“Come Get Them” They’re At Lake Chargoga gogman chargogagog charbuna gung amog

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On the road.Dang those tolls add up!

The call… “We are ready to let them go. Come get them, we want you to have the boats” I hesitate to even write this knowing the crap that may ensue. But here goes anyway. On Saturday at 5 AM, we loaded up the trucks, jacks, spare tires, straps..lots of straps.. grease gun, wd 40… box of fig newtons…no water.. All that make us do is stop to pee. It would be a one day hale mary run to pick up the barn finds of the year…decade… We were on our way to Massachusetts from Virginia to pick up Thayer IV and The US Mail Boat Mariah.

Thayer IV #1 Main Picture Boat on her "new trailer"

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg to be precise. Yup, the wacked out story of the #1 Picture boat from the Film On Golden Pond was in a Barn on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. Yes, that’s not a typo, nor did my keys get stuck. The family was all there , Boats out of there resting places. The Thayer IV on a new trailer… ” It was new 9 years ago” Thats what the owner said.. I suppose after a 30 year time frame it was new.

Jimmy and Paul makeing sure all was good.

The Mariah.. Not so lucky.. That needed the flat bed. 1/2 hr later we were on the road for the 8 trip back home. This time we will go around NYC.. We did make it home. Alive. Nancy and Paul, the owners emailed, texxed, and phone every hr or so make sure we were fine. Jimmy Scott went above and beyond in what was a last minute” want to go on an adventure” call.

Thayer IV and mariah on there way to thier new Southern Home.

So. whats next.. Lake Dora of course. Yes, we are bring Thayer IV U22-1460 to Lake Dora and she will be the boat at the Chris -Craft Antique Boat Club and Woody Boater tent. Still in untouched barn dirt mold condition.

Here is Thayer IV in her temp home in Washington D.C. She and mariah will be moved to Reedville VA after she visits Lake Dora

Yesterday was spent looking for new tires and welding up some of the areas on the new 9 year old trailer. So, my back is already killing me, I got the fig newton girgle going on and i could not be happier looking forward to another 15 hr drive. . Just three more days.. Woohooo.

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  1. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Certifiable. No holes barred nut case. I have a few boats that have been in home movies. Maybe you want to come and save them too. I am sure you have lots of spare time. Isn’t there always room for one more? You are just getting strated.

  2. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Hello Matt- Waiting with bated breath to see this combination show up. That will be neat and a HUGE attention getter for the tent – amongst general observers and more serious hobbyists.

    Don P. sounds like you’re coming? Good news.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Matt, you deserve them. Congratulations! As you age gracefully, we’ll be waiting for the day you retire your WB hat, and don the floppy fishing one Fonda (Henry) wore. You “old poop.” Drive safely.

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    They’re together! And it couldn’t be a better ending and new beginning all at the same time! Looking forward to see what’s next for you three!
    Dave Pickard

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    With all these barnfinds of late it can only be a MATTer of time before we find Joe Martell in his cave!
    See you on Dora.
    John in Va.

  6. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    If you remember, when I found the boats for you they were in Connecticut not Massachusetts! The family I sold the boats to were from Webster Mass. The boats were stored in Thompson Connecticut, where you picked them up.
    Pretty sneaky dude!
    Are you the owner of the boats?
    The boys from Minnesota won’t be very happy with you now! Oh what will you do?
    Woody boater and the Chris Craft club in the same tent wow! you and bill deserve each other! Is this the same Bill that put the full page add in the Brass Bell for a shop in Minnesota saying that they restored the main movie boat Thayer IV when he knew all along it wasn’t the boat?
    I must say you are a great story teller but I have listen to enough of your tall tales. Are you sure you aren’t related to Gordon Houser who worked for Chris Craft?
    Maybe you will post this comment seeing that you didn’t post the last one!
    Pat Curtin

    • matt
      matt says:

      Welcome back Pat! We missed you.. I rejected the earlier posting because you used the families name. Otherwise, let er rip..

  7. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Holy “Old Poop” Batman! Can’t wait to see the angry townspeople with their torches & pitchforks storming the Chris-Cfaft tent! Smooth move!!!

    WoodyGal & Pumkin on the road to Dora

  8. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    you said you were going to do it and YOU DID!!!

    would have loved to have seen the faces of folks passing by you on the highway!

    very, very cool….

  9. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Hey Pat – He did post the first one at 8:59. I saw it well before your second one. Say what you want, but at least he gives you the forum for you to take your shots, and he doesn’t have to.

    And only one anonymous so far!

  10. Dave
    Dave says:

    Take it easy on Pat, all this technology might be a bit overwelming. But I believe Pat is trying to say that there is more to this story….. Come on Pat, out with it! If you got something to say why are you of all people holding back?

    I knew this wasn’t over! Let the party begin..

  11. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Good for you Matt! Great promotion for the hobby as you tool down I-95! Enjoy every minute and don’t let the naysayer get you down.

  12. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    Paul H
    The reason I posted the second message was because I got a email this morning at 10:09 from matt smith saying could I post my comment without the family name. he was trying to keep them private.
    If you noticed matt never answered my question about who owns the boats!
    If you are wondering who gordon houser is in my last post you can google his name and it will tell you he got a special award from the marine industry this year at the Miami boat show. In the article it states that he did all the boat work for the movie ON GOLDEN POND plus the famous boat crash scene. The first time he knew about the movie was when he saw it in the movie theater!!
    I have listen to this BS for 30 years and after a while you get sick of it!
    May be the boys from Minnesota could get together with Gordon Houser and come up with a great story about the boat and the making of the movie! They could get Ken Miller involved in the story too, seeing he is an expert on the movie.
    I read the story that was in the Brass Bell written by Ken Miller – great fairy tale! I find it hard to believe that Bill Basler would put that story in the Brass Bell when he knew it was wrong! Pat Curtin

    • Dave
      Dave says:

      Hello Matt , were these a gift or is there an undisclosed sum involved? Would pretty much be the coolest gift ever! Not looking for $$$ amounts. (unless your tellin )
      Looking forward to the resto process!!!!

