Sausage Mash Gasp!

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Lake Hopatcong Scrap

Today we are gonna use some lips and snouts from previous gasping this year to do a mash gasp. And start the sad winter tradition of Sausage Days. To those new to Sausage Days… Read more

Leap Day Sausage!

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This image from a DODGE boat ad would make a wonderful wall art thing

Well, sorry if today is your birthday, cause it only happens every 4 years. So on a good side, you are a lot younger than you thou… Read more

Super Sausage Sunday

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he sure would be a help in doing bottom work?

It’s been a while, and since we will all be rotting in front of the TV today and eating small fat balls and salt and suger bombs, lets just pile on s… Read more

Sloppy Sunday Sausage Day

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Interesting how a name on a boat can make anything that much cooler

We have arrived in Higginsville and are getting adjusted to the one hour difference. Surprisingly harder than the usual 3 hou… Read more

Leftovers! Like Sausage, Only Worse.

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love the scallop cut photos.

Well, looks like we made it through another Thanksgiving, and now its leftover time. Today we have a fine selection of scraps, that make a story-ish. Hey! You do thi… Read more

Sausage For Breakfast?

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being towed in is a classic, classic boat classic.

Normally we save Sausage for the weekends, but its a week of weekends for me this week. I work hard and then crash hard. And the sausage bits have … Read more