72 And Sunny Here In Woodyboaterville

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Yes, its clean..ish

First, I am sorry many of you are having rotten weather.  But here in Virginia it was 72 yesterday, and I was able to clean out the barn, and weed the garden. Crazy, but its like that here. And then it will be 20 and icy and snowy. Ahhh, the Mid Atlantic. But ya gotta take it when you can get it, and I did. Cleaned up the junk fest as the Boatress puts it, and just flopped down on the Reclyner that was SENT to the barn.. and listened to some tunes with my Junk. Not a metaphor by the way. Anyway, I tried out the new Iphone 11 wide angle lens. Very cool stuff. Well worth it.

Ahhh, FLOP!

Just me and my Stinky – Also not a metaphor

I found this set of cushions on ebay. I think for a cruiser. BUT, they are perfect.

LOVE them, they keep the worn out theme going

And the best part is, they are real Chris Craft cushions

Size 18 inches by 25.. Perfect fit – I am guessing late 40’s maybe early 50’s. Not sure

The perfect look

The overhead wide angle look

I can at least walk through there

I like the Ruff Stuff. Some of the junk

More junk

Spare manafold and trans for the H or K


My side door for the truck and mowers – The Boatress caught that Sailfish in Mexico.

Wall art. Coveralls and THAYER IV Transom. The real one

Outside. Perfect day – Cleaned up the yard.

The work bench is under all that junk

Here is a short video. Ya, it was getting boring

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Everything fits the “theme” of Stinky except that engine. It need some rust and grease to look like it belongs there!

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    I like your man cave/barn – we should all have one. Were you listening to old time rock and roll on a beat up old stereo with big speakers? Please don’t tell us if it was rap!

    It was a cold rainy day in Michigan so I finished replacing the brakes and bearings on the Fay and Bowen’s 1993 trailer. While reinstalling the tires I found the manufacturers date stamp which indicates that the tires are original to the trailer which now makes them 27 years old. The tires have no cracks and plenty of tread so now I have to decide how long I want to tempt fate.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HELL NO RAP. Mark Knopfler, Avrett Bros, Mixed into it, Handel, Mozart, and some Marvin Gaye. A little AC DC and Arosmith picks it up. Then an Alan Jackson in there. Like a stew of good. All set up on Pandora, and over a sonos system. 5 old big speakers and old Amp. Sub wooders. Stuff now one wants in their house anymore.

      • Tparsons56
        Tparsons56 says:

        Thank heavens no rap!!! With newer cars not having CD players anymore I have my whole collection out in the garage with an ancient Marantz receiver and 4’ tall box speakers that my wife made be get out of the house years ago. It still rocks!

  3. Todd C
    Todd C says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal (super cool) space. You certainly have an eye to pull it all together. Being a “space and Porsche” guy. You might like the 12-gauge garage” video. (12 gauge is what the old machinists cacinets are made of) I like the old stuff vide you have. Thanks again super neat. 16 in Omaha.

  4. Mike VanMiddlesworth
    Mike VanMiddlesworth says:

    Awesome article! Started my Sunday off right, between yours and the Kiwi’s putting on an article on the Century Boat Club with the Blue Arabian running wild down in New Zealand. Anyway, I envision my garage/workshop to be like yours someday but today I have to work on my Coronado outdoors…but it will be in the 80’s down here in Fla today. Hope to meet you all down in Mt. Dora in March.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Clay at Crosslake
    Clay at Crosslake says:

    Matt, it looks like you have a pair of chain hoists. I assume that you park your trailer elsewhere to free up space and prevent shin scars. Where do you get the carriage/dolly that Stinky is resting on?

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      I do have hoists. Saves me space in there for sure. The cradles are from classic boat connection. 250 each. They are great. When I built the barn I built in a way to have the hoists. Also a huge help in pulling engines and stuff.

  6. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Glad to hear you like Mark Knopfler, he is my favorite musician.
    He put out an album back in the early 90’s with three other guys, all Brits called “The Notting Hillbillies Missing… presumed having a good time”. It is my all time favorite album. An array of really interesting voices and of course… great guitar.

  7. Briant
    Briant says:

    Would love to have that barn and space. Wow.

    Uh a comment about old tires on trailers….frankly, if you want to tempt fate by having 27 year old tires on your trailer, then by all means have fun picking up the pieces of your boat…not if, but when they blow.

    It is flat out plain irresponsible to have those tires on a trailer sharing the roads with other people. Do you really want the blood of a ten year old kid’s death on your head because your flailing trailer took out a few other motorists?

    Replace the damn tires. Plenty of tread and no cracks means nothing. The material is structurally breaking down since the manufacture date, and ten years is considered to be the lifespan. And every WB enthusiast out there should check TODAY the age of their trailer tires and get new ones if needed. It is not a laughing matter.

  8. Richard Rahn
    Richard Rahn says:

    I really like it Matt! Part workshop, part museum, all man cave.
    Clear and brisk here yesterday. Drove to Pescadero yesterday to eat lunch, walk on the beach and watch the high surf.

  9. thomas d
    thomas d says:

    wish I had a shop with that much space but lakefront property here runs a $1000 a foot. as you can see with one 17ft runabout in it I barely have room to walk around even after cleaning out, but I could make room for stinky.

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