  13. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    TO Dave:
    I don’t know who you are – but as they said in the movie GOOD FELLAS – ” your a funny guy ”
    Pat Curtin

    • Dave
      Dave says:

      Thanks Pat, I’ve seen Goodfellas a dozen or more times, so I know exactly how to take that! I’m a new guy to the world of classic boating and I was 9 when Henry Fonda passed. I and I’m sure many others listen to what you have to say, you were there! You remind me quite a bit of my father, no BS and I never really wanted to piss him off, but he can take a joke too. Look forward to hearing some more on this subject now or in the future!
      Dave Pickard (full name)

      -if you google me nothing comes up! Boring I guess

  14. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    What a great set-up for Dora!! I wonder what we’ll all be talking about down there.

    Everyone was talking about the Warner auction at the Int’l show and now we’ve got this! Thanks Matt!

  15. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Hey Woody Boater Thanks for keeping your sense of humor, it’s not brain surgery although it has it’s place.

  16. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Matt….what a great story. So glad to have become friends with you and I couldn’t be happier (as I have told you) that YOU have the boats now. My boys expressed how much they liked you and of course your truck. Paul still isn’t sure about you (just kidding)

    Jim…what a great friend you are! So glad to have met you.

    Frank…you are also amazing. Thanks for your help with the hull# and your awesome CSI story.

    Pat…I am sad that you found it ok to reveal the family name after my father wanted it to remain private. Very hurtful to us here. As far as where the boats were picked up…Matt is correct. He knows where he was. It was on beautiful Webster Lake, Massachusetts. The only thing that I am thankful for is that you helped in finding me. For that, I thank you.

  17. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hats come yet yet, Matt?

    Understanding this story more then makes up for it if they have!

    I wish I was going to Dora!!! Bad!

  18. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    I never gave out your name that you have now.
    I said the name of the person I sold the boats to almost 30 years ago!
    Matt controls what is posted and he emailed me and asked me to leave the name out which I did when I rewrote the post. He still posted the first comment and didn’t remove it until much latter Pat Curtin

  19. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Matt: I had a feeling they were in the NH-MA area. I am very familiar with that lake its only 50 miles from my house. You deserve them for all your hard work making this site work!

  20. Allen Willey
    Allen Willey says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of 22′ sportsman Matt. I love them so much I have two……a 47′ and a 53’….their design and proportion is timeless…..and they take most any kind of water conditions unlike a runabout. Enjoy.


  21. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Vendor is happy, buyer is happy. Isn’t that all that matters? All this other peripheral stuff is tiresome. Does anyone really care what you think, I think or Pat Curtin thinks? Not really is my guess.

    Congrats to both parties to the transaction, and now these boats will be brought out to be seen and enjoyed by multitudes of people. It is good for the hobby in general to get them out on the circuit again. Good for Matt and I am pleased because I get to see Thayer IV down here. Seems like almost everyone is happy with the deal, and I am pleased that such an outstanding ambassador to the hobby has them. Congrats Matt!

  22. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    Dave Pickard
    If you dare post your email address on this site, I will email you. Pat Curtin

  23. Paul
    Paul says:


    Why did you feel the need to give out the name now?

    Why did you respect the wishes of man that has passed away over twenty five years ago until now?

    I am confused why you are so upset about the sale of the boats? The need to give out the name now!!

  24. Dave
    Dave says:

    I can’t help myself, Pick373@aol.com . But If i get emails from “deposed” royal family members from the Republic of Congo looking seeking interested parties to invest in DisneyLand Congo I’m gonna be pissed (and have asked for it guess) unless wooden boats are involved.

    Look forward to hearing from you all,

    Dave Pickard

    That’s pick373@aol.com.

    FRANCHINI says:

    Congratulations Matt! Watching your attention to details on Sylvia (why do some people call this obsesive?) in the early days of this site, I am sure these will turn out to be fantastic boats. Good luck on your trip to Dora!

    P.S. I will dig out pictures I have of a friends race boat trailer set up that allows him to stack two boats for transport and launching!! Sounds like you may need one.

  26. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    This is a double reply
    first – Philip Andrew – a dog smells his own first and seeing that you are smelling something, it must be yours
    second – Paul – I am not upset about the sale of the boats!
    If you would like me to say everything on this site i will but i think it would be better if i call you in the morning an tell you everything – which would you like like?

  27. Paul
    Paul says:

    I don’t feel the need to speak to you on the phone. If you have something to say, say it hear as you have done in the past. I just wish you had respected my father’s wishes and keep my name out of it. I thought your intentions were to set the record straight.

  28. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:


    I never even saw the Golden Pond flick….I guess I was still reading Walden…..

    Days to Dora!!!! And Richmond Va has two teams in the sweet 16…..Friday night on cable for any and all in my room at the lakeside INN!

    John in Va.

  29. pat curtin
    pat curtin says:

    OK now I know which Paul I am talking too!
    I thought I was talking to your brother in law.
    Well here is the story!
    First I would like to say I liked your father a lot – he would call the shop a lot just to talk boats and about the movie. He would come to the shop in the summertime also. I would stop at the brake company when i was in the area. we got along fine!
    One day about a year after I sold your dad the boats, a man named Jim Hendricks came to the shop and bought the spare Thayer IV. I told him it was the spare boat and not the main picture boat but he asked me not to say it wasn’t used in the movie, that was OK with me. I just wanted to get paid for the boat. I told your dad that i sold the spare boat and he asked me who bought it, so i told him. The next day i get a call from jim hendricks and he tells me your dad called him and told him that he owned the main picture boat. The point I am making is that your dad told every one that he had the picture boats, he wanted everyone to know, he was proud of them!
    I told your sister the story about your dad wanting to keep them a secret just to make her feel good because she seems like a nice person. Your dad never told me to keep it a secret! I am sure you were with him when he told people about the boats!
    The truth is I could less about the boats,who got them or where they go! They are not important to me .
    What i am sick of is all the back stabbing, lies, so called experts and all the other BS
    Well Paul I could go on and on but it is getting late – maybe a phone call would have been a lot easier.
    Pat Curtin

  30. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    //…”they have Cable at the lakeside INN…”
    Good point brother Bill! They are under new management, it says on the website that rooms have Cable….so I did not ask today when I extended my stay from just thurs. to thurs and Friday???!!! I have watched the tournament from there before, but maybe just on CBS???
    Will call….or maybe someone reading this knows?
    John in Va.

  31. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Woodyboater can, at times, be like watching NBC. Telling the news is not good enough unless we become part of the story.

