since we start… Read more


See you again one day Miss Scarlet

It’s with a heavy, heavy heart we report the passing of a true and loyal Woody Boater. Miss Scarlet who was always ready for a boat ride and road trip. Scar… Read more