Woody Boater is a state of mind, a place to enjoy woody boating when you are not out on your boat, or if you just want to enjoy the world that surrounds these fun classic water craft.

Being a part of Woody Boater is a way for folks to keep up with the community and all that is going on. Finding and saving lost boats, lost stories on lost waterways is our passion. The art, boat shows, destinations, people,  and your conversation are the fuel that drives us. There are on any given day about 10 of us roaming around our parts of the world looking for your stories and boats.  In fact just by reading this, you are now officially deputized and are now a Woody Boater.  Please send us your lost story,… Don’t worry about spelling by the way. There is even an official Woody Boater Dictionary you can read it below this story.

If you want a more intimate conversation:

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Woody Boater Global Headquarters

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We also have satellite offices and reporters throughout North America and the world. We are a 24/7 – 365 around the globe organization.

Reedville Virginia – Global Headquarters

Hessel Michigan – Alex Watson Reporter/Photographer

Minnesota – Dane Anderson Photographer/ Reporter

Kentucky – Reporter, Kentucky Wonder

Lake George – Kent O. Smith Jr. Reporter/Photographer

Florida – Christopher Wise Reporter/Photographer

Michigan – Dennis Mykols Reporter

San Fransisco – Scott Sawyer – Technology/Production

Lake Hopatcong New Jersey – Bob Kays – Reporter/ Photographer

Chicago –  Chad Durran Reporter/ Photographer

Oklahoma –  Don Ayers Photography & Video

Lake Tahoe California – Hamster Reporter/ Spy Cam

Around the world

Woody Boater Canada – Texx / Calgary Canada – Reporter

Southern Ontario – Reporter/Photographer, Cobourg Kid

Woody Boater Berlin BureauBerlin Germany / Europe

Woody Down Under Boater -New Zealand – Phil from New Zealand Reporter


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Press on “The Woody Boater Life”

Are you considering a story on the wonderful world of Classic Boating? We have boats, owners and destinations, all at our varnished finger tips for you to interview or photograph.  We are 100% focused on promoting the wonderful life we all live with our Woody Boats.  Here is one example!

VANITY FAIR – Featured as a “Cult Favorite”  By Punch Hutton in Vanity Fair. Photo and info by Woody Boater. SYLVIA our beloved 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back,


We also played a part in the big feature on Classic Boats for CBS Sunday Morning. Helping find boaters and events to film. See the story here.

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DISCLOSURE About how we make money. Or at least break even. In some cases we will get products for free to talk about. It’s up to us if we like it or not. So we try and tell the real truth since that’s why you are here.  Our sponsors, Ads, pay for the ad placement, but we also only allow companies we do actual business with on the site. When we travel to shows, there is usually some sort of help in regards to Press passes, a tent, or other things that help make the trip more affordable. We like to support though awareness our sponsors. They deserve it, and it helps promote the positive energy of the culture. We strongly believe in being 100% transparent.

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Woody Boater ® is a Registered Trademark. And belongs to Woody Boater LLC. As are all products we create and images we shoot. If you see it here, it’s been shot by us, or others that have granted permission to us exclusively. And is Copyright protected to the fullest level.   Downloading an image or use of our name for commercial use other than your personal use is strictly forbidden. Unless we have agreed to that.  INSTRAGRAM AND FACEBOOK USE. NO! There is a new group of folks that harvest images from sites, mostly here, and use them to build a Facebook or Instagram account.  It’s against our policy and theirs. We recommend you understand and read all the rules on their sites. Its VERY CLEAR. Sorry to be so harsh, but our images are now being used for other things than what we intended them for like Porn sites and blueprints of boats and other products on eBay and other places. That is forbidden. Period. The two images below are the biggest issues because they show up in Google search so much. Please ask us. All IMAGES AND CONTENT like the terms Woodyboaterville, and Lake Cyberspace ARE REGISTERED WITH COPYRIGHT.GOV as copyrighted content. PLEASE!  We are dead serious about this and have to protect this.

BY SENDING US IMAGES, you are allowing us to use the images for Woody Boater related stories, on Instagram and Facebook. We will always credit your images and they will not be sold. 

Chris Craft barrel Back low2

This specific Image is used all over the place and needs to be called out as a special Copyrighted image owned by Woody Boater.

Yannon Bow low

This image as well. It’s now on a book cover with permission, and is specifically copyrighted and owned by Woody Boater.

How you can help keep Woody Boater subscription free. It’s simple. part of our funding comes from our sponsors, and also from you. Each reader that gets something from Woody Boater. All you have to do is click this button and donate. the money goes for trips and keeping the lights on. Thanks for your generous support.


Donate your boat to Woody Boater.* We of course want to buy every boat we see. we are suckers for a great story, and would go bankrupt doing so. But from time to time we have been known to invest the kids collage fund to buy and sell a boat.. After enjoying it of course. The profits, or looses help fuel this horrible addiction. If you have a wonderful boat you want to go to a good cause. Please consider us an an option. We will save it, love it and find a worthy home for it. Email us at Matt@Woodyboater.com*

Dictionary For those that think we do bad spelling..and gramar.

