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Burn Pile or Restore?

I saw this boat advertised on http://www.tradingdock.org/ with no photos attached but at a price that got my attention. I contacted the seller and soon received photos of her. For some reason my wife couldn’t get too excited about it. But I saw an opportunity to undertake a worthy project of restoring this bit of


Glen-L Boat Plans, Patterns & Kits

If you are the kind of person that takes the do-it-yourself route. Visit www.Glen-L.com this is a mother load of information for you. They have been around for ever. The model above is from a Glen L catalog in the 50’s.. mmm that makes her around 70 now… Sorry to ruin the moment. Glen-L is


More Painted Antique & Classic Boats

While working on Lil’ Suzy. We came to appreciate the painted Classic boats. As beautiful as Varnish is. For a change it’s cool to apply paint. And I mean not just a coat of white paint. Try something fun, like a Shark mouth. Or orange paint. Wow, what a fun color choice for the time

Karma and a 1956 Whirlwind boat

I was in a gas station 2 years ago, when in drove this little number getting fueled up. How many times does that happen? Well I struck up a nice conversation and said if you ever…. A week ago the call came. The orig owner used her about 2 weeks out of the year and

2008 Mt Dora Fla. Antique & Classic Boat show

As we tuck away our boats for there winter nap, it’s nice to know that classic boating season starts in March. Now for some of you in the northern areas that sounds strange. But in Florida, it’s a great time to go boating. It’s also a great time to buy a nice classic woody boat.

Trade in your Grand Prix for a Grand boat.

I was just on ebay looking at a sweet Grand Prix. We got to talking via email. As the conversation went on, the seller made a funny comment that he loved the old classic boats and that he tried to stay away from the shows because he knew he would buy one and he already

Introduce your kids to Classic Boating.

We live in an area that has many shallow patches. It’s why pirates loved the area. They could dart in and out of the coast line safely. It’s also why there are so many darn Jet Ski’s in the area. Jet Ski’s going 30 knots with 10 year olds driving them. For my two sons,

Battery Powered Classic Boat.

Antique & Classic boats come in many shapes and sizes. We just came across one of the smaller ones. A true toy box find. The bottom does not need replacing, The motor turns, no varnish needed. And its Eco friendly to boot. It cost 20 bucks and I can store it in the house. These

Buy and sell your classic boat with class.

Most likely you know about ebay. And there are some great dealers out there that buy and sell boats. There is word of mouth and museum donations. But what about buying and selling a great Antique or classic boat on your own. The best resource for that is the Trading Dock.www.TradingDock.org. It’s free. And its

The imperfection of varnish.

I have had many conversations regarding the use of varnish, as well as other options, as Urethane’s, and clear coat. The results of both urethane’s and clear coat are absolutely beautiful. But. For me varnish is still king. Hands down. The imperfection of it is what makes it perfect. The tint, the smell, the texture.

Nude photo of Sylvia

In a desperate attempt to gather readers I have resorted to nudity. Here is Sylvia, my 1941 Chris Craft Stripped to her bones. Since starting Woody Blogger we have seen a nice growth inreaders. Thanks and keep reading. But we need more and more feedback and comments. It’s what keeps this all alive. We wantto

It's not a classic boat, its a work of art.

Lets face it, there is no rational reason to own or use a woody boat. It’s all emotion. Other than the sheer beauty of seeing one live, is seeing one in an ad or poster. In fact all the art that surrounded these crafts is done in a light hearted fun way. It’s a collective


Is it a Woody Boat if its painted?

I read on the web the other day , someone referring to their boat as aBarrel Back. I took a look, and it was not. It was a 1940’s runabout,The guy listing the boat was not trying to trick anyone, he justthought that all old wood boats are called Barrel Backs. So it lead me

My Chris Craft Barrel Back Antique Boat

It all started one rainy winter day. I found this boat online. I already owned a very nice show quality 1949 Deluxe runabout. I loved that boat. I purposefully did not even call the broker. I was fearful of getting sucked in. Which of course I did. I made the call and was told she

Getting started into Classic Boats?

If you are reading this, you are no doubt doing what countless folkslike myself have done. You come across an old Woody boat. In a garagesale, ebay, car show and it hits you like a ton of bricks. Chances arethe boat costs 500 bucks. So what do you have to loose? The old guy orgrand

Classic Boat Stamps. Start snail mailing again.

If you really want to live the Woody Boat life. Stop reading this, and pick up a pen and paper and craft a personal letter to someone. When you are ready to send it. Put one of these cool new stamps on it. They are available at the post office. www.usps.com in the postal store.


Top-Siders VS Crocs

For life. I love my Crocs. I wear them all the time. But that is a mistake when climbing on wet varnished top sides. Because I wear them so much, I wear them out fast. And they get very slick. VERY SLICK. Now to my classic Top-Siders from Sperry. They are the standards in the

1000 Islands, Classic Woody Boat heaven

So. Ya own a classic boat or you are thinking of getting one. Or. You just are in love with the romance of the life around these boats. The place to go is the 1000 Islands NY home of the Antique Boat Museum. www.abm.org. It’s also home to hundreds of classic and antique boats. Living

1941 All Originial Chris Craft Barrel Back

What a find. Found in a boat house in New Hampshire by Mitch LaPointe www.classicboat.com. Never touched Varnished. Nothing. A true treasure. No lives in the North west. Seen at the big shows and an amazing resource. I had the good fortune to drive down to Fla to the MT. Dora show 2 years ago

1964 Country Squire. Woody boat?

Chances are if you love the look and feel of a beautiful Classic boat, you like the cars as well. But do the old 50’s woodys qualify as a woody boat. No. But the later ones do. Sloppy steering, leak, and smell like gas. And the families loved them to death. I found this one

Aristocraft 1959 Matador Rocket Boat

Here is a fun boat. Belonged to a pal of mine. Just sold it. Outrageous performance. Outrageous looks. Not a great trailer boat. Apparently durring the trailer ride to the new owner the weight of the moter caused some stress cracks… As well to the new owners and my pal. Lesson learned. The new owner

1947 Trojan Hotshot Boat Cottage Racer

The newest member of the family. A 1947 Trojan Hot shot Cottage racer.This is a very rare boat made in Troy NY not Lancaster. I have found an ad showing the boat in 1948. The owner I got it from said it was in NY though and the paper trail says 1947. Trojan in Troy

Whirlwind boat love

This Columbus Day I spent in Columbus Ohio. I was delivering a boat I sold on ebay to a wonderful couple from Chicago. It is a 12 foot 1958 Whirlwind JR. A incredible little boat. I loved this boat. But got board of it. I was torn as to sell it or not. But the

Ahoy Classic and vintage boat lovers.

Welcome to Woody Blog. Participate in classic wood boat conversation, share your opinion on all things relating to classic and antique boats. We are working on the web site as we blog. Much of the site will contain information gathered here. Such as . Great Woody boats we have owned. Great locations to enjoy woody