Breaking News. Ebay Hydro Typo Causes Confusion.


This is the correct hull number and only one delivered to Chattanooga.

Okay, okay, not huge news. But give me a break. Milking a story is an art form. So, according to Joe Morrison, who is the master of masters when it comes to Chris Craft history, and has original Hull Cards. The one number in the listing was the only painted Hydro in Red White and Blue! And delivered to Seattle. There was only 1 delivered to Chattanooga, and that is this one. It was a typo. Is it the end of the world. Not really, but made some interesting drama this morning. Jim Staib did a comment, and I asked to milk it for tomorrow, but seems its all fixed now. UGH.. so, tomorrows story? We shall see.

THis is the hull card for 04. Painted Red White and BLue! Only one BTW

Here is the correction from Seller!!!!!

Hull number is #42508  not #42504.  That was a typo on my part.

I have the two brass plates. They are off the boat and I do have photos of them but I hit the limit of photos I can put up I can share them if you would like.  Going to verify the hull number stamped on the boat and get photos today. 4/13
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  1. Jaxon
    Jaxon says:

    Uncle Joe🌞He’s the best⭐here is the box of Christmas treats he sent me. My human wouldn’t open them☹he just teased me with a knife that I couldn’t use. Then he hid them.

  2. Bob Schoepe
    Bob Schoepe says:

    BTW, just to add to the fun. The math was right originally. I thought I might have to come up with a new name. Had to be hull #42508 to be #7.

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