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Saving An Original Penzoil Sign

Last year around this time. I was able to repourpose and save a painted over Coca Cola sign, and here we are again. A painted over Penzoil sign. I do get how this happens, but whats strange to me is that people think these painted over porclean signs are not savable. They are. And actually

We Found A Tumor, And 55 Gigs of Crap

As we weed through the crap, we have found a phantom site within the site. Yes, there is another WoodyBoater within WoodyBoater. Like one of those huge tumors.. You know, the kind that have teeth and hair. Oh, yes, they exist. And if you want to loose your Cheerios this morning google it. They also

Jed Get’s A Boat For Christmas

Today we get to be entertained by Jed, Jethro, Ellie Mae and Granny. Jed gets a boat. Thats the connective tissue here for a showing . Not ti mention the fur coat given to Granny is used as a dog bed. Oh poor Mr Drisedale. HEre ya go. Season 2 The Christmas story

Even More Headers Headers, To Keep The Hoards From Taking Over

As I was digging through headers yesterday morning, I found some more, and then more, and then more, so guess what. You get more, more and more headers. We also have some great news, the headers can and will be saved. Close to 3,000 of them. Which is absolutely insane since I used to purge

Headers, Headers, Everywhere Headers.

One of the huge deals we are dealing with is saving close to over 3,000 headers. The header widget we have been using is not updateable and may cause a loss of sorts. We are working through it, and so I have been saving my favorites. Funny thing, I love making a great header, and

Owens Wrist Watch – It’s Waterproof

I am starting to really appreciate analog stuff. Like a simple windup wrist watch. No charging it, no updates, endless notifications. Just wind it up and go. Does it really matter that is dead on time? No. As long as its in the within 5 minutes thing. Its like a what time-ish is it? And

It’s All Gone To The Dogs

Between the woody boater website drama, and going on a vacation with three dogs, well.And since there doesn’t even seem to be anything good on ebay as a standby filler. We get dog shots. Hey, you said yesterday the dog shots were the best part of this train wreck? And dear god. Troy! you will

Can Of Worms, And Rotten Milk

As many of you know I love to milk a good story, and yet, its a fine line. Cause Milk goes rotten, and well. Here we are. Sitting. Lets just say, I started the tease a little…a lot too soon. We were ready to go. And boom. Like a rocket launch stoped before it blows

Sorry, More Disposable Bay St Louis Pictures

I am hoping today is the day we switch over. And maybe just maybe I can refocus on some boat stuff. But I am on a real life get away, and I suppose in a strange way, getting away from it all. The secret to doing this for so long is to follow my real

I Have Some Things To Get Off My Chest.

Well, we are still picking away at little tidbits of digital scraps that appear, then disappear and then. AHHHHH! I mean you fix something and then another thing does whatever thing it does which overrides that other thing. Which is a 7.2 version of the thing and now you need a 7.9 version of the

Php Update, And An Ebay Wowza

We were all set for the big switch yesterday and at the last second our host realized that we needed to update to 8.0 php and that would effect some some stuff in the future so thats being done. I know you all are wondering what? Well, Woody Boater is a massive site. Terabytes large,

Krampus In Woodyboaterville. Run Troy, Run!

Well, last night we went to one of the many parades that take place in New Orleans. This time it was a Krampus Parade. Although December 5th is the official day of Krampus, For those of you wondering what in the heck, or hell actually Krampus is. He is the other side of St Nicholas.

This Story May Disappear. Or Not? Or Maybe.

As we work through the spaghetti fest of back end stuff on the Website, when we do switch over, some stories and comments may disappear. Also we will need you to sign up for your email. BUT ONLY WHEN WE SWITCH OVER. Trust me you will know. The bar at the top will be red,

Today May Be The Day?

The new site is about ready and little small things are actually kinda working. BTW the image above is the first day I owned a classic boat. About 20 ish years ago. I think, thats Just Swell, a 17 deluxe runabout I bought up in NY and she wouldnt start but we did get her

Restoring WoodyBoater While It’s Running

Over the next couple days, you will notice some new things here at Woody Boater. In fact over the past month we have been slowly tweaking some stuff here that hopefully you didnt notice, but maybe felt. Faster loads, and some glitchy stuff repaired. But in the next day or so, you will notice the

Alive And Sleepy From New Orleans

Yesterday we slipped out of Reedville at 3AM to try and get ahead of natures wrath. Which of course meant a hail Mary run, with 3 dogs, and so on. Didnt even stop for the never ending fast food crap. Just power through, and we did make it. 16.5 hours. But that sort of thing

Mirror Water, A De…light To Photograph

Get it? Light? De light.. It’s a pun, and even worse, I am telling you its a pun, which is even more pathetic. But the photos sure are not pathetic. Okay maybe the photographer is, and I just lucked out with the light…de…light. Oh just shut up. You do this everyday and you too will


The Queens Ball At Global HQ

Last night the Railway was the setting for the event of the fall here on the Northern Neck Of Virginia. The Queens Ball, which is a big fund raiser and celebration. We did break a record of just over 100 people and she held up well. It was a wonderful event for the local community

Our 15th Thanksgiving Together

That went by fast! As strange as this may seem, we are a very strange family, and today we kinda gather and reflect, and take time, about 30 seconds, to thank each other for what we have had the opportunity to love and care for. I am always shocked when anyone comments, or the fact

Natural Light, Party Prep, And A Ruler Shelf

So, the way I see it here, on cold days, you can get an ebay story about toilet seats, some old summer shots, someones barn find, or now, some more railway HQ photos. And to think almost 6,000 stories ago, I thought, everyone thought, how is it possible to do a new story each day?


