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Leap Day! You Saw It Coming Four Years Ago.

Okay, today has all the potential for a loop story. Whats a loop story? Well its a story that just never ends. It can just swirl around in a loop. For example. Is leap year in New Zealand? So yes? But? Is it already over since they are a day ahead? Was it yesterday? And


Milking Wood Does Your Boat Good

Well, well, ya can always learn something new. I need to go back a bit. Three days ago, I did a story on Southwind and the rail. I talked about using milk as a powerwashing fluid, and to be honest, it was just a joke about milking the story some more. Then Dan yesterday, seemed


Morning Sunshine At The Global HQ

Meet SOUTHWIND, She is another Butler built boat, mid 1960’s and is the last round stern boat built by Georges father. We were lucky enough to have both boats there for a moment before SOUTHWIND went up on the rails. It was going to be a quick job in the AM but dang that light


Waiting For Lake Dora One Month Away

Some change of plans this year for us at WoodyBoater at Lake Dora. No T shirts, cups, nuth’n. For the first time after close to 15 years of doing this, I want to enjoy the area by boat, and not be tied to the tent. There a million things I have never done, and really

The Real Fine Art Of Ralph Frisina

There is art, then of course our Art, and then there is fine art. One can put Fine Art up in any room of the house, office or gallery. It’s kinda a fine line of subjectivity to be honest. Is a velvet Elvis painting art? Possibly the first one made is. The rest are just


Glenna Fay Is On Her Way To Fish Another Day

The annual Glenna Fay report is in and she is ready to go fishing again. Over the winter she had some extensive patching, and paint scratching for sure. And Peale just chipped away at it when the weather was warm enough to work. Which was most days. GLENNA FAY for those new here is a

Blood, Sweat & Varnish – 2024 T Shirts For Lake Dora

Introducing this years Lake Dora T Shirt design. This year I made them White and black. I keep finding myself wanting a white shirt out on the water and the black shirts are always fun and a tad bit more tude. I am working out the details this week. We also have some of last

Getting Revved Up For Dora – 30 Days Ish

It’s that time of year. Cold, Miserable, Boring, Dark, Gloomy and void of any boating time. Ya , ya, one can justify the time working on ones boat as fun time, but we all do that so we can GO BOATING, be boating, be with friends, and just chill. The sort of chill thats warm,

Warm Memories As A Public Service

I remember taking these images and think’n. Yes I can do two things at once.. Anyway, I thought, I am gonna wanna look at these around February. And then of course I forgot about them. As I am looking through them, some are nice sunsets and sun rises, but its the ones where you can

Love – The Most Powerful Engine On The Planet.

I have been lucky enough to be in love for close to 40 years to an amazing woman. The Boatress, just incase you are thinking I am gonna twist this into a boat story. Being in love is the most wonderful feeling one can possess. I have said this to her, and myself many many


Are You Ready? Of Course Not. We Are, Kinda.

According to the Today Show, the average person will spend $180 on valentines Day. Well, according to Woody Boater you can spend Nuth’n. Just be creative and click and customize. Put her/his face on the face on the card and that may do the trick. HEY, its not that you are cheap, or trying to

The WoodyBoafa

Well, get ready for this project. The Boafa, a sofa and a boat into one very unique Lounge? Bar? Sofa? Entertainment Center? I really have no idea yet, but its gonna be cool, and able to roll around.. Maybe a small battery powered engine like in a rascal and you can steer it Get Smart

I Need A Drink, And I Don’t Drink

It’s a boat, it’s a bar, it’s a super bar. Okay, let’s get all the puns out of the way. Will it float if chucked in the DRINK? Will it run aground on a sand BAR?  Okay, thats more than enough. And if you are so inclined and desperatly need one of these in your

Slow Start From A Shippy Week

I had it all figured out. A great ship show story/week. And great imagery, all set up so I could also work this week. Full time cramming at the office, with two major campaigns and employee reviews. Which drain me to no end. I hate passing judgement on others. We are a team and all

Why No Marina Wants Your Old Boat.