    A few facts I have heard no one question. .

    1. In the February of 1982 issue of the Brass Bell, Pat Curtin made it clear that there was a “Chris Craft Sportsman” and a “sacrificial old Chris hull, prepared by Curtin”. There was no mention of any other movie U22’s anywhere in that article.

    2. The New Hampshire Business Review (May of ’82), shows Mr. Curtin with two boats. It explains and shows the crash boat, that the article calls the “stunt boat”. It shows another U22 with Mr. Curtin in it and further states that “Pat Curtin sits aboard the “Thayer IV,” the mahogany Chris Craft he restored for use during the filming of “On Golden Pond.” These are the only 2 he talks about in this article too.

    3. The fact that there were only two U22’s was also supported In a July 1982 article in the Laconia Evening Citizen. The article clearly states that after the filming, “Curtin purchased all the boats used in the movie, including the Thayer IV, a beautiful mahogany 22 foot Chris Craft Sportsman”. “Other crafts used in the film a U.S. Mail Boat, the Mariah, a canoe, a small outboard, and a replica of the Thayer IV used as a prop to smash into the rocks in the film.”

    4. In the Spring of 1983 Mr. Curtin put and article in the Brass Bell, stating the following: FOR SALE: ON GOLDEN POND boat used in film. 22’ CHRIS CRAFT Sportsman, Thayer IV, all original as used in film”. During that time, he also put an article in the Wall Street Journal. When Mr. Hendricks bought 1802, the Laconia Evening Citizen did an 8/4/83 article. Mr. Curtin is shaking the hand of Mr. Hendricks next to the boat and the caption says “the boat which Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn used for their excursions on Golden Pond.” The article says Mr. Hendricks saw one of Curtin’s For-Sale ads.

    5. Mr. Curtin recently said that he sold the movie boat in August of 1982 and the facts confirm that he advertised 1802 for sale “as used in the movie”, the following year.

    This story just doesn’t stop. I’m not sure what “boys from Minnesota” that Mr. Curtin is talking about but if I read the past posts correctly, the owner of 1802 is not even saying that 1460 is invalid. This article and Mr. Curtin’s latest comments about it, add even more confusion when considering the above facts. Both of the gentlemen who bought the boats from Mr. Curtin have now passed so our only source is Mr. Curtin. When considering above, how should we feel about that?

    As a regular reader of woodyboater, shouldn’t I get smarter from reading your articles? Normally I feel I do but not on this subject.

    Travel Safe with whatever boats you are pulling, Matt, have fun in Florida as it is beautiful here.


    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Patrick – I like that name – are you sure it is your real name? You sound like the guy who was named anonymous from before – could you be the same guy?
      You said it was beautiful in Florida, but my question is how is it in Minnesota or Georgia?
      A little bit of information about making movies – if a person thinks that you only have one boat and no spare boat as back up, making a movie, you are an idiot!
      My question to you Patrick is how many movies have you done? Pat Curtin

      • Patrick
        Patrick says:

        There is no winning with you, Mr. Curtin, and contrary to what you may believe, I am not trying. All of my information comes from woodyboater notes so I certainly have taken my information from many of those sources. Apparently it makes no difference whether you are speaking to an anonymous or a name as you just continue making things up as you go. To answer your question, I have made no movies and have not said I did. However, for almost 30 years you said 1802 was in movie, including a few months back. Now, all of the sudden a different story. Now you even want to make up where your critics live. I am trying to discuss the facts as you have shared them in the past. You now start the personal attacks. What a guy………

  32. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Good Morning!

    Pat..each time you post a comment, your credibility goes down. I will not lower myself to comment on your post of last night. I thank you again for helping in the search for Thayer IV. I am also thankful that you didn’t call back after expressing interest in buying Thayer IV last month to charter on Squam Lake. The one thing I am not thankful for is that in October you agreed to keep all names out of this and then you blame Matt for the post that you made yesterday.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed…that there is cable at the Lakeside Inn…for all you staying there and Matt..I am sure that you can cheer up the bitter staff with your humor. Have fun and a safe trip!

  33. Dave
    Dave says:

    Glad to see these boats back out in the wooden boat community, they will bring even more attention to our hobby/passion! I can’t wait to see what is done with them next.

    It certainly seems like the right family owned them and it certainly seems like the next right family has them now!

    Ps-thanks for not letting me jump of the deep end Matt, there might have been some red wine clouding my judgement! Just depressed I won’t be in Dora 🙁

  34. Alex Rontergen
    Alex Rontergen says:

    You made some good points, Patrick but think about a few more. I am proud to say I am from Minnesota and haven’t seen any contradictions coming from here.

    As reported by Woodyboater, when referring to 1802, Pat Curtin said to the Antique Boat Center “If it is that boat, I want to buy it.” Why would Pat want to buy a boat that wasn’t in the movie? At the September show at Maynard’s in Minnesota, I talked with someone who personally talked with Gary Beeman, the person who bought 1802 from the Antique Boat Center. Like the Antique Boat Center confirmed, Mr. Curtin tried to buy it from Mr. Beeman on several occasions as well.

    In an earlier story, there was a comment by Ken Miller that said Matt told him that Pat wanted Matt to buy 1802 when it was on sale on eBay and Pat would then provide the documentation for it. Woodyboater did not affirm or deny this and why would Pat want 1802 so bad if the supposed “real” Thayer IV was in a field somewhere, and he knew it?

    Woodyboater reported just a few months ago, with Mr. Curtin’s help, that “1802 was used in the film and was fitted out with a ladder, scoops, etc just like its older twin. Only Hendricks did not want any of that” and so it was finished without those details. Just a few months later, the story changes again and Mr. Curtin now says that it was not used in the movie. Because of Mr. Curtin’s help with that article, why should Mr. Basler have “know better” regarding 1802?

    I was told at the MN show that woodyboater would not be doing an article on 1802 being at the show because it would make Pat Curtin mad. It appears to me that since Mr. Curtin was unsuccessful with his many efforts to acquire 1802, he now had to give credibility to another movie boat and he now has, with the help of woodyboater. That will make it a lot easier for Mr. Curtin to possibly do tours on Squam Lake.

