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Dogs and Classic Boating.

Funny thing about dogs and what your expectations are. We have several dogs. My wife has a little scrappy Maltese mix mut thing and I have a nice Portuguese water dog. OK, they are the families dogs… but we identify with each dog differently, and well so do they… The thing is, I am not


Woody Boat Wallpaper.

We had one of those mornings that made any shot look good. Here is a tease. More to follow on Monday. You can click on the shot and it will make it larger, drag to your desktop and make it a nice peaceful screen saver… Then as you are looking at it, you notice no

Sylvia Lives! 1941 Barrel Back Is Back!

New leather interior is in. Countless little bugs worked out. All that was left was nice weather. BINGO! What a nice weekend for boating. We also got Little Suzy out, a 1947 Trojan Hot Shot Cottage Racer.. What a site on the water that was. The marine police even came out for a look. Thank

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Chris Smith Signs Sylvia!

What a day. Chris Smith, Grandson of Chris Smith the father of Chris Craft, came by and we had a great conversation, he officially christened Sylvia with his touch and signature on the dash. What a great way to re introduce Sylvia to the world. We also were able to get a shot of the

Introduce your kids to Classic Boating.

We live in an area that has many shallow patches. It’s why pirates loved the area. They could dart in and out of the coast line safely. It’s also why there are so many darn Jet Ski’s in the area. Jet Ski’s going 30 knots with 10 year olds driving them. For my two sons,

Nude photo of Sylvia

In a desperate attempt to gather readers I have resorted to nudity. Here is Sylvia, my 1941 Chris Craft Stripped to her bones. Since starting Woody Blogger we have seen a nice growth inreaders. Thanks and keep reading. But we need more and more feedback and comments. It’s what keeps this all alive. We wantto

It's not a classic boat, its a work of art.

Lets face it, there is no rational reason to own or use a woody boat. It’s all emotion. Other than the sheer beauty of seeing one live, is seeing one in an ad or poster. In fact all the art that surrounded these crafts is done in a light hearted fun way. It’s a collective

My Chris Craft Barrel Back Antique Boat

It all started one rainy winter day. I found this boat online. I already owned a very nice show quality 1949 Deluxe runabout. I loved that boat. I purposefully did not even call the broker. I was fearful of getting sucked in. Which of course I did. I made the call and was told she

1941 All Originial Chris Craft Barrel Back

What a find. Found in a boat house in New Hampshire by Mitch LaPointe www.classicboat.com. Never touched Varnished. Nothing. A true treasure. No lives in the North west. Seen at the big shows and an amazing resource. I had the good fortune to drive down to Fla to the MT. Dora show 2 years ago

1947 Trojan Hotshot Boat Cottage Racer

The newest member of the family. A 1947 Trojan Hot shot Cottage racer.This is a very rare boat made in Troy NY not Lancaster. I have found an ad showing the boat in 1948. The owner I got it from said it was in NY though and the paper trail says 1947. Trojan in Troy

Whirlwind boat love

This Columbus Day I spent in Columbus Ohio. I was delivering a boat I sold on ebay to a wonderful couple from Chicago. It is a 12 foot 1958 Whirlwind JR. A incredible little boat. I loved this boat. But got board of it. I was torn as to sell it or not. But the

Ahoy Classic and vintage boat lovers.

Welcome to Woody Blog. Participate in classic wood boat conversation, share your opinion on all things relating to classic and antique boats. We are working on the web site as we blog. Much of the site will contain information gathered here. Such as . Great Woody boats we have owned. Great locations to enjoy woody