Baby Chick Is Beautiful On The Inside As Well

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Baby Chick is a great place to display other old aged Prerestoric stuff.

Baby Chick is coming along. We filled up three large trash cans of dirt, rags, and other stuff unrelated to her or her life. I sifted through it all. Oh, even a number 2 pencil was saved. Even the smallest detail can be a fun story. Like an old switch. With all that said, I did find some stuff I didn’t know about. I know many do know this stuff, but for me it was new.

I knew that the seat bases had leather and canvas, BUT? I didn’t know it was stained the same color as the seats. SO COOL!

You can see the condition of her bottom. Its a mess. But to be honest, who cares if one day it will be replaced. Also put the top frame on

Cleaned up and cushions in place.

Gotta say, if I had WECATHCEM and BABY CHICK side by side at a show, BABY CHICK would draw more attention. Something about the time worn life is always cool to see.

Those upholstery nails are 1 inch apart. Thats a shipload of nails. I could just imagine the guy who installed these. I bet he did it like a machine gun..

Oddly, no smell.. No one is more surprised than me. Then again, I don’t think I smell.. And well, dont ask the Boatress cause she has a different take on that issue.

She will never be alone again. She has a twin sister and some big and little sisters. OH GOD, its all girls.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There is an offensive joke in there someplace, but no way in hell I am going there. Not with a building full of Old Chicks.. 

Some of the stuff found sifting through stuff. And I am not done yet. Still have some more cabinets to pilfer through. YIKES. I swear I cringe putting my hands in there. And yes Mr B is always on watch

So this could be a story unto itself. BUT, not sure how much milk is in this one, maybe just a small splash of cream. This is a show worthy detail on the inside of seat base stuff. You can have this printed on the lining if you want to go all out. I will for sure. Then for the judges cut open the seat base.. That’s a shock and aww moment. 25 SPORTSMAN SS 1946, not sure what SS is?


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  1. Syd
    Syd says:

    I enjoy watch this show and it brings back memories. Very few of our boats did not start out this way or worse. Our 2nd old boat was a second Dispro and to give an idea of condition, less than a week after us getting the boat out the barn that it was in collapsed

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It still hurts me to see the deterioration that was allowed to happen to that beautiful boat. Was the cutwater always two pieces or was it cut for same reason?

    • Mike D
      Mike D says:

      First time I saw a two piece cutwater. Is that typical or did the previous owner do that as part of the rebuild?

  3. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Dear Matt,
    Congrats on another save!!!
    Restored or not, WAY better than rotting away.
    Just recently found this Donzi in the weeds and under trees so there was no choice, it had to come home.
    Original Tee-Née trailer and all.
    The engine and drive were in the cockpit,………VERY early boat.
    My lovely wife has just told me I’ve gone from “passionate collector” to just plain “hoarder”……..I can live with that. 😄

  4. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Ah Yes – – 25 SPORTSMAN ‘SS’ from a spring company means ‘Seat Springs’ – – And probably are ‘coil’ springs rather than back and forth ‘zigger’ springs – – It’s a furniture thing – –

  5. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Heres mine. Hull number 035. Sold her a couple of months ago. Looks nicer then she is.

    Early enough that it came with the prewar banjo steering wheel.

  6. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    “Someone had taken a grinder to the side planks in the past.”

    Saw that on a semi enclosed cruiser I drove 3 hours to look at. The guy was so proud of his “restoration” I didn’t have the heart to tell him the boat needed a total replanking, so I passed.

    Matt; glad to see a worthy candidate for restoration or just as-is display saved!

  7. Art
    Art says:

    Molly-O (pre war 1939) came with coil type springs, driver side only as there is a commode on the passenger side. I chose to use foam, but retained the springs. She came with a 2 spoke steering wheel, not a banjo wheel.

  8. Brad Ernst
    Brad Ernst says:

    Note there is no deck hatch only the later models had the deck hatch. Does anybody know what year they started putting the deck hatch in was it in 49 and 50 when they widened the hull for the twin M engines or was earlier than that?

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Are the top side fasteners filled with putty or is that just oxidation of the screw heads that appears to be hull “freckles”?

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