    Look what is happening now. This “newly-found” boat is now going to Lake Dora with the blessings of both Mr. Curtin and woodyboater. Apparently Mr. Curtin won’t get mad now so I am sure it will be highly reported by the people now in control of it.

    If 1802 is not “the” boat, Mr. Curtin started out advertising it as such and he also spent a lot of years saying it was and trying to buy it. No one can argue with that, including him or woodyboater.

    And Dave, let me assure you. I met the owner of 1802 at the MN show and the “right family”, does have it now.


    • Alex Rontergen
      Alex Rontergen says:

      What’s on film is pretty irrelevant since all have confirmed the many changes to 1802 since the movie. Even Mr. Curtin confirmed all was the same. CSI did a good job confirming that to me as well. You say to Forget Pat? Forget all of the articles and all of it? Then all we have is 1802 articles with Curtin confirming it. OMG

  35. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Matt – you should be driving, not indulging bitter and chastened people. Are you driving yet?

    Concerning the issue at hand, empirical evidence is what counts in my opinion, not second hand hearsay concerning conversations between dead guys that took place 30 years ago. Other than rehashing aforesaid hearsay, how about these guys challenging the film and the evidence it contains? If they can’t do this succesfully, then perhaps it is time for them to move past this?

    I don’t have the historical knowledge of this situation to comment on the longstanding story or the participants in it over the years, but I can watch the film and evaluate the credibility of the assessments made from it. It appears conclusive to me. Regardless, the boats are both in good hands.

  36. chad
    chad says:

    In the end, does it really matter where they came from or who’s ass touched them? Matt, you have them now.

    They’re boats, fix ’em up and get ’em wet.

    And ditch that ridiculous swim ladder.

  37. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Paul H. asks for something “not second hand hearsay”…….

    How about something penned by the hand of Dorothy Curtin (literally)? I quote from her hand-written note to Jim Hendricks:

    Dear Jim,

    Pat + I enjoyed your visit here + we sincerely hope that you and your wife will consider a return visit soon. We can guarantee we won’t have an Irrine around.
    I waited a bit longer before sending the Laconia Paper, as the Union Leader (our N.H. State-wide) paper ran an article on Saturday + I wanted to also enclose that article.
    We hope you can get us the pictures of Rosie Sayer before we leave for L.A. Sept 14th.
    We are looking forward to taking the Thayer IV to Key Largo in October. I am so happy that she will be in appreciative hands + will be well taken care of.
    Pat will always be happy in any way to lend what ever help or information you might need.

    Dorothy Curtin
    Pat has finally revealed his true passion for wooden boats when he said: “I just wanted to get paid for the boat” and, later, “The truth is I could less about the boats,who got them or where they go! They are not important to me .” (His grammar, not mine).

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      OK who woke Ken up? How are you “Mister Golden Pond”?
      Loved your story in the Brass Bell, but you had a few things wrong! First sentence – the movie was released at the end of 1981 not 1982 .
      Second – Bruce Gilbert was the producer not a production assistant ! Ken there is a huge difference between the two, one is at the top of the food chain and the other is at the bottom.
      Third – Mark Rydell was the director not the producer! Ken all you had to do was read the film credits to get it right.
      Fourth – The boat in the gas dock scene had a three spoke steering wheel as you can see in the movie. Boat 1802 came from the factory with a two spoke wheel, had a two spoke wheel when i bought it as a spare boat for the movie, had a two spoke wheel when Hendricks bought it, and had a two spoke wheel when sold on e bay. Now in the last year or so it has a three spoke wheel, very strange!
      Fifth – Hepburn won the academy award in 1982 not 1981. You got that off the internet when you Google her name. Your math is off, you said the movie came out in 1982 but she won the award in 1981, that’s a real good trick!
      Well Ken I always love talking to you!
      I am glad that you are a English Major because you sure aren’t a math major.
      There are more things in the article but this is getting boring so that’s it for now.
      You said you have another article coming out in the Brass Bell, boy I can’t wait for it,when?
      Well you have a great day!
      Your buddy Pat curtin

      • Alex Rontergen
        Alex Rontergen says:

        Again with this steering wheel BS?? Since Mr. Curtin had control of 1802, the Hendricks family and the current owner have acknowledged that many changes were made. The current owner acknowleges those changes and obviously isn’t trying to make 1802 look like it did in the movie. I know this from talking to him at the MN show, a show he only attended to show the good works of the restorer.

        Just a note to Paul’s comment. If anyone is trying to bring attention to himself, it doesn’t look like the Hendricks family or the current owner. Most of the publicity attention grabbing articles I saw Hendricks involved in included Mr. Curtin. With that in mind it looks to me like the people trying to bring attention to themselves are Mr. Curtin and woodyboater.

        The beat goes on, as Sonny and Cher used to say.


  38. Paul
    Paul says:


    In regards to my father, he was very proud of the boats and yes he would tell people about them.

    He was a collector of wooden boats, cars, and whatever else that caught his attention. He was not out trying to promote his business or create attention to himself, unlike Mr Hendrick. That is why there was no fanfare when he purchased the boats, which was well before Mr. Hendrick bought the back up boat.

    Even still you did not respect the wishes of my sister. When she initially agreed to show the boats, she asked that our names be kept out of any discussion.

    As far as speaking to you, I haven’t had the desire in the past nor do I have the desire now. I just want for you to keep your word and leave my name out of this whole discussion.

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      As you know I liked your father and we got along fine. When he bought the boats,.
      he just enjoyed them. Everything you said about your dad is true.
      I never said anything about your family to anyone as long as your sister had the boats. When I read yesterday that the boats were picked up that meant your sister didn’t have the boats anymore.
      I felt your father never got the credit he deserved for owning the picture boats and that’s why I put it in! I am sure your dad wouldn’t mind if he was still alive. If I offended you or your sister I am sorry!
      As far as speaking to you, I thought you were the other Paul and I have talked to him on the phone once.
      I will keep your name out of everything
      Pat Curtin

  39. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    We are, indeed, having a great day in Georgia.

    Enough about the forensics of the boats. Frank Miklos more than confirmed the provenance of U-22-1460 in his excellent summary of the scenes from the movie.

    Instead, would you care to comment on the real topic, that of why in multiple publications you represented that there was one “movie” boat yet sold two? Or why you tried to buy the one whose provenance you impugn? Or why, if 1802 was such an insignificant part of the film, you asked Matt to secure it when it was for sale on Ebay by Mr. Kohout so that you could pronounce it worthy? Dreams are Golden, Mr. Curtin, and I’m glad you have those. Keep dreamin’.

