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The 2022 Holiday Party Is This Wednesday!

Are you ready for the big holiday party this Wednesday? Actually our 15th one? Yikes, are we all that old? Anywho, all the regulars will be here, and we hope some new friends as well. BTW, you may want to load up on the Pepto Bismal. Just Sayn. So this Wednesday, The 15th Annual Holiday

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1st Annual Woody Boater Virtual Holiday Party – OK It’s Time To Go Home Now… No.. Not On My Parents Bed.. Ohhh Man!

The Century Guys organized a special surprise at the Woody Boater Lodge tonight, Hey these guys are cool after all… They call it – “Christmas in CenturyLand, every year, it’s like this, really…a new Coronado loaded with gifts….Merry Christmas…” According to our interpid reporter Irving, when Matt Helm arrived at the Woody Boater Lodge this

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Your Presence Is Requested At The Very First Annual Woody Boater Holiday Party! It’s BYOLS!

That’s right, we are having a party.. OH, and this is no lame Christmas /Holiday/Quanza whatever party.. You can get drunk and piss in your pants and barf all the egg nog you want.. That’s right.. Heck, sleep with your secretary.. or boss…While at the party!!!!  We don’t care.. In fact, we encourage it.. You

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14th Annual Holiday Office Party TOMORROW.

Are you ready? Not me, been trying to clean up the place and no matter what I do, spammers and Russian hackers keep causing problems. This year I am mixing up a wonderful varnish punch. mmmmmmm, the good news is after several glasses you can just pee on your boat and BOOM, its got a

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Saving An Original Penzoil Sign

Last year around this time. I was able to repourpose and save a painted over Coca Cola sign, and here we are again. A painted over Penzoil sign. I do get how this happens, but whats strange to me is that people think these painted over porclean signs are not savable. They are. And actually

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We Found A Tumor, And 55 Gigs of Crap

As we weed through the crap, we have found a phantom site within the site. Yes, there is another WoodyBoater within WoodyBoater. Like one of those huge tumors.. You know, the kind that have teeth and hair. Oh, yes, they exist. And if you want to loose your Cheerios this morning google it. They also

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New Old Stock GarWood Upholstery

While we prep and travel from all over the planet to the 9th Annual Virtual Holiday Party TOMORROW, we found this very cool NOS thing to debate over today. The ebay listing has one photo, which is enough. This is being sold by someone that has access to some very cool stuff. And I can’t

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Chris- Craft Speedometer On eBay!

Now that the Virtual Holiday party is over, thought a nice ebay story would be all you all can take!  To be honest, I didn’t think Chris Craft made these. I mean, it makes sense, and I always thought maybe they did. But for what model? And this one looks like its in some sort

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It’s Two,Two Barn Finds In One!

Fellow Woody Boater Andreas Reissmann sent us in this onece in a lifetime barn find, and the restoration that followed. This is the time of year when we need these sorts of stories. Hope you enjoy! Take it away Andreas! I regularly scan a handful of web sites and classifieds for interesting items in the

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History Of Wooden Boat Building In Canada Featured At The 2013 Wooden Boat Conference

Last weekend Antique Boat America hosted the popular 2013 Wooden Boat Conference and Seminar in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, which was presented by an “A-List” of guest speakers from the antique & classic boating hobby. This year’s conference featured “The History of Wooden Boat Building in Canada” with special focus on boat builders and boating history

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OK, I Am An Idiot! Today Is Thursday.

Ya ever had one of those months? You know the kind, all the days blend into each other. I swear to god, on my soul, I thought yesterday was today, until I read one of the comments late in the day, I realized today is today and yesterday was not today but yesterday, which at

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2022 A Year In Over 100 Pictures.

What a year. I have looked through the 5,043 images we have posted in 2022, and tried to get a taste of the larger stories of the year. Hands down though is the Molly O No story. Still cracks me up and was milked to the fullest extent possible thanks to Art. Kent O, Steve

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The 15th Annual Hangover Elixir Story

One would think we would all learn by this age. Moderation. But nooooooooo, Not when it comes to classic boats and a good old classic holiday office party that we can just hang out and be ourselves. Yes….”someone” took some copies again on the copier of themselves. And yes, Mr B runs when I say

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Santa Is On His Way.

Have you been good this year? Cause the Clause has been watching.Oh boy!!!. He is grading on a curve this year. But for sure he is on his way..via woody boats! Today we celebrate Santa Boats And here is wishing you all a joyous holiday and may Santa bring you that 3 inch copper pipe

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