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Quotes From Dora -“Oh Look! A FeatherCraft” “Is It Possible To Overdose On Bacon?” “You Could Carry A Chopped Up Body Through The TSA, But Not Any Seasoning” And “Come Over For Lunch It’s Like A Slaughter House Over Here.

The Boatress from the back of the truck, HEY! It’s a FeatherCraft? What?  16 Years of this may have rubbed off.  What a wonderful way to arrive in FLA. And it just got better and better. The Dora HQ is all set and we are ready to report. The first report is that Mfine brought

The New Coffee Cup’s Are Ready. I’m Not.

Well, on the good news front, all the cups are here along with the new T Shirts. One the ugh News WHOOPS is causing headaches, but thats normal for this time of year I suppose. WHOOPS is the Restomod we are bringing to create awarness of the New ACBS Category. She will be hang’n near

Let Your Green Shine, Happy St Patricks Day.

Today we celebrate GREEN! It’s really that simple, do drama, no jokes, not twists and turns, milking, teasing, click baiting, photoshoping, anything other than green. Just the color green. The blend of yellow and blue. Yes, green is actually a secondary color, and has deep emotional meanings. Whats a secondary color? Well the Primary colors

Stand By Your Outboard, By Tammy Winealot

Okay, ya I made a joke. But with love, and a certain type of rebound of love with the lil Racer. And for those of you, all 42 who came up with over 100 names. I do have some faves and a couple new ones inspired by your ideas. STAY TUNED. Anyway, today in respect

Do You Work On Your Johnson With Gloves On?

Okay, back to 6th grade humor. The best kind by the way, and nothing, and I mean nothing in the Classic Boat hobby is more tempting to make jokes about than the endless universe of Johnson jokes. But ya gotta admit, you never saw this one coming….. Gloves! Special Johnson gloves. Now, I am trying

Late Live-ish From Summer In New Zealand

A huge thanks to our fellow Woody Boaters from New Zealand for sharing todays worldwide adventure. And another thanks for allowing me to make up the captions. The James Bond boat driven by actor Roger Moore in the film ‘Moonraker’ won the Jens Hansen Cup for Best Vessel Overall at the annual NZ Antique &

It’s The Weekend, Get Out Your Restomod

Sure it may be a tad brisk out there, but not on Lake Dora. GO! It’s warm and the boating is amazing. Go on the canals. Thats the magic of Lake Dora. Ripping around on the lake is fine and all. But the canals are the ticket.  This year the ACBS has created a new

Three Weekends Til Dora. Are You Ready?

As usual the Lake Dora thing just happens sooner and sooner each year. It’s like Christmas, one moment its summer, and the next you are watching holiday sales, and every year we all say the same thing. It’s horrible, they start these sales earlier. Nope. I know, cause we all work on calendars, and are


Behind The Scenes Of The Intro Video

Today, we thought it would be fun to share some of the behind the scenes action of the New Day HQ video. We also have some fun out takes from the shoot, and a little about how we pulled this off. First and foremost we would like to thank Orpheus for helping us with the

The Long Wait In The Dark

I am sitting here in internet purgatory. Not live yet, and yet, one more day has gone by while we wait for IT people in some universe flicking switches. All should be running smoothly, but the movers dropped some stuff and are all pointing at each other, so here we sit. broken hearted, wanted a

Strangeness In Woodyboaterville.

After fifteen years of doing this EVERYDAY, its a very strange feeling not doing a story today. After all we are all in the dark, while the new WoodyBoater home is being saved from needing to be put in a home. On top of all that, I have realized that I miss all the banter


Using Artificial Intelligence To?

This past week, I have been obsessed with a new trend in photo software. Of course AI as its referred to is not all that new, the ease of its use is new. The big question is always with new technology, is how far can it go, and is it right to use it? I

A Miami Flyer Needs Your Brain Cells

A fellow Woody Boater, emailed us to help with his Miami Flyer. I will let his note tell what he knows. Any Miami Flyer Fans Out there? I now am. I did not know about these, and the style is amazing, along with that V8 WOW, Just Wow o Wow! My father recently passed and

Railway Update Sausage In Living Color and BW

Are your scrolling muscles tired from scrolling down over 240 comments from yesterday? Ya don’t worry, today will be afar better.  And, well, the next series of stories are somewhat disposable, since the New Woody Boater web site should be ready next week. 3rd times the charm.. They say. Anyway, today you get some lips

35 Days Til Dora, Maybe 30, or, 37?

For many of us, Lake Dora is the event that starts the boating season. Ya Ya, there are the guys in FLA that go all year, but as a community, it marks some sort of ritual beginning, and everyone is there. We all come in from all over the world, yes, world. Its three Days

Happy Valentines Day

Today is the big day in Woodyboaterville. Today is the day you remind the one you love, and this is the most important part, the one that loves you back, share some time together. I say this because, let’s be honest, does your boat really love you back? I mean, ya, sure she can take

Just Another Monday In Woodyboaterville.

Today we have some updates on all sorts of stuff. First off, Troy has left Maine and is in route to Mt Dora. And of course we are talking only about 30 days til the big year stating event.  Dang, is it me or does time just fly these days. Forget global warming, global speeding

Are You Ready?

For over 15 years, Woody Boater has provided as a public service, Valentines cards for you to grab and print, and make your own. So, here we go again. To the new folks here, you just click on the card image, and now it should blow up.. Not that kinda blow up? It enlarges. Jesus,

Vintagizing A Mercuki Outboard

Fellow Woody Boater Tim Whitcomb sent us a special request the other day to try and vintagize his new Suzuki 25 into something a little vintage to match the original 1959 Mercury he had on his very cool 1959 Larson Thunderhawk Junior So I did some sketches for him, okay for a story. Jeeeezzz, It’s

T Shirts and Cup Designs. The First Sign Of Spring

Today we can vote, and comment on this years new design options for T shirts and coffee cups to be sold at Lake Dora in around 40 days. Yikes! I need to hustle. The big news is we are going to do a best of reprint of SPEEDBOAT OUTLAWS. I am toying with a small

Little Marine Oil Paintings

For years, I always seem to find outboard oil cans here and there. But sadly never really buy them, I think its an outboard thing, Oh, I have the collector gene for sure, but as time marches on, I have been very keen on curating the habit. But, recently I have been opening up my

Binge Watching May Be The Death Of Woody Boater

As Wayne Bomb just texted me, “It’s always a toss up. Who died; Matt or the WB website.”my response, We are both on life support. HA, Anyway, the sad truth is, I Binge watched 1883, and 1923 last night. Ya, kinda ripped through those decades in a couple nights. Ugh. Like sitting and scrolling through

Mr Whipp And His Fashion Fax Paus

Meet the Whipp’s, and their Chris Craft on the Indian River. Bob Whipp was a lawyer in Lansing Michigan and loved his summer place on Indian lake. So much so, he had gotten a very stylish Chris Craft that could accommodate family and friends. On this special trip Bob, and Marge Whipp, took a young