We get complaints daily regarding spelling and the destruction of the English language.. We don’t disagree, but we don’t speak, English here.. It’s our own language.. So, Woody Boater felt it necessary to publish a new dictionary of Woody Boaterese. The official language of WoodyBoaterville. A small community located on a bluff over looking Lake Cyberspace.  You thought it was all typos didn’t you.. OH no.. We are proud of our heritage and 6th grade c average in English. So here is a short run down of the top 20 terms you will see on Woody Boater on a regular basis.

1. There, and thier mean the same thing. also their..

2. i before e is for 7th graders. they get mixed up all the time here. Dont take it personaly.

3. Ok means OK. To and Too.. and of and off all mean the same thing. Ok!

4. the generous use of …… is because I am thinking….. see…. adds to it..

5. Big words get googled, so it’s what ever google says the word is.

6. off, of also are the same word and mean the same thing

7. The Woody Boatress is the queen of the realm.

8. Where, wear, were, all mean the same thing . You have to put it in context.

9. Varnish is better than crack or meth in Woodyboaterville.

10. Crocs are better than deck shoes and are very sexy on old babes. But you will die wearing, whereing them.

11. Ink-clot babes are a term referencing old BW shots of 90 year old babes from catalogs.

12. Lickable babes refers to decals of babes from the 50′s

13. Your , youre and you’re all mean the same thing

14. Woohoo, is a term i have used for years. Made more popular by Homer Simpson. But not just his.. It can be read as excitement or sarcastically.

15. Proof reading is for english teachers. If I wrote it, thats good enough for me. that’s?

16 the use of punctuation is purely arbitrary.. and I had to look up arbitrary..

17. When I say I want to go out in the barn and make sweet love to my boat.. I actually mean it.. You would.. wood… be amazed what you can do with that grease that you are supposed to put on your water pump.

18. Middle aged women are smok’n hot in Woody Boaterville. Middle aged men are still 20 and have 30 inch waist lines, and our farts don’t smell

19. Every boat I see, I want. It’s that simple. If I could have a barn full of boats i would… Wait, I do.. Like that show, Boat Horders.. No I need that old pile of worm infested hull boards.. Someday they might be usefull.. …

20. SAUSAGE DAY – A day in which we publish tid bits of stuff that isnt too great for an entire story. So we pile up all the scraps, left overs and lips and snouts and publish them in a day. A Sausage Day


MILKING – The term used when I stretch out a one day story to a longer one, two days, or a week.

PreRestoric – The period of time when a boat is ready for restoration, and still is usable, but keeps going. The tension of you should, but don’t is the fun part.

Header Day – A day  that I am too lazy to make a header, Like today. Its a collection of old headers. Just hit refresh or the logo on the upper left, or the header and a new old one appears.

DIM – Dim the the loving name for a Troll that thinks they are anonymous and keeps causing trouble in the comment section

HORICE – The name used in the comment section when you just want to spew hate. BTW, you will get made fun of, deleted, spamed and other stuff. But incase you see that name, you know we know, and well you know what to do.

There are many names out there and in here that for the life of me I screw up. I know the folks, But for whatever reason, misspell. So, For those of you trying to figure out who these folks are, Here is a short list. Check back for frequent updates.

1. Bruce Bildsten – can be spelled, Bildstin, Bilstin, Bilsten.

2. Jim Frachette – Other spellings. Freshete, Freshette, Frachette

3. Mike Watson and Alex Watson are not related.

4. M-fine is Matt Fine, Not Matt Byrne, Burn, Birn, nor me Matt just Matt. If you are another Matt, like Matt Berlough, Berlaw..from the Antique Boat Center it gets even more confusing.

5. Peter Stephens, Other spellings Stevens.

6. Shaun, Shawn, Sean… Really, cant there their be a universal spelling of Shaun, Sean, Shawn!

7. Renee Katzs. Not Rene, Renay, Rennay.. I think.. Or is it one e?

8. Marty Fileto. Filletto, Filetto.. I think one of these is right.

9. Lou Raugh, or Raw, Rogh, Lue, Lu, Lew?

10. Mike Mayor, Mayer, from Lake Oswego?

11. John Baas, two a’s not Bass, which is a fish and has a large mouth, John Baas is not a fish, but we from time to time spell it that way.

12. You! If you are having your name slaughtered by my weakness in editorial standards, please let us know and we will add you here.

Chapter 1 – Wisconsin


Privacy Policy

There are ways to write this like a fancy pants lawyer I am sure.. But I ain’t one.. So… Here it is in our own un fancy pants way…

We HATE SPAM emails.. I don’t like them when I get them and I hate the idea of being a part of that crap world. So if you send me an email.. IT stays with me. If you have to use your email address to sign in to yell at someone.. The email and your identity stays here. You want to post anonymously.. Have at it. I encourage it, it helps the hobby be more balanced.. Woody Boater is the only place in the hobby where you can speak your mind about any issue related to classic boats.  So.. we will not use any information that we get for any purpose. Period. If I could disable that I would.

What we will reject your comment over. Personal attacks. If it smacks of being personal , or offensive.. If the images you are uploaded could been seen as offensive, or copyright protected.

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