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Well Ken here we go again!
      I am glad it is a great day in Georgia but remember Ken to stay out of the sun or you will be golden or maybe you are already there.
      I just have two questions for you .
      1- are you saying that 1460 is the main picture boat. A simple yes or no will do!
      2- When is your second story about the movie coming out in the Brass Bell?
      After you answer them I will address the other stuff you wrote. OK? Why do I have the feeling you won’t answer them? Please don’t let me down Ken

      Your buddy Pat Curtin

  40. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Hi buddy,

    As I stated earlier, I feel that Frank Miklos’s examination of the frames from the film and comparison with the existing condition of 1460 provide enough provenance (at least for myself) that 1460 was the boat seen in most, if not all, of the film. That was not so hard for me to admit here today, and I wonder why it was so hard for you to be truthful about 30 years ago when you had your mug in multiple publications proclaiming 1802 as THE movie boat. If 1802 was not THE movie boat, why did you represent it as such? Your credibility is in the hopper, but that was the case long before you ever heard of me, right?. As you stated earlier, you ju$t wanted to be paid for the boat.

    As for a second article in the Brass Bell, if you were a member of the CCABC you’d have already received your Fall 2010 issue of the Brass Bell. I would encourage you to join the club, it is a fine organization. And, yes, the second article I contributed to the publication is in that issue. No, it is not a second story about On Golden Pond. I never said it was. Please go back and re-read.

    So, now, back to my three questions:

    (1) Would you care to comment on the real topic, that of why in multiple publications you represented that there was one “movie” boat yet sold two? Or

    (2) Why you tried to buy the one whose provenance you impugn (when it was at the Antique Boat Center)? Or

    (3) Why, if 1802 was such an insignificant part of the film, you asked Matt to secure it when it was for sale on Ebay by Mr. Kohout so that you could pronounce it worthy?

    I eagerly await your re$pon$e to my questions, now that I have answered your$.

    • pat curtin
      pat curtin says:

      Well Ken you are a man among men!!! I am not saying this to be a smart ass. You are the only person,that I have heard of that was sure 1802 was the picture boat and then saw the fact that 1460 was the real deal!
      You have got to the third level on my BOAT-O-METER and that is very good. I didn’t get the brass bell so i didn’t see what you wrote. For some reason I though you were doing a story on the movie.
      There is one problem with you saying 1460 is the picture boat and it is that you get on Alex Rontergen’s [I don’t think that is his real name] CRAP-O-METER so get ready for some crap!
      Before I answer your questions I would like to say one thing about 1802. For almost thirty years I thought it was used in one scene – where the boy hits the throttle by mistake -two spoke wheel – so it would be a picture boat. When I meet with Bob and Frank Miklos last fall, they said that they had looked at all the pictures and said 1802 was never in the movie. I checked it out an sure enough they were right! Boy I can hear the CRAP-O-METER starting now in Minnesota!
      When we did the movie we had wood work boats – 22&24 sportsmen , 26ft continentals and many others. I am sure now that one of the work boats was used for that scene after Frank pointed this out to me. O boy i can hear the crap now!
      So let me start answering your questions now.
      First – When I sold the boat to Jim Hendricks he was told right up front that there was two Thayer IV boats. The fellow who bought 1460 the year before and the 1802 boat. Jim Hendricks and the owner of 1460 spoke to each other and Hendricks had no problem with it.
      Hendricks wanted to take the boat around and show it .
      He asked me to get a hold of papers so he could talk to them.Almost every article with his picture in it ,he talked to the reporter. Its been almost thirty years since I have seen them. If you email matt smith he will give you my email address and you can send me the articles and I will comment on each one!
      Second – One day I was in my shop and the phone rang. It was a fellow and he said he was from the antique boat center and he said he wanted me to send him a letter saying that the boat he had was the picture boat SURE
      I told him I would have to see the boat before I would give him a letter period. I also told him that if it was the boat I would give them 15k for it. He said he would get back to me. Keep in mind I still thought the boat was used in the movie. Well this guy never called back, so after a few weeks I called them to see what the story was and he said they sold the boat but he still wanted a letter from me fat chance
      Third – I never asked Matt to buy the boat for me! If you recall they had a thing in boat buzz about the boat on ebay and you guys were talking about buying it.
      It doesn’t matter how many scenes the boat was in if it was in the movie its a picture boat!
      Ken ,I don’t know where you are getting your information but those people are standing to close to the CRAP-O-METER
      By the way Ken my credibility is just fine but I think the aholes that you are listening to have a problem with theirs!
      Stay off the thin ice Ken

      Your buddy Pat Curtin

      • Patrick
        Patrick says:

        The CSI info confirmed that 1802 was the throttle shot, Mr. Curtin. Are you saying they have changed their mind? That is why I have thought that 1802 was used in movie. If I am wrong, I apologize for that.

  41. Alex (Watson) - apolitical boater
    Alex (Watson) - apolitical boater says:

    I’m too ADD to read through all 65 comments on this story.

    Can anyone tell me, did I miss the bit where someone threw a chair?

  42. matt
    matt says:

    HAAAAA! OK here is what you missed. First and the most important is that The lakeside inn has cable. Really, Oh and the cleaning crew are always angry. OK.. The other Alex, not you called Pat a lier, the orig owners are mad at Pat for publishing there name that i removed but because of a glitch it stayed up to long and is now gone. Some guy names Patrick, not pat brought up the same old dribble about the news papers. Now pat and Ken Miller are gonna do a smack down. That i am waiting for. Charlee Sheen is getting an offer from CBS and so life on TV is boring. Yea.. Thats about it.

    • Alex Rontergen
      Alex Rontergen says:

      I think you may want to put a limit on how many people named Pat can participate in any one story.


  43. pick373
    pick373 says:

    Ha, this is the slowest train wreck I ‘ve seen in a long time, and i can’t help but watch!

    Matt, how many hits has the site recieved in the last 36 hrs?