In the past year, there have been three large boats left behind in our area. And our area on the bay is a pin dot. And from time to time a random sail boat will linger in the water or run aground and left. But the three boats I am speaking of are large and


A New Sofa For HQ.

As part of the Ship Show this week, I was able to get me a new sofa/bar/entertainment center. At least thats what it will be when I am done. Its perfect, with a platform and some cool wheels, refinish, cushions. BAM. And I can motorize it with two General Motors 871’s. STAY TUNED!

Is The Frame Blue? Or Black?

Well, here we go, just like that dress thing that the internet couldn’t figure out. Yesterday while I was working on the frame for the Wallace Marine sign, I was chatting with Greg, and sent him some snap shots of the frame material I was making from a Stair hand rail, and painting it blue

Go Forward, Or Backwards? Bryan And Wayne Can’t Decide.

Okay, okay, I get the feeling it’s really Bryan Crutchfield’s question, and Wayne will do what ever Bryan want. …BTW, shout out to Wayne Eversole of Everso Marine Restorations in Michigan, My CBS Sunday Morning Co Star and just great guy. Bryan is at a bit of a cross roads. Okay, maybe he already crossed

The Art Of Trash At HQ

Well, doing several projects at once can leave quite a mess, and since its been cold, and no heat in the workshop, cleaning up is slow work. Lets just say, crap piles up. It’s the way I work. There are two types of people. The ones that do the work and put the stuff back

Remember That Chris – Craft Sign That Sold For $15,000?

The day after the Wallace Marine sign sold on a Facebook auction, Greg Wallace and I were on the phone talking about the entire deal. No Greg’s family did not buy the sign. Thats crazy money, but if you have a need, then itch it. 20 years from now, when the sign is worth $100K


Art And Miss Pepsi, Our Art, Not Art As In Art. But Art As In Art. You Know Art. Why Do I Keep Needing To Explain This?

Just when you thought Art’s family couldn’t get any cooler, Art recalled this little bit of history pertaining to Belle Isle and life in Algonac Michigan in the 1950’s. BTW, this just scratches the surface of Art’s cool family. take it away Art. Yes, another grandfather story related to the Belle Isle subject. The Dawson

Original 1929 Chris-Craft All Fleet Brochure On eBay

If you are a paper guy, thats kinda the term for the guys that love the brochures and stuff, then today on ebay is your chance for some real nice, well, paper. For the record, I love this stuff, but I have found, I get it, and then it goes into a book case or

A Night Of Debauchery In Brooklyn At Peter Luger’s

And now for something completely different. As many of you also are, I have a weak spot for time tested classic restaurants. Diners, old burger places, deli’s etc. But what is truly an American experience is a great steak place. And nothing compares to the archetype of all steak places, Peter Luger’s. In NY. Been

Is This A Photo Of My Baby In The Birthing Canal?

Hey, hows that for a click bait headline? For the record, it is an accurate description of the situation. These pictures were posted on Facebook. YES, I Know. But Irwin Marine from time to time posts a gem or two. And I have found other photos of WECATCHEM from them. And yes, I have asked

The Old Boats Home Opens A New Emergency Room

As the new Old Boats Home grows, and yes its having a population boom. We decided a new ER was needed. Hey, every assisted living place has such a thing. Along with some canasta games! Anyway, what is an ER, and how does it work? The new Emergency Room  is there when you need help

The Old Boats Home Is A Home Run

In the past 7 days since we opened the doors of the Old Boats Home, it’s become the number one clicked on link / banner on WoodyBoater…times 10. Yes! The Forum is still a great tool for folks, and could be the answer to all that facebook crap out there. Also in the last three

A Late Letter From Algonac

Our post office here is a little slow. Okay, well, I suppose all rural areas have some mail delays. Anyway, better late than never I suppose. I got this in the mail yesterday, it took about 86 years, and the jokes on them cause that 3 cent stamp still worked! Which would be about 65