Chris – Craft Pram Kit Boat – Barn Find, Maybe Shed Find Is a Better Description.

Old guy not included….I think, ya never know…

And now for something really rare. And we aint talk’n that steak you are having tonight. I will let the good folks at Antique Boat America tell you all about it in their own words.. Take it away ABA.

Thanks Woody, This 8 foot Chris Craft Pram kit boat. The boat was built in 1952 and was discovered in the Adirondack region of New York state and brought to Antique Boat America’s showroom. The Chris Craft Pram kit boats were offered between 1952 and 1958. This model was the FIRST and MOST popular model in terms of units sold. It was also the longest running model offered in kit form. Interestingly, it is also one of the hardest models to find today!

It handles well on land and even on leaves.. You can test it in the water.

This example is in perfect condition, and according to the owner, it was only put in the water once since the day it was completed. The paint and varnish are perfect and the original oars are included with the boat. “The boat is pristine and a true time capsule” said Peter Mellon, President of Antique Boat America. “Everyone remembers these boats, but so few exist today – we are thrilled to see this one offered for sale”.

You can drool on it here at Antique Boat America.

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  1. Wade t
    Wade t says:

    I have just recently acquired one of these wonderful boats and I am looking for more info on them. The one I have is is great condition and has been hanging in a shop in Central Illinois for about 20 years. The owner told me a fantastic story (with a small tear) about how him and his dad built this boat years ago and he was happy to see it go to a good home..

  2. Ron Thweatt
    Ron Thweatt says:

    I now own a 1953 8 foot pram with the sail kit,Orignal sail does any body know what they made the sail out of, I would like to have it cleaned

  3. matt
    matt says:

    Hi Ron, I dont know what the sail is made of? Is it cotton? Has stains on it? Or is it a sail cloth. I know my old sunfish sails are a Nylon type thing. My fear would be the integrity of the stitching if the cleaner is to harsh. Check some sail boat sites that deal in vintage sail boats

  4. Ron Thweatt
    Ron Thweatt says:

    I have the boat in the photo,Tthe sails is being restored at Sail Care it is the orignial,I would like to know what color most of these little boats were painted on the out side, the inside of this one is varnished and perfect.
    It was a shock to find a 14 foot mast on such a small boat,My other two have lug sails,Benford and BOlger nymph.
    IF any one know how many of these boat are still around or how many kits were sold I would love to know.
    Looking forward to getting the sanding on the outside finished when the snow melts.
    Just e mail me I have only found one other one and it is the red one on this site.

  5. Billy Whittaker
    Billy Whittaker says:

    I have one of these boats that has been hanging in my basement for about 30 years. My Dad built it in the 50’s. I have the original mast, sail, rudder and keel and oars, however the oars are warped and cracked. The chris craft logo is still there but it is very worn. I’ts time to move it on. I have no idea what price to ask for it. Could any of you help me out.

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