    Great summation! you oughta be a writer

  44. matt
    matt says:

    Ha. And Paula and alexs. It’s all fun. Better thantv tonight. They are just boats..not a cure for cancer… Although.. Mmmm varnish cures all

  45. allen
    allen says:

    Either these guys have been sniffing varnish in a heated enclosed room or we need Spring real bad…..sounds like we are back in high school…….it’s all banter and hopefully fun…this is a hobby guys ..loosen up…..

  46. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    So: back to the important stuff…

    Lakeside INN DOES have cable?

    March Madness continues…at several Places!

    John in Va p.s. I will have a name tag on at Dora so you can all know exactly who it is that does not give a rat”s Patoot about the steering wheel debate…but I am sure some posters are missing a few spokes!

  47. Bill Basler
    Bill Basler says:

    All, I am depressed beyond words that I am not going to be in Tavares for the second year running. Last year it was my oldest son’s Army boot camp graduation in Fort Jackson, SC. This year a business meeting followed by number two son’s high school graduation followed by a trip to ASU. Arggh.

    I would love to have a food fight in Matt, Reg, and Paul H’s frat house. I would then go watch some hoops with Rothert, while listening to his neighbors pipes clank. In the morning I would go to the show and dust Thayer IV for Fonda’s fingerprints, sign up a few new members to the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club, pose with you all for a group photo, then drink a beer or two with Carla, and Chris from Hagerty and with whomever else wanted to join in.

    Oh well, 85 and sunny sounds too warm anyway. Have fun all.

  48. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Bill Basler,

    You are making the right calls but will be greatly missed! And if either VCU or my alma mater UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND SPIDERS manage to win…
    I will be making more noise than the pipes at the lakeside INN.. and dancing with the cranky staff!
    but wait…then there are the BOATS!!! as matt says whoooo hooo!

  49. Alex Rontergen
    Alex Rontergen says:

    Doesn’t the CSI article show several scenes that “could be 1460 or 1802”? I guess we should only believe part of what Curtin says, some of what woodyboater reports and only some of the Miklos CSI report.

    Live from Florida, believe it or not…..

  50. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    I am adding another comment so we can get in the Guiness book of world records. Number of posts and the most words overall.

  51. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Hey What About that beautiful Lapstrake. The mail boat. Now that has got to be a fun boat. Lets stay focused.

  52. Jeff Thom
    Jeff Thom says:


    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    I received an email yesterday telling me Woodyboater was back on the Thayer IV story. It took some serious reading time (Wow!) but I was glad to learn that the barn-find boats are in good hands and on their way to Florida.

    It appears you have the whole gang, including anonymous back in action. With that being said, as the owner of 1802, I would also like to comment and make a couple points.

    To those who continue to feel the need to defend U22-1802, please let me remind you of the following. Mr. Curtin told the Minneapolis Tribune, before the E-Bay auction, that there were three U22’s that he provided for the movie. Unless I am mistaken, that has not changed and 1802 is one of them. As an earlier comment stated, which boat or boats end up in what scene is typically decided by others after filming. Therefore that has not been or is not now a concern of mine.

    To those that suggest a questionable motive, regarding 1802’s steering wheel, please let me share the following. Like the previous three owners it was not and still is not my goal to make 1802 look like the movie boat. Even though I received other items (scoops, compass, etc) from the previous owner, I chose to give it a more original restoration. I simply found a well-restored steering wheel, not realizing that the number of spokes was pretty important to some of you. I have not tried to hide any changes made during the restoration and have no reason to do so.

    To my fellow Woodyboaters, let us all remember that these are boats…..boats to bring joy to our lives. Let’s talk about them and use them with that in mind.

    My family and I continue to be grateful that U22-1802 is part of our family. We wish we could be in Florida to see her “Golden Pond” siblings

    Thanks for all your Woodyboater efforts, Matt. Take care and travel safe and enjoy Florida!


  53. Alex Rontergen
    Alex Rontergen says:

    Mr. Thom,

    I was not necessarily defending 1802 but questioning all of Mr. Curtins contradictions. Even now they still come. CSI proved at least one shot in film was 1802 (throttle shot) and others could be. I give up trying to figure his motivations but maybe Mr. Miller had it right. I am sorry if you feel I have dragged you or 1802 into this. Alex

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      alex rontergen
      is that your real name? you said you were in Florida,my question is did the boat restoration company or the food company give you the time off to go!
      you just can’t get you foot out off your mouth can you!
      the throttle shot proves that 1802 was not used in the movie! well as usual you screwed that one up to.
      i am calling Frank Miklos today and asking him to put the pictures together to prove what I say.
      boy your friend jeff isn’t going to be happy with you!
      Pat Curtin – and that is my real name

  54. pick373
    pick373 says:

    Is it possible could this thread hit the elusive 100 posts?!?!

    some ground rules:

    1. no “how close to 100” posts please
    2. always use your first and last name so Pat can google you
    3. and all Charlie Sheen references and or quotes are welcome, no redundancy please.

    Dave Pickard (even i will abide by my own rules)

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Good man Dave Picard – the only problem is some people don’t use their real name!
      I assume the Pat you are talking about is me? If not, sorry.
      A good name to google is alex rontergen, give it a try.
      His name is the only one I have googled because someone said I should give it a try.
      Woody boater should post your full name and email address on the post and if it is a invalid address they shouldn’t post what you have to say!
      Pat Curtin

  55. Alex Rontergen
    Alex Rontergen says:

    Mr. Curtin,

    I give up trying to discuss the facts with you. In the past you have claimed that you were the only one involved in the movie, not any of us bloggers. Now, you appear to need the help of people no tinvolved in the movie to know what really went on.

    All I have communicated here has been supported by evidence that I had no hand producing and much of it came from other bloggers from this site. The facts are Rontergen is my screen name, I am not in the food or boat restoration business, I have never met Mr. Thom, I do live in Florida and this is my last attempt at having common-sense discussions with you. Your friend, Alex

    P.S. You might want to keep in mind that 1802 spent a lot more time down here with us than it did with those “Minnesota boys”.

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Well Alex I will gladly talk to you!
      I just got off the phone with Matt Smith and told him that if you come to him at the show and prove that you are Alex, he will give you my phone number or you can give him yours and we can talk! Is that OK?
      If you say that you are not one of the “Minnesota Boys” then I think those guys are OK!
      I also have a stage name and it is ” TEDDY BEAR EMERITUS ”
      Looking forward to talking to you! When you call, my assistant may answer the phone and his name is Joey Bagga Donuts, so just tell him who you are and he will get me.
      I just love being retired don’t you?
      Really looking forward to talking with you – your pal
      The elusive Pat Curtin

  56. pick373
    pick373 says:

    Pat, i’m still waiting for the email you promised me! Matt allowed me to stupidly post my emaill address. Somewhere around post 50. A promise is a promise!