The Sorensen Swirl, Oh It’s Real.

Today we get to know the Sorensen’s and that time they went out boating, and caused quite the stir on the lake. So, it turns out the Sorensen’s were known for being rather energetic up in the midwest, and were always doing crazy things, but this year, Ivan got a new Chris Craft, and they

Different Kinda Rerun For All Our Model 99 Readers

Yesterday the comment section got lost in a model 99 conversation. BTW, I love it when that happens, and I can go story surfing. NEW term, where I grab the wave of conversation and run with it. HEY!!!! Have you been outside? It’s COLD. YA YA, the Fla people are wondering? What? Well? Where are


Meanwhile Back At The Global HQ, Details

We have a huge local event happening here on Saturday so all the boats and well… dirt, paint cans, screw drivers all need to be put away or put in the trash. And of course I got to try out the new iphone 14 pro camera. And it’s amazing. BTW, we dont have 5 feet


The WoodyBoater Secret Lair Of Repair

Yesterday was the day, no gasp, just a quick drive to the ramp and get those suckers inside and winterized. But this year, we have something very special. Hidden away in plain site is a special secret place that Jimmy has with his buddy Keith just got. The Secret Lair Of Repair. An old boat

A Tugboat That Tugs Your Heart.

Open up your mind, cause this tugboat is gonna park its self in there. Yup. You will laugh at first, and then the gears will start turning. I gotta say thats what it’s doing to me, and I have 7 boats, including a tugboat of sorts. Sweet Pea is a Tug/Trawler design. But this one


RIP My Old Friend.

So long my old friend, it was a great summer, actually several summers. You were with me through the sweaty heat, dirt, sanding and painting. Lots of painting, crawling. You kept me covered, and yet had a little tear, rip and flap to show for all your hard work. But the time has come where

Sweet Pea Rides Again

For those of you following Sweet Peas beauty make over, here she Is headed back home after her stay at the spa. She will get more touching up in the spring, and of course some good lov’n over the winter.

Veteran’s Day, A Real Holiday.

Of all the holidays out there, and there is no shortage, just put holidays on your calendar app, and dang! And of course many are more narrow than others and thats fine. Heck, even Christmas is a holiday time that many in the world do not celebrate. Many of of our holidays actually originate around

We All Bow To Art. And Stern? Asking For A Friend.

The direction yesterday was clear around mid afternoon, and my Zoom call meetings had ended so I ran down to the slip and painted the door. And bam, just like that, she was all done. Of course now, I see that the window on the door is off, but we are just going to move


Adding A Little Swoopy-Doo To Sweet Pea.

There is a spot on Sweet Pea that has always felt naked. And so yesterday, I tried a little sumthn sumthn. A flair, or as the Boatress refers to it, a Swoopty Doo. Now, it’s just paint. But it does add a certain style and sparkle. I will add, that 99.9% of the wood boats


Reflections Of The Click!

On Saturday the light, weather and life just seemed to all come together in a perfect symphony of visual splendor. Sometimes it just clicks, and it’s always good to collect those moments in a quick click. And reflect on the reflections. Okay enough puns.. PICS PLEASE   Ahhhhhhhhhh! I need a smoke!


Baby Gal Left At HQ Doorstep, Now What?

Yesterday a fellow Woody Boater Danny Holden and local wood boat nut like us, showed up with a Baby Gal and left her at our door step. Yes, the poor dear had been out in the cold, heat, and cold again for decades. Clearly she had a full life, and looks like she got dropped

Chop Chop, Or She Goes Chop Chop!

Today you get to play god! Yes, or maybe just Caesar. You have one day, and thats right now. Will you save this old lady from being fed to the chainsaw? Yes. CHAINSAW! RIP SAW, DRILL, and Possibly Fire pit. UGH! A slow and sad death to a beautiful old gal. Just imagine her screams

Sleepy Sausage Stuff

I got up late and that was a huge mistake. I swear I am still asleep. I suppose its a form of Sleep walking. Hey, who knows, my spelling might actually be better. So today Monday Sausage with probably some very strange comments. I will come back later today and read them to see how


How many times have you heard someone say, “I love wood boats, but they scare me”? This past two weeks of Sweet Pea painting I think I heard that once a day. Really? Whats there to be afraid of? paint? repair? ending up owning a railway? Well, okay, maybe there is some truth in all