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Just Another Sunny Day In, On, At Late Tahoe.

Another huge thanks to Steve Natale for keeping us all up to date and allowing me to milk the Tahoe event to Lactose Intolerance level. We don’t have on the water stuff yet, and I am sure will. This has been more of a real time kinda report. Of Course Kent O. Smith Jr is

The Tahoe Trickle Becomes A Perlitta Too Pour

Another HUGE thanks to Steve Natale for keeping the reports coming in from Lake Tahoe. We have all sorts of wonderful images, and a wonderful appearance of Perlitta Too. Which has been a Woody Boater Fave for over a decade. Its amazing to see how she has been. I don’t know the judging results but


Lets Do The Tahoe Trickle, Trickle….

A huge thanks to Steve Natale for sending us in some Trickle, Trickle…. Yes the wooden boats keep trickling in to Obexer’s Marina here in Lake Tahoe as the Tupperware boats are being relocated. We have a full pool this year as a result of a big winter. The water level is high, we temperatures

Steve Natale Does A Trickle Report From Lake Tahoe

It’s Wednesday and the boats are starting to trickle in on Lake Tahoe. The Lake Tahoe show is the Pebble Beach of boat shows, and there is always some jaw dropping magic happening. The other big show on Gull Lake will also be dropping jaws in Minnesota at Bar Harbor, Hessel up in the permafrost,


No Clayton Report, So You Guessed It. ZIP!

Yesterday was spent learning, and failing how to make a windshield for Zip. We also cleaned out her insides, a bit, and well. Went through some plexi. I do have a 1/4 piece I found at the hardware store. Was used as Covid shield stuff and left over. Perfect size for a full size. But

No Report In From Clayton Yet, So You Get….

Well well, looks like there is a new meaning of the Zip name. Maybe I should restore Nada, and Ziltch. Anyway, yesterday afternoon, I made the Zip name out of some masking tape and one step closer to the big day Sept 7 when we will run her at the same location to mark an

Is This Building Still Standing?

I love purpose designed buildings I cant recall if I have featured this place before. Possibly in a sausage day. But it popped up on ebay and man oh man its cool. If you look closely, even the front door handles are in the shape of a boat.  The owner of this went all in.

Syd’s Text Message Boat Show

We all know and love Mr Syd Marsdin, Marsden? Marsdan? One of those is right, I am sure of it. I think. Anyway, Syd has been to every show on the planet eart, from day one..ish, and is slated to go up in Space X to go a boat show on planet Dockalot. A planet

Super Final Zipper Art, And Time Bomb Gets A Coat Of Rattle Can

First off, thankyou for participating in the great zipper  zipity zip milking. STAY TUNED, we have a Syd Text Message Boat Show report, so we will be getting back to whatever normal is. But many seem to enjoy the process of lettering, naming and the final graphic solution. So here goes! Oh boy, today I


Sweating The Details

If you were following the comments yesterday, we were working out a zipper design for zip. I was of course sweating like a French Whore In Church..  The Boatress’s favorite say’n.. Anyway. I was, and cleaning up the Mercury Outboard with a rattle can as well. I mean it’s a rattle can inside the engine,

Some Hot Summer Sausage And A Vote

First off, Sorry, hot does not refer to babes or anything attractive. Or is it related to anyway Spicy hot. Its a pure clean reference to Heat! Not pressure heat, or the cops, or any other metaphor. I am talking 100 degree heat, with an equal amount of humidity. You basecly swim in air as


We Got Us A Heat Wave. Be Careful Out There

Yesterday I was at the Global HQ which may be called The Galactic HQ, cause I may need to find another planet to cool down. Anywho, I was not really doing all that much, the heat, humidity was like working in a thick broth. And then it hit me. I wasn’t hungry and it was

Barbie? Oppenheimer? Or July Sunset?

For me the real summer blockbuster is a simple spontaneous sunset boat ride. Nothing on the planet earth can beat it. Maybe there is some place in the universe that does it better, But I am sure there are all sorts of issues related with getting there, and then there is the entire breathing thing,

Doing The Zip Flip, Git’n Ready For Her Debut.

At this years Reedville Antique & Classic boat show, the railway will be full, and hosting the reception on Friday. Hopefully this year I will be able to attend. last year I was blessed with Covid, which of course was  rather ironic, since I was hyper dyper about it all. Ugh. Anyway, We got Zip

NOT The Last Gasp Quote Yet. By Steve Lapkin

We got this wonderful note from Mr Lapkin, photographer extraordinaire, regarding my observation on The last Gasp! I love starting the week with some amazing photos of classic boats dancing and doing what they do best. Bringing a smile to all those on board. Take it away Mr Lapkin. NOT The Last Gasp Quote Yet.

Post Your Poster Day – You Know What To Do!

This is the time of year where boat shows are all clustered into one big mash up of Varnish, Ice Cream and the eventual tow in. And of course the August Tahoe, and Clayton thing. Without a doubt the two whoppers of the summer. The other good news is either one a heat relief show.


Nautolex White Vinyl Boat Flooring On Ebay!

We interrupt our normally scheduled abuse of the english language, and sophomoric humor to make you aware of some White Vinyl Flooring for sale on ebay.  Ya, you may not have a boat that is in need of this stuff. So after this LINK HERE ON EBAY, we can move on back to the Layla

Remember That Song By Eric Clapton, Layla?

You may or may not know the story behind one of Eric Clapton’s most iconic songs, Layla. And of course I will butcher that story, but basically, Layla was George Harrisons Wife, and well, Layla was not her name, but the song was all about her. Okay, thats the set up. We here are are

Itza Sport-Jet 450, Okay, Whatizit?

I was hanging out at a pals place the other day and this was on the wall. WT…H..F..IZIT? I mean I know its a Jet Drive Outboard, but? And it doesnt work. And of course now we want to try and get it to work. Why? I have no idea. I suppose like the Dragon


Attack Of The Killer Bimini Top

Okay, okay, this has taken me a day to come to grips with how funny this could be. And yet, maybe in a way, this story could help another. And yes, I am laughing now, since its both stupid and litterley a slap in the face. Or lip in this case. I did not capture

, ,

Hail Mary Run For The Sea King

Last week, Loooooooong time fellow Woody Boater John emailed me with a perfect 12hp Sea King he had found in North Carolina. HELL YA! ROAD TRIP. And so it goes. A Classic spontaneous road trip to with Wayne Bomb, and Peale to pick it up. 4 hrs each way, and of course BBQ searching time. 


Thank You July, And We Just Got Started

It seems every July there is some sort of Woody Day here in Reedville. It’s never planned. It just happens. Great Minds I suppose. And this past Friday was one of those days. Bam, like magic. So I tried to capture it in photos, and of course now video. Hope you enjoy. I am on

Wayne Bomb to the Reputation Rescue

Sorry about the late story today, but we were on a Reputation Rescue mission at 6ishAM. So, The Boatress was going to a great local Cobia Fishing Tournament. The boatress LOOOVES to fish. And was all set on a boat at 5AM.. At 5:45 when I woke up, I thought. mmmmm she’s still alseep. Chaos

Meanwhile Back At HQ, Bold Plans

My friend Blaine here in Reedville sent me these drone shots of the Railway the other day, and of course I couldn’t just leave them alone. So with a little photoshop magic I decided maybe a cool addition would make life a little more fun for the smaller boats. Also in the scope of dreaming


Happy Birthday Folks

With all the divisiveness abound, especially on the news, which uses it to drive ratings, and us all nuts. It might be a great moment to reflect on the good of us all. The good of the folks that volunteer to make our lives better. The folks that smile and wave out on the water.


Just One More Sunset Ride? Can We Ever Get Enough?

Sunset rides! There is nothing in the universe more relaxing and brain clearing, than a short Sunset ride. Just rumbling along, enjoying the changing light, family and best friends. The Boatress was dealing with three deals at once, so she couldn’t go. But Mr B sure was ready. He is ALWAYS ready. Two words. “BOAT


Jumping Into July Early

The July 4th Weekend always seems to be the perfect weekend for all of us in the classic boat community. Warms days, family, and lots of tradition. LOTTTTS of tradition, and isn’t that we are all about here? Varnish, Ice Cream and Wieners. Maybe a burger? Some tater salad, and a crap load of boat

The Dane Blame Game! Oh Snap!

We got in this fun report from Bill Terry yesterday after shaming folks for not reporting in. Oh boy, I guess Dane Anderson was not looking while at the Bus Stop, cause that sucker backed right up over him! Dane! Dane Dane! Shame Shame Shame…. Here is the note and some images from the show.

A No Show On A Big Show Weekend

This weekend there were a ton of cool boat shows around the country, and yet, no reports in. So? Now what? You can go to Facebook? Maybe The ACBS will do some reports? We did get a video from the Michigan Gang, but its not able to be embedded so you have to go to