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More Rare William Mackerer Photos On ebay.

Back in 2018 some photos showed up on ebay, which of course I scooped up fast for around $5.00 and then digitized them and shared them with you all. They are images after all and part of the fun is sharing such things.  I then gave some of the images to some of the folks

Cleaning Up After The Clean Up – Old Photos

A couple days ago, before we were so rudely interrupted by who ever pulled the plug… Hey, let’s just look forward, all seems to be working.. Anyway, a couple days ago, Bob Kays sent me some images from lake Hopatcong to fix. Okay, no sweat. And at the start of it all, it seemed like

We Should Break Woody Boater More Often

If you are just now tuning in, Man oh Manischewitz you missed some fun..ish drama. And we lost a fun story and around 20 comments. Lost at sea one could say. Now things might get out of hand, and fingers are pointing in all sorts of directions. The back end boys, Scott and Bill are

Michigan Gang, Breaks The Internet.

If you were here this morning, we had a fun story cooking about the Michigan gang making small boats for kids. By noon we were up to 20 comments, and then it happened. Boom, crash, bang, sputter sputter. Woody Boater turned into a boring template. A default template. Turns out while tweaking some stuff. A

Sunday Sausage

While we were all story surfing and milking, lots of little bits and pieces of stories were clogging the digital arteries of my laptop. And so today I am going to clear them out with a Sausage Story. After all a good breakfast is good energy for the entire day.


Global HQ Updates. Yea Yea, I Know.

We interrupt yesterdays interruption to get back to the updates at the Railway and possibly a Mr B photo. Get this? I got private comments wanting more Mr B? So, there ya go, different strokes for different folks. We do have more Indian lake stuff. Hell, I could make a Woody Boater office on Indian

Dear Mrs Burns;

I will never be frustrated again while dealing with anyone on a phone tree. Okay, yes I will, We forget what doing business was like back in the day. Letters, and waiting for the mail. Not hitting refresh or waiting for the Ding, you’ve got mail thing. of course I get 400 emails a day,

One Photo From Indian Lake With So Much History

I have been holding this one image back because its just too juicy to have it in a sea of photos. Like the BW shot of the storage showroom. but this one is current. YUP. And that Racer is.. Yes, the racer in the old family photos. Grandama fave! Stay tuned on that story. And

The Stump Story From Indian Lake, Ohio

This past week we have been learning about Indian Lake in Ohio thanks to Greg Wallace and rest of the Wallace gang. The Ramsey Bros have chimed in with some gold, and one could imagine that the lake is a paradise in the middle of Ohio. Gotta say, it sure feels that way. So how

Indian Lake Ohio, Where It All Got Popular

This week we have been focusing our attention on Indian Lake in Ohio. Yes, a small lake kinda in the middle of Ohio, and well, the country. Mind you this is not a huge body of water, but man oh man, did the residents ever make the most of it. A perfect weekend getaway for

The Wallace Family Boats Of Indian Lake Ohio

Yesterday we featured the Wallace Aero Marine Service Buildings, today we have some amazing images from the Wallace Boatride archives. Okay, archives might sound a little lofty. Maybe more like a photo album. Or maybe even some of Gregs Drawers. Troy talked about a bit of this yesterday in the comment section. This may seem

I Know, I Know, Put The Railway On The Shelf

Todays story may seem like a repeat, but its not, its all fine tuning, and small details in the office that are getting even more dialed in. Like the shelfs made from raw cedar and the old corbels. And yes you could put an engine up there, but any smaller and it would fit the

Spending Timelessness At The Global HQ Office

Since installing the new AC heat window unit, the Office at the Railway has become my spiritual oases. With the music going, a warm space, Mr B, it just amazing how fast time disappears. Like a boat ride, its a joy to try and fine tune it all. So, again, you are subjected to images

SOLD SOLD SOLD. You May Want To Sit Down On This One.

Okay, first put your coffee varnish down. And swallow it, cause you are gonna spray that Java all over your computer screen when you read these sale prices. Are you ready, I can wait… mmmmm, milk, milk, milk…… Okay, now. WHAT IN THE HELL JUST HAPPENED! WHERE ARE THESE PRICES COMING FROM? I feel like

A New Sponsor – Grundy Classic Boat Insurance

About 6 months ago, there was a ton of chatter in the Classic Boat Community regarding letters from Hagerty Marine Insurance canceling people. Me included. If you read the letter carefully, it was clear that this was some sort of shift in underwriting. Okay? But the letter with no warning did cause a ton of

Angry Sausage Today

I have been up since 4AM and trying to write a story. Everything I write is angry and bitter. Website updates, new sponsors,  a new Woody Boater, maybe another Railway story. Like you, I am in the same boat. Its the winter doldrums, and the holidays are over and its back to work. Zoom calls,

A Homage To The Butler’s And Woolsy’s

Over the past week, now that I have heat in the Railway Office, I have been putting in the final touches of insulation and planking. I know this seems to take forever, but the planking is the time killer for sure. Each board is split on the band saw from Cedar out on the stacks


We Need Some Help With Some Reedville History.

Yesterday my son Ham and I where allowed in a very cool old building here in Reedville to explore and pick. Ham is amazing at this, he finds stuff even the owners dont know they have. I will link to his store at the bottom of the page, or just click on the Lowtimers Banner.

Pre Britney, Or Post Britney? The New Pre War, Post War Dividing Line

Yesterdays comment section took the usual turn of conversation…. Which I love BTW, and discussions were had about rotary phones and kids these days. It reminded me of a saying we have at work regarding conversations with each other. We have divided such things as either Pre Britney or Post Britney. As in Britney Spears.

Old Photos Of Lake Geneva On Ebay. From Asia?

I am a tad confused this morning, how do old BW images from Lake Geneva wind up in Asia for sale? Are they real? Does it matter? Regardless of my confusion, these are cool images, and appear to be staged, so I am guessing they may have been photographed for a publication. But thats a

Vinatageising A New AC Heater Window Unit For A New Year

Well, I bet you didnt see this kinda story coming? Me either. But here it is. A Story about painting a new AC heater window unit. And its late to boot. Anyway, in the office at HQ it needed heat. I was headed down Mini split lane and an AC heat pal suggested a window

2022 A Year In Over 100 Pictures.

What a year. I have looked through the 5,043 images we have posted in 2022, and tried to get a taste of the larger stories of the year. Hands down though is the Molly O No story. Still cracks me up and was milked to the fullest extent possible thanks to Art. Kent O, Steve

Ugh! I Over Slept. That’s The Truth.

You know those nights where you can’t sleep? Well, I had one of those, and ding dang. Boy that clock flew by and I just let myself stay asleep. I know its a lame excuse. And I am trying right now to start my engine. It’s just clicking, and turning over like a chug. UGH.

Chris Craft Pre War Planer?

I am not sure how anyone could confirm this, and of course sadly not sure if there are any pre war employees still out there to confirm it either. And to add to that confusion, it really has no writing on it other than the Sandusky marking on the blade. There is of course a

Bob Murdock From Howe Marine Found Some Holiday Magic.

When you open up yourself to the universe in a positive way, goodness comes around. Oh sure there is always the Dim’s to try and distract you from such higher goals. But there are also Bob’s and Chucks to remind you that 99.9% of the planet is a positive place. And life to those has

Some Warm Memories To Warm You Up.

Yup, it’s official, it’s cold outside. No matter where you live, it’s colder than it should be. And yes, even for our friends in Florida. Yikes. Lizards dropping from trees. WTH? I do think that may be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, so we may want t o keep an eye on that

How Ccccccoooolllld Is It? Can Wood Freeze?

It’s so cold you have to open the fridge to heat the house.Okay we got the joke out of the way. The question of the day is. What happens to wood when its this cold? And oh BTW, all our Florida Friends. Shut the hell up! Anyway. According to the internet, wood does freeze, or

The 15th Annual Hangover Elixir Story

One would think we would all learn by this age. Moderation. But nooooooooo, Not when it comes to classic boats and a good old classic holiday office party that we can just hang out and be ourselves. Yes….”someone” took some copies again on the copier of themselves. And yes, Mr B runs when I say

The 2022 Holiday Party Is This Wednesday!

Are you ready for the big holiday party this Wednesday? Actually our 15th one? Yikes, are we all that old? Anywho, all the regulars will be here, and we hope some new friends as well. BTW, you may want to load up on the Pepto Bismal. Just Sayn. So this Wednesday, The 15th Annual Holiday