    Dave P

    (i dont want this to count towards the 100th posts, for the record)

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Sorry Dave I never saw your email address but just found it! Must have a senior moment. Will Email you now
      Pat Curtin

  57. matt
    matt says:

    We are so close to a hundred comments. At this point no one can follow the trail anyway.. We are 1 hr out of Tavares. Woohooo!

  58. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:


    Thanks for clearing that up. I have no problem with what you have said, with the exception of your statement about the Ebay auction. Maybe you never approached Matt to buy 1802 and you would then provide letters of authentication, thereby sharing in its increased value. My problem is that he told me you did. Go figure.

    This is the same guy who enabled you (via his blog) to question the moral character of one of the most talented contributors to the wooden boat hobby today, Bill Basler. Bill has more talent and integrity in his little finger than most men. I cannot understand how Matt would allow such a comment about a CCABC officer on his blog, and then proceed to Tavares to share a tent with……….the CCABC.

    Pat, I have no doubt in my mind that you are being straight up about the boats, and thanks for that. As for the thin ice comment…..you grew up ice skating, I grew up sitting in a tree stand with deer in the cross hairs. As far as I’m concerned you are okay. Crusty and obtuse, but okay. As someone else said, at least you know where you stand with Pat.

    You might wanna revisit what Matt has to say about you. I’m gonna take a look at the old hard drive…………

    • Pat Curtin
      Pat Curtin says:

      Did you have your skates on when you killed Bambi ???
      And Ken, you are wright, I am charming and lovable!
      Ken do you really think I take this foolishness seriously?
      This is entertainment for me.
      After your last post, you have gone up one more level on my BOAT O METER pretty soon you will be at 50%! Keep up the good work!
      OK talking about Bill – I called him one day to join the club – told him I would like to join – he said he was in the middle of something and would call me back – still waiting for the call
      I will make you this offer – if you ever want to do another story about the movie I will help you with it if you want. Big deal ha
      Pat Curtin

  59. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Didn’t have time to read all of this…. I’ve been away from the computer for a while… In defense of Mr Curtin it was never claimed that either boat was the only boat…
    When I worked with him in 1992… He told me that there they had 4 boats three made it on film… The Crash boat and two good boats…. As far as I can prove the majority if not all was 1460…
    3 U-22s were sold as movie boats. Unless you go through scene by scene like I did you would never know what boats were in what scene… I did and you can see my results here… http://centuryclassicpowerboat.com/OGP/ogp/ogp.htm

    I feel that Hendricks was the problem in all of this he knew that there was another boat… And if anyone ever compared the Hendricks boat to the movie they would have seen that it did not match most of the scenes… Hendricks was also the
    fool who let the crash boat, rot out in the Florida elements. To me that is the biggest crime in all of this… I would have loved to have that boat in that original crash condition..

    I hope that Matt (woody boater) does not screw either boat up… Refinishing either or both would be OK. Fix only the things that need to be fixed. Don’t go overboard… … But to do anything more would be wrong… don’t change the interiors… Refresh not restore…

    The boat in Minnesota looks nothing like it did when in the movie… The interior is completely different… the name does not even come close to what was on the boats when used… These boats should look exactly like they did when they were in the movie… Take a lesson from the original “General Lee” #1 It sat in a GA junk yard for 20 years… It was found and restored… Exactly to original…. The car was repaired where needed… then the original factory color was painted then the Acme orange paint that the production co used… the Confederate flag was duplicated exactly on the roof… The car today looks just like it did the day of the jump that put it out of service… To see more http://www.insideline.com/features/the-resurrection-of-general-lee.html
    These two boats should be done the same way… No 20 coats of varnish… No delux interior… Keep the ugly brown… etc… Make them safe but don’t change the what it was… There are many other U-22 out there…

  60. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Yes, I shot Bambi. And her mother. And her father. In the heart. And ate tham all. Venison stew is great.

    From the looks of it you ate Joey Bagga Donuts. Several times, too. LOL.

  61. Pat Curtin
    Pat Curtin says:

    Ken, got a question for you. Is THAM a seasoning in the stew or part of the deer? It must be your favorite because you ate all of it. I am not a deer expert because I grew up in a city but could It be the part of the deer right under the tail?
    Being born in South Boston we would have killed the deer with our bare hands – I guess that’s why we didn’t have any!
    We had stew but it was Irish stew – the best!
    Ken, I have never seen your ugly old mug on woody boater!
    Of all those pictures I sent to Jim Hendricks, that you have now, one is a crew picture. Do you think you could pick me out?
    Ken please post your picture because I need something for my dart board.
    Pat Curtin

  62. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Down here we call “that the part that goes over the fence last.”

    I don’t know about killing the deer with your bare hands but I did drink the blood of my first kill. Cherokee. We were here before the Irish hit Boston.

    And I no longer have the Hendricks collection. It went into the mail to Minnesota today.

    Pat, don’t be the last over the fence.

  63. Pat Curtin
    Pat Curtin says:

    Well Ken up here in Gods country the saying is ” the part that went over the fence last ” or ” the Popes nose ” and it is not about animals but is about birds.
    In Boston I know for sure many guys have killed with their bare hands their dears!
    Wow Ken you are a Cherokee – what percent? – do you own a casino? – do you live on a reservation?
    You drink blood, well Ken the Irish drink beer and chase woman, I wonder who has the most fun!
    My great grandmother was Canadian Indian, never meet her, she was dead when I was born. I would say I am 75% Irish but you know I am 100% American!
    So you sold all the copies of my stuff that I gave Hendricks to the fellow in Minnesota, good for you! I hope you got a lot of money for them.
    Ken you know by dealing with me that I am never the last one over the fence!
    God I hope you got a lot of money for that stuff! You know I have a lot more stuff that you didn’t have and it is all original, see if the guy wants to buy it and I will give you a commission!
    Your future business partner Pat Curtin

  64. Dave D.
    Dave D. says:

    The future of the Thayer IV seems to have a very predictable positive forward direction. Was curious– what are the future plans for the Century Raven Mariah. Will the boats tentatively be kept and shown together as “the” pair?
    Keep up all the excellent work.

  65. Woody
    Woody says:

    Dave, first, THANKS for a positive comment. The answer is YES. They are meant to be together and are part of a team. One helps the other in my book. The US mail boat is actually the cooler of the two in my eye. All the graphics and perky engine. I love U22’s for sure. Right now the century is in a barn near Fredericksburg VA at jimmy’s house and will be the first to get repaired. She has some transome rot. The mail boat was NEVER run after the film. So its just as it was filmed. With mold, be hives and moth nests, faded paint and no varnish. It was new 30 years ago when it went into the barn.. HA

  66. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    Pat–Didn’t I didn’t $ell it.

    Matt–Centuries are notorious for having rotted lower transom frames as they were triple laminated, not solid lumber. Does this sound like the cause of the transom rot issue on Mariah?

    Surely you’re not going to restore Thayer 4?

  67. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    The transom problem in Mariah is due to water freezing in the boat… The transom frames were solid in Century Ravens… they were flat, not curved like other Centurys…

    The triple laminated frames were used from the late 1940s to 1968 in the curved transom boats only… They were much more of a problem once Century started to rake the transom (tilt) … The problem with the laminated frame was the glue used… Century use a water resistant glue, not a water proof glue… In time the water resistant glue broke down and failure occurred.

  68. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    More on the two, three or four “Thayer IV” boats..

    About the throttle scene in the movie… I am still not sure what boat it is… I can tell that it is not 1460…

    Also it had the same style upholstery, and it has the same flooring that the movie boats had… The problem with matching it to the Hendricks boat 1802 is knobs location on the dash…
    If the throttle scene is not the Hendrick’s boat it would be (most likely the 4th boat made up for the movie due to the fact of the interior and flooring… it is not the crash boat…

    I said on the CSI page that ” it was thought to be 1802″… It was only later looking at things closer that I started to doubt that… I did not post it because I did not want to open up another “can of worms” But now it is too late for that…

  69. matt
    matt says:

    Could it have been the crash boat? That dash? When speaking with Pat. He told us that the 4th boat was not even fitted out and was sold right away?

  70. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    Pat also told us that since Hendricks didn’t wnat any of the movie items, he restored 1802 without them. Much restoration work was done after Curtin controlled 1802 and that too could account for several of the CSI points including scoops, snaps, white knob, ladder, etc.)

    It now appears, woody, that since you are in control of 1460, you, Curtin and Miklos are putting a lot of time and effort into totally discrediting 1802.

    Like all of us, including this anonymous, opinion doesn’t necessarily make fact.


  71. Ken Miller
    Ken Miller says:

    No, I did not post the anonymous comment above. Every comment I have made on this site has been under my own name. Surely by now I have taken issue with enough statements here that it can be believed that all was done under my own identity. I am not anonymous.

    Now there are four boats? When clearly Curtin said in this very thread there were two? Frank, in my opinion you have the most credibility on the subject of the movie boats—especially after your diligent examination of the scenes in your articulate CSI feature—as (1) you were there, (2) you never owned or $old the boat$ after the movie, nor have I ever heard that you (3) ever tried to buy any of the boats in hindsight, and (4) you do not have financial intere$t or current ownership of a boat that has surfaced after three decades out of the limelight.

    Any disparaging comments made about Hendrick’s campaign of 1802 while clearly knowing it was not as it was being represented to an unsuspecting public are offset by the fact that he had the active participation, if not collusion, by Curtin as evidenced in all of the publications and photographs saying it was the famous THAYER IV.

    For decades it was understood there was a production boat, a crash boat, and a “sunk” boat. Now it comes out there were two powered boats instead of one and I believe Curtin’s explanation of why one of them went into hiding in a barn. It is clear from the relative’s comments here that there was an agreement to keep 1460’s whereabouts out of the general public’s knowledge.

    But now you are saying there are four? Perhaps instead of referring to these boats in Roman numerals we need to use traditional arabic numerals. If there are four Thayer IVs, when will Thayer 5 make its debut? And will Pat Curtin be part of that?

  72. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Just so everyone knows as Ken has stated above… I have not made any money off of any of this… It actually cost me a several hundred $ when I drove to see the boats… And since Pat Curtin sold the boats I don’t believe that he has made anything on these boats. And I don’t believe that he has any $ interest in the boats today.

    What I did was a result of seeing the boats last fall… And what I knew of the boats from the past… Articles… What Pat Curtin told me when I worked for him in 1992…

    I have known about the 4 boats since 1992… And I also knew that only 3 were actually used for filming… It sort of sounds like Ken thought I was on the set of OGP.. I was not. But I did talk to Pat about it quite a bit the summer of 1992… And his story has not changed to this date…

    I stand by my assessment from pump location, snap location and other features… I feel that the boat that can be determined for sure to have been in the movie is 1460. I never tried to discredit 1802 , I wanted credit to go where it should… I wish that I could prove that 1802 was in some scenes… I can’t but I can’t prove that it was not either. There are several cuts that you cannot tell what boat it is…

    We do know that 1460 and 1802 and the crash boat were there for the movie…

    I still wish that the crash boat was still with us… Not in some landfill…

  73. matt
    matt says:

    Yes it is, I just now was with her. It aint pretty thats for sure.. But the good news.. she has only 329 hrs on her. the bad news.. Got an hr? We will be doing a story this week.

  74. anonymus
    anonymus says:

    Mail Boat….I hope it floats, I hope it floats, I hope it floats. I am getting tired of saying it. All the pictures of the shiny boats is great but I am ready for the down and dirty of the true life adventures of the one and only mail boat and what it takes to deal with a boat that needs alot of attention. Stay focused.

  75. Dave D.
    Dave D. says:

    Knowing that the Thayer IV has been to a few boat shows and is unchanged so far– what are future plans as they stand today for the Thayer IV and especially the Mariah. Have read with interest the recent articles about restoration shop capabilities, bottom refinish (West, 5200, etc.), repowering with modern power, etc. Is this part of the research as to what to do in the big scheme of things with the Thayer IV and Mariah? Use or display? Keep up the outstanding work.

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