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Joe Martel, On eBay?

This could be your chance to meet Joe Martel in person, or not…maybe it’s really a guy with the name Woodbutcher4932…You can almost here his mom and Dad trying to name him….”no honey, I think Jimmy is a nice name…. listen, my fathers name was Woodbutcher4931 and he came from a whole long list of

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Lake Dora Update. Joe Martell Fan Club Meets.

Great day. The first Annual Joe Martell Fan Club meets at the Chris Craft tent. All kidding aside. The first gathering of the Chris Craft club made a spontaneous 2 pm meeting, with Chris Smith and other family members. Woody Boater was there to check all the name tags… No Joe Martell as of yet…

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Censorship And Gratuitous Boat Photos.

Yesterdays story regarding the Chris Craft Club evoked some passionate comments. Actually attacks on certain people. BTW, the number one thing that violates our policies. No cursing, or personal attacks. We deleted all the comments regarding that one whopper by “George” BTW, George is not George, he is…… Well Joe Martell. Now, I am loose

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St Michaels Antique & Classic Boat Show….s

WOW! This show gets better every year. And it’s clear that the St. Michaels show is the Mid Atlantic’s big important show. The Chesapeake Maritime Museum is growing and is a perfect setting for the show. St Michaels is a fantastic town that is also booming while staying true to it’s rich history. They get

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Thanksgiving In Woodyboaterville.

Today, not only marks another Thanksgiving, but also our 800th story! Yes there are now over 800 different stories here on Woodyboater.. With over 250,000 hits and an average of 10,000 a month. For a daily journal .. not bad. I am thankful for all the kind words and help along the way. In a

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Was This The First U22?

OK, its 21 feet, and its from 1936… But all great things are inspired by something at some point. Jay Smith of the Chris Craft Smith’s had this 21 foot utility made for himself. With 2 engines. Why… In case one breaks down. One can only imagine what it must have been like out on

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Every Boat Has A Story, By Texx.

One of the best things about attending an antique & classic boat show is having the opportunity to see the beautiful boats “Up Close” and if your lucky, get to hear the boat’s story – because it seems like “Every Boat Has a Story.” While attending the 2009 Big Sky ACBS Boat Show on Montana’s

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Woody Boater Awards Of 2008. The Big Woody!

It’s that time of year were folks talk about all the best stuff of the year. So why not us? So with out further adieu… We present Woody Boaters Big Woody Awards…… Drum role please! Best Website MahoganyBay.netBest Destination. 1000 Islands Clayton in August.Best Classic Boat Show.. Sunnyland, Lake Dora.Woody Babe of The Year. Classic

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Pardon My Wake Of Words. I Got Somth'n To Say!

I found this decal on the web. Somehow I made a connection. Sometimes while writing this journal I feel like this guy. Racing through the hobby, creating havoc in my wake of rants and comments. For the record. I love it. This hobby needs a place that it can express it’s point of view, good

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The Mayflower, The Ultimate Woody Boat!

It all started on a woody boat. Wooohhooo! I am thankful for all of your contributions to Woody Boater Journal. From live coverage from ACBS shows throughout the year at every corner of the map to the comments on my spelling. I am even thankful to Joe Martell…. Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday. More

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Blue States Match Woody Boater States. Coincidence?

If you overlap the election map of blue and red states with the most popular Woody Boater states, it’s a dead match with the Blue States. And yes Wyoming voted red… mmmmm What would have happened if our Pal Joe Martell had run? O’bama owes us a big thanks. Thank god it’s over!

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The Classic Pope Boat Mobile.

While his Holiness is here clogging traffic and blessing us all here in the DC area.Woody Boater has been hard at work. Doing extensive research in the Vatican archives WoodyBoater has found this exciting and interesting find. This one of a kind Riva Pope Mobilia was uncovered in the Vatican Boat house in Venice. It

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Hey! Were Did Everyone Go?

If you find your self alone, and unable to reach anyone on the phone this week regarding your classic boat, its because we are all in Fla at the big show. Yes even Joe Martell…Woody Boater will attempt to update daily from the show, so you folks in New Mexico, can